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Try These 9 Burger Spots Near Seattle

Burger Spots

The Emerald City is home to its fair share of culinary legends, and our brokers know you'll need a good meal to keep your energy high when you're visiting Seattle homes for sale. For an unforgettable twist on an American classic, you shouldn't overlook this city's take on the good, old-fashioned burger.

From high-end gourmet restaurants to drive-in chains born and raised right here in Washington, you will have plenty of options when it comes to the classic combo of a burger and fries. There's something here for everyone, and your favorite is always on the menu.

Let's drop in on just a handful of the most noteworthy burger spots near Seattle:

  1. The West Seattle Swinery – 3207 California Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA 98116
    The West Seattle Swinery made its name as a butcher and still bills itself as Seattle's #1 meat shop. This "local mom and pop meat shop" sits side by side with its own comfortable restaurant. An award-winning Swinery Burger is the headliner here, boasting a third of a pound of authentic Painted Hills beef.

  2. Harry's Fine Foods – 601 Bellevue Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102
    Harry's Fine Foods is one of the linchpin restaurant and bar combos in Seattle's always sought-after Capitol Hill neighborhood. Whether you're in the mood for dinner, happy hour, or a weekend brunch, quality burgers with meat from local producers are here for you to enjoy.

  3. Dick's Drive-In – 115 Broadway East, Seattle, WA 98102
    With locations all throughout Seattle, Dick's Drive-In may be the most popular chain in the city. Don't let that fool you into thinking you are getting a "same old, same old" burger. Dick's is a local institution for a few good reasons, including the super-specialized and always satisfying menu, now 70 years running.

  4. Katsu Burger – 6538 4th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108
    Katsu Burger is a Japanese-inspired burger bar where the familiar beef patty gets traded in for slabs of katsu. It's a true Seattle success story, building its brand to eight locations. Some of them include a sushi bar or a full Japanese restaurant menu, while others (such as this one) focus exclusively on the burgers.

  5. Great State Burger – 2041 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
    When you want a Washington spin on the cheeseburger you crave, you need to look no further than Great State Burger. Tempting its eager guests with burgers, fries, and shakes done right – served up with a side of fun – it is Washington's answer to the mainstay burger drive-through.

  6. Shake Shack – 2115 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
    Beloved by college students, Shake Shack is popular for its gourmet spin on all the old standbys. You can find a Shake Shack in more than half of all states, but it has a unique place in Seattle food lore. Try out the "concretes," milkshakes that bite back – or visit the official Shake Shack food truck before or after hours.

  7. Taurus Ox – 1523 East Madison Street #101, Seattle, WA 98122
    Taurus Ox means no nonsense when it comes to some of the best burgers in Seattle, rated 4.8 after hundreds of Google Reviews. Its roots are in Laotian cuisine, furnishing you with lots of unexpected pairings and striking flavors to go with a classic or "Asian fusion" burger of your choice.

  8. Rain City Burgers – 6501 Roosevelt Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98115
    Rain City Burgers is the perfect place to go to watch the big game with a few dozen friends. Savor all the fast-paced action and excitement as you wrap your mouth around quality burgers themed around some top local sports teams. You can complete the winning roster with your preference of tater tots or sweet potato fries.

  9. Mean Sandwich – 1510 Northwest Leary Way, Seattle, WA 98107
    Don't be intimidated by the name: Mean Sandwich is home to a slew of "can't miss" burgers. One or two quarter-pound patties, reliable American cheese, and your pick of specialty toppings sit on a Tribeca Oven bun paired with "fried-baked" potatoes. It's a mouthful!

There are many culinary delights to discover in the Seattle area. Ready to make this area your home? Contact us to find out more about Seattle real estate today.


Seattle History: Queen Anne Landmarks

Queen Anne Neighborhood

Situated on the highest of Seattle's iconic seven hills, Queen Anne is known for its remarkable buildings and landmarks. In fact, the neighborhood is named for one of its more prominent architectural styles. 

When our brokers want to show off Seattle to visitors, these memorable landmarks are on the viewing list.

  • Ballard-Howe House - 22 W. Highland Dr., Seattle, WA 98109
    The name of Ballard-Howe House pays tribute to the building's history and its two notable owners. After Martin D. Ballard traveled to the Pacific Northwest via the Oregon Trail, he built his stunning Colonial/Georgian Revival home on Queen Anne's south slope. Upon his death in 1907, the home was purchased by attorney James B. Howe. Today, Ballard-Howe House has been converted into an 18-unit apartment community.

  • Climate Pledge Arena - 334 1st Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98109
    Seattle residents know Climate Pledge Arena as the site of countless musical and sporting events. But through a series of name changes and renovations, the building has been a significant part of Queen Anne's history. The Washington State Pavilion and the Space Needle were the two major highlights of the 1962 World's Fair. Since the city purchased the arena in 1964, it has served as home to Seattle's various basketball and hockey teams, including the Supersonics of the NBA and the Kraken. In its current iteration as Climate Pledge Arena, the building is making news of another sort as the world's first net zero-carbon certified arena.

  • C. H. Black House & Gardens - 615 W. Lee St., Seattle, WA 98119
    As founder of Seattle Hardware Co., Charles H. Black was one of the city's more prominent citizens. In 1909, Black built what would become known as C. H. Black House & Gardens. The Tudor-style home included 33 rooms across 11,600 square feet. Landscaping was designed by the prestigious Olmsted Brothers firm, which created NYC's Central Park as well as Seattle's impressive park system. A unique feature of the home is the stable on the north side, which was connected to the main house by an underground tunnel.

  • George Washington Memorial Bridge - Aurora Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103
    While the official name of this landmark is the George Washington Memorial Bridge, most people refer to it simply as the Aurora Bridge for the street where it's located. During the dedication ceremony in 1932, President Herbert Hoover used a telegraphic key in Washington, D.C., to unfurl the flags along the bridge. The 3,000-foot span crosses Lake Union to connect the Queen Anne and Fremont neighborhoods. People love to pose alongside the Fremont Troll, a whimsical 18-foot sculpture lurking under the north end of the bridge. On the south end sits Canlis, Seattle's most iconic restaurant, known for its sweeping panoramic views. 

  • Kobe Bell - 301 Mercer St., Seattle, WA 98109
    As the centerpiece of its namesake memorial garden, the Kobe Bell stands as a sign of international friendship. During activities for the 1962 World's Fair, the bell was donated to Seattle by its sister city, Kobe, Japan. In accordance with traditional Japanese style, the Kobe Bell has no clapper. Sounds are produced by clanging a large attached log against the bell's exterior.

  • Queen Anne Library - 400 W. Garfield St., Seattle, WA 98119
    Dating back to 1913, the majestic Queen Anne Library was built using funds donated by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Plans for the library initially led to bitter infighting within community groups regarding the proposed location. Eventually, they settled on the current spot on W. Garfield St. The Tudor Revival-style building has undergone several updates and renovations, including the addition of five stained glass mural windows in the central reading room. During the most recent remodel in 2007, the entire building was repainted and recarpeted, while technology services and equipment received a major upgrade.

  • Wagner Floating Home - 2770 Westlake Ave. N, #10, Seattle, WA 98109
    Queen Anne's landmarks aren't restricted to dry land. The Wagner Floating Home is a symbol of a lifestyle seen in a few cities. Originally docked on Lake Washington, the home was towed to its current spot on Lake Union in 1938. Dick Wagner, an architect by trade and passionate sailor, purchased the home in the 1950s. Wagner and his wife Colleen, an accomplished artist, turned their home into the Center for Wooden Boats, a museum documenting the maritime history of the Pacific Northwest. While the CWB has since grown into three other sites, the floating home was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Want to learn more about what makes Seattle homes for sale so special? Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable brokers.


Adventures Near West Seattle

West Seattle

The original settlers of Seattle landed at Alki Beach in 1851, giving West Seattle a permanent place of honor in the city's history. There's always something new to discover, and our brokers share some of their favorite activities and attractions around this unique neighborhood.

  • Jack Block Park - 2130 Harbor Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98126
    Ports are not usually thought of as recreational areas, but Jack Block Park is tucked in a corner of the Port of Seattle's Terminal 5. Named after a former Port Commissioner, the 15-acre park includes a walking path, pier, and play area. Be sure to visit the 45-foot observation tower, which offers expansive views of Elliott Bay and downtown Seattle along with adjacent port activities. Cool off with a dip at the public beach. Jack Block Park is open daily from dawn to dusk. 

  • Alki Kayak Tours - 1660 Harbor Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98126
    West Seattle is surrounded by water, so it's not surprising that some of the best vantage points come from a boat. The guides at Alki Kayak Tours provide entertaining and educational narration for a variety of expeditions. View West Seattle and Elliott Bay at sunset or under a full moon, or head to Blake Island for an overnight adventure. Improve your skills with their kayak and stand-up paddle board classes. If you want to venture out on your own, rentals of kayaks, SUP boards, and cruiser bikes are available by reservation. Hours are noon - 7 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. weekends.

  • Alki Point Lighthouse - 3201 Alki Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116
    Lighthouses are often associated with the New England coast, but Alki Point Lighthouse is one of eight that are located on Puget Sound. This active and fully automated navigation aid is managed by the U.S. Coast Guard. Free public tours are given each Sunday afternoon through Labor Day, with the first time at 1 p.m. and last time at 3:45 p.m. Even when the lighthouse is closed to the public, it's a wonderful subject for Instagram-worthy photos.

  • Alki Beach Park - 2665 Alki Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116
    When you picture a traditional summer outing in your mind, chances are it looks a lot like Alki Beach Park. This scenic stretch of shoreline is a magnet for anyone who wants to partake in outdoor activities, whether it's running and volleyball or just soaking up the sun. There's boat access for kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddle boards. The bathhouse is actually an art studio, and the park hosts the annual Alki Art Fair along with a number of art markets. Landmarks include a miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty and a monument to the first settlers in Seattle. Complete the picture with a classic bonfire in one of the fire pits that are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, when park hours are 4 a.m. - 10 p.m. Alki Beach is open until 11:30 p.m. during the rest of the year.

  • Marination Ma Kai - 1660 Harbor Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98126
    After spending all that time on the water, you're probably ready for a culinary adventure! Feel the island breeze in your hair as you dine on the Hawaiian-Korean fusion fare at Marination Ma Kai. When the Marination food truck gained a devoted following among Seattle foodies, owners Kamala and Roz added the beachside restaurant on Alki. Tacos are the signature item, but customers are also passionate about the kimchi fried rice. Marination's Nunya Sauce, so called because the ingredients are "nunya business," is so treasured that it's sold by the jar. Relax on the patio or eat inside during those notorious rainy Seattle days. Hours are 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sunday.

  • Ampersand Cafe - 2536 Alki Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116
    Locals in the know turn to Ampersand Cafe for high-quality coffee and creative drinks. Their small-batch, hand-roasted beans come from Seven Coffee Roasters, an artisanal company in Seattle. Customers keep coming back for their favorite specialty lattes, such as rosewater cardamon and mac nut brittle. Muffins, biscuits, scones, and baguettes are freshly baked on-site each morning. Try the Hawaiian breakfast sandwich, featuring nori, egg, and your choice of Spam or avocado. Ampersand is open daily from 6 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Whether you're a single urban professional or you're raising a growing family, there are many great Seattle homes for sale to fit your lifestyle. Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain to learn more.


National Thrift Shop Day: Stop By These Seattle Shops

Thrift Shops

With so many small businesses and nonprofits operating in the area, Seattle homes for sale are never far from great thrift store finds. 

In addition to traditional thrifting brands, you'll also find a variety of vintage clothing boutiques that use eco-friendly practices.

All of this makes Seattle the perfect place to enjoy National Thrift Shop Day. It takes place on Wednesday, August 17 this year, and there is plenty of time to get ready for a day full of shopping. Our brokers know that it isn't always easy to decide where to start an exploration of beautiful Seattle, so we have a few pointers for you to enjoy as you plan your day.

Let's take a closer look at some of Seattle's top thrift stores:

  • Goodwill Seattle – 1400 South Lane Street, Seattle, WA 98144
    Goodwill Seattle is a local storefront operated by one of the most trusted names in America's nonprofit scene. Shopping and donating help to fund free education and job training programs focused on Seattle adults. Besides the clothing, Goodwill Seattle is also known for a vast assortment of art, including pieces from local artists. Major sales of 30% to 50% off take place on a regular basis here.

  • The Barn Owl – 2611 Northwest Market Street (Rear), Seattle, WA 98108
    The Barn Owl recently celebrated the opening of a new location, but its original Seattle store is still the most popular. You can get lost for hours here thanks to the racks and racks of authentic vintage clothes. Where else in Seattle can you find Elvis merchandise side by side with original Garfield toys, cups, and clocks? What's old is new again at The Barn Owl, and there is always something more to encounter.

  • Bon Voyage Vintage – 110 South Washington Street, Seattle, WA 98104
    Bon Voyage Vintage will dazzle your senses with its range of products. It goes beyond standard thrift store finds to include candles, sleep spray, and other products promising unique sensory experiences. The focal point of the clothing is in local designers, particularly those working in styles inspired by the 1980s. Handmade gifts and vintage photography round out the intriguing selection.

  • Assistance League Seattle – 1415 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103
    Assistance League Seattle operates a full spectrum of programs intended to support students who are at risk or disadvantaged. Proceeds from its thrift store help to support these initiatives, like "Operation School Bell," which provides basic clothing assistance to kids who might otherwise drop out. Visit the shop on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays to shop for a cause. You can even browse the racks online.

  • Lucky Vintage – 5424 Ballard Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA 98107
    Located alongside Lucky Dry Goods, the flagship location of Lucky Vintage is always busy with shoppers. From t-shirts and sweatshirts to designer dresses, this vintage brand is known for the bold and fanciful. It also sponsors fun and exciting events throughout the year. If you can't make it to the shop in person, its Etsy store and full online gallery will help ensure you don't have to miss out on any precious finds.

  • Pretty Parlor – 119 Summit Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102
    Pretty Parlor is an iconic Seattle corner boutique that offers vintage clothing and accessories for both women and men. It also has original designs that are constantly changing, plus a bridal collection. As a mainstay in the area since back in 2001, it has a dedicated following where you'll find Audrey Hepburn-inspired "fancy" fashion.

One-of-a-kind shops are just one of the many things locals love about life in Seattle. Ready to make this area your home?

Contact us to discover more about all Seattle has to offer.


Try out These New Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle Restaurants

Seattle established itself long ago as one of America's leading foodie cities. And while that reputation remains unchanged, the restaurants that define Seattle's dynamic culinary scene are always changing. With that in mind, our brokers are eager to share their favorite new restaurants that you'll need to try soon!

  • Bunsoy - 2221 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107
    Savor the bold, flavorful cuisine of the Philippines in all its glory at Bunsoy, a new restaurant in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Located a stone's throw from these Seattle homes for sale, Bunsoy is a labor of love for chef and owner Rhabbie Coquia, who cooked at numerous other establishments in the Seattle area before striking out on his own. Coquia grew up in Manila and brings a lifetime of experience to vibrant dishes like oxtail Kare Kare, salmon Sinigang, and Dungeness crabs with Balaw sauce. 

  • WeRo Korean Kitchen - 5210 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
    Another exciting new Ballard eatery, WeRo Korean Kitchen, puts a modern twist on authentic Korean cuisine. The menu features Korean fried wings and Jjajang Dupbop (pork shoulder with black bean sauce, served over rice with mushrooms and vegetables) alongside vegetarian-friendly offerings like the Tofu Ssam Platter. The founder of WeRo Korean Kitchen, Wes Yoo, began his business as a small pop-up takeout operation right before the beginning of the pandemic. Thanks to its immediate popularity, the restaurant now has a beautiful brick-and-mortar location.

  • The George - 411 University St, Seattle, WA 98101
    A newly-minted modern brasserie located inside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, The George has a lot to live up to. After all, the Fairmont's dining room first opened in 1924, and The George is the latest in a long line of unique eateries to fill this space. The cuisine could best be described as Pacific Northwest-French, and most of the ingredients are locally sourced. Seafood dishes like bouillabaisse and geoduck sashimi are among the menu's highlights. The George also provides a truly spectacular dining space, and the bar serves next-level cocktails.

  • Jackalope Tex Mex & Cantina - 4868 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
    Surrounded by Seattle's vibrant Columbia City neighborhood, Jackalope Tex Mex & Cantina opened its doors in 2021. The restaurant is co-owned by Seattle barbecue veterans Jack Timmons and Graham Ayers, who have crafted a menu that highlights flavors from both sides of the border. Dishes like chicken verde enchiladas and Texas brisket tacos represent the bold, flavorful quality of Tex Mex at its finest, while other dishes—like fish tacos and fajitas made with local rockfish—have a distinctly Pacific Northwest flair. Jackalope also has a stylish bar area, which serves an excellent selection of tequila and mezcal. 

  • Money Frog - 1449 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122
    Money Frog is a new spot on Capitol Hill, opened by the inventive culinary minds behind beloved Seattle eateries Taurus Ox and Hangry Panda. Though it would seem reductive to call Money Frog's cuisine Asian fusion, it's evident that Korean, Taiwanese, and Laotian influences are all present. It all adds up to a vivid melting pot of flavors. The obvious menu standouts are the chicken-fried frog legs, but simple dishes like cucumber salad, flash-fried green beans, and soft shell chili crab are equally enticing. Many dishes are vegan/vegetarian or can be made so upon request.

  • Maíz - 1914 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101
    You'll learn more about corn than you ever knew there was to know at Maíz, a fresh and colorful new tortillería serving Mexican dishes in Pike Place. Corn is the star of the show here, or more specifically, nixtamal is the star of the show. It refers to the process of nixtamalizing, during which unique varieties of small-batch Mexican heirloom corn are boiled with mineral lime, cooled, soaked, washed again and again, and finally ground into the dough used to make tortillas in a rainbow of colors. Those tortillas are then paired with a dizzying array of fillings to create tacos, tamales, sopas, and gorditas to suit every palate.

  • El Cubano - 19920 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133
    Sometimes, something as seemingly simple as a Cuban sandwich is really all you need. That being said, even in Seattle's diverse culinary world, an authentic, classic Cubano sandwich isn't always easy to find. That's a problem that Shoreline's El Cubano aims to rectify. Opened in 2021 by Cuban-born Geo Rodriguez and his wife Kim Gianotti, El Cubano serves its namesake sandwich as it should be: Loaded with roasted pork, hickory-smoked ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and mayo-mustard sauce on toasted Cuban bread and heat pressed to perfection. 

Contact us today to learn more about life in Seattle. 


Stop by These Waterfalls Near Seattle

Seattle Waterfalls

There are plenty of nature retreats near the Seattle area, and perhaps one of the most visually stunning is hiking to a waterfall. Summer is the perfect time to view these exquisite works of art in Mother Nature's portfolio. Our brokers love having easy access to these spectacular waterfalls within a short distance from Seattle homes for sale

  • Snoqualmie Falls - 6501 Railroad Ave. SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98024
    Snoqualmie Falls, named for the Salish word meaning "moon," has been a popular tourist draw since the early 1800s. But it gained a whole new level of national attention when the majestic cascades appeared in the opening credits of David Lynch's groundbreaking TV show Twin Peaks, much of which was filmed around Snoqualmie homes for sale. Take in the view of the 270-foot falls from the pet-friendly observation deck or follow the scenic trail down to the base. Parking and viewing area are open daily from dawn until dusk.

  • Shoreview Park - 17229 3rd Ave. NW, Shoreline, WA 98133
    You don't even have to leave metro Seattle to see waterfalls. When you're short on time but craving a dose of nature, head to Shoreview Park, right down the street from Shoreline homes for sale. Leashed dogs are welcome on the 1.5-mile Boeing Creek Loop that features gentle waterfalls in the midst of the serene setting. Park hours are 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily.

  • Wallace Falls State Park - 14503 Wallace Lake Rd., Gold Bar, WA 98251
    If you're seeking quantity and quality, look no further than Wallace Falls State Park, not far from Gold Bar homes for sale. The namesake falls include three separate tiers anchored by the Middle Falls, which drop 260 feet with additional cascades adding another 100 feet. Both Upper and Lower Falls have more than 200-foot drops as well. For the best views, take Fido along on the 5.6-mile round trip Woody Trail route. A one-day park pass is $10, and hours are 8 a.m. - dusk daily.

  • Olallie State Park - 51350 SE Homestead Valley Rd., North Bend, WA 98045
    Olallie State Park is known for its abundance of waterfalls, but the showstopper by far is Twin Falls. The stair-stepping tiers give the appearance of two separate waterfalls. Old-growth trees, some of which are more than 400 years old, add to the magical ambiance. Follow the Twin Falls trail to a set of stairs leading to the Lower Falls viewpoint, then continue on to a bridge that spans the canyon for a viewpoint of the Upper Falls. The pet-friendly park, just minutes from North Bend homes for sale, is open seven days a week from 6:30 a.m. - to dusk, and a one-day pass is $10.

  • Bridal Veil Falls - Hwy. 2, Index, WA 98256
    Once you see Bridal Veil Falls for the first time, you'll instantly understand how it got its name. Seven tiers cascade over numerous granite slabs for a total drop of more than 1,300 feet from top to bottom. The "bridal veil" effect occurs courtesy of a 100-foot rock face where water sprays out into a mist that replicates the look of delicate tulle. Due to the size, it's not possible to see the falls in their full length, but there are amazing views on the adjoining trail that's open to leashed dogs. Entry requires a Northwest Forest Pass, which is $5 for the day or $30 per year. Be sure to purchase ahead of time, as there is no way to buy a pass on-site near Index homes for sale.

  • Carkeek Park - 950 NW Carkeek Park Rd., Seattle, WA 98177
    Looking for some family-friendly waterfall sites that accommodate "hikers" with shorter legs and less stamina? Pet-friendly Pipers Creek Trail at Carkeek Park, located in Seattle's Broadview neighborhood, is an easy route for any age. Kids will have fun spotting the small waterfalls along the creek, and you may even have a bonus sighting of salmon navigating the waters. Afterward, the little ones can enjoy some time at the salmon-themed play area. Carkeek Park is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. - to 10 p.m., and there are no admission fees.

Whether you prefer urban or outdoor delights, you'll find them in the Seattle area. Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain for experienced help with all your real estate needs.


Trendy Dining Spots in Belltown

Dining in Belltown

With its lively mix of trendy shops, eclectic restaurants, high-rise condos, and boutique hotels, Belltown attracts tourists and local residents in equal measure. Dining out is always a special event at these hot Belltown restaurants recommended by our brokers.

  • El Gaucho - 2200 Western Ave., Suite 101, Seattle, WA 98121
    El Gaucho is a throwback to the elegant steakhouses of the 1950s. The current Belltown location is a homage to the original El Gaucho at Seventh and Olive that closed in 1985. An open exhibition-style kitchen and tableside presentations turn dining into a show for all the senses. Reservations are highly recommended. Hours are 4 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

  • Tavolàta - 2323 Second Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    Seattle celebrity chef Ethan Stowell brings his magic touch to Italian food at Tavolàta, one of Stowell's wildly popular local restaurants. Rigatoni, spaghetti, tonnarelli, and linguini, made fresh daily, are adorned simply with a sauce or served with chicken and pork meatballs. Family-style dining around the centerpiece communal table creates a welcome atmosphere of community and sharing. Tavolàta is open seven days a week from 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.

  • Shiro's Sushi - 2401 Second Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    The namesake founder of Shiro's Sushi has moved on to new projects, but his hand-picked successors masterfully continue his stellar legacy. In 1994, Shiro Kashiba pioneered Pacific Northwest-style "edomae." The term comes from "Edo," the original name of Tokyo, and "Mae," which referred to fish caught in Tokyo Bay. In Shiro's application, "edomae" defines sushi prepared with traditional methods using seafood from local waters. For the full experience, sit at the sushi bar and ask for "omakase," or "chef's choice." Hours are 4:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. daily.

  • Imperial Lounge - 2400 First Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    Seattle is known for its wide range of outstanding Asian restaurants, but Imperial Lounge ups the ante by added Latin flavors. In addition to classic dishes from both cuisines, such as katsu, paella, and quesadillas, the menu features fusion dishes like birria udon, with beef cooked in traditional red sauce. The comfy vibe, craft cocktails, and small plates menu make Imperial Lounge an inviting place for happy hour after work or late night after a concert or Mariners game. Hours are 5 p.m. - 2 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 4:30 p.m. - 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday, and 5 p.m. - 2 a.m. Sunday.

  • Buckley's in Belltown - 2331 Second Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    Sometimes you just need a good burger, and there's no better place to satisfy that craving than Buckley's in Belltown. Favorites include the American cheese-stuffed Jucy Lucy and its Latin cousin, the Lucinda Caliente with pepper jack cheese and jalapeños, but you can't go wrong with the basic cheeseburger. Want breakfast for dinner? Steak and eggs, omelets, and croissant sandwiches are served all day. With its pub-style ambiance and numerous TVs, Buckley's is a great place to spend game day. Buckley's is open weekdays from 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. - 2 a.m.

  • Lola - 2000 B Fourth Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    Tom Douglas gained national fame with an upset win over original Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto on Food Network's classic cooking competition, but he still calls Seattle home. Lola is a loving tribute to his wife's grandmother of the same name, a Kentucky native who married a man from Greece named Louie. Dishes such as keftedes, halloumi cheese-fig kabobs, and spice-rubbed lamb chops are inspired by imagining what Lola and Louie would have eaten on a trip back to Greece. Save room for Tom's signature triple coconut cream pie, which is a Seattle legend. Hours are 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Saturday, and 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sunday.

  • Karaage Setsuna - 2429 Second Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    Fried chicken is a quintessential American dish that gets a global update at Karaage Setsuna. Japanese-style fried chicken, or karaage, is a ubiquitous fast-food item in that country that's been gaining popularity in the United States. The meat is marinated and coated with flour or starch before frying, which results in deeply infused flavor and a crunchy exterior with a moist interior. The restaurant serves a number of other dishes such as poke, loco moco, and shabu-shabu shrimp. Karaage Setsuna is open Tuesday through Sunday, with lunch served from 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. and dinner served from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Seattle homes for sale span many vibrant neighborhoods. See for yourself when you start browsing Seattle homes for sale. Get the latest information when you contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain.


Dine on the Rooftop at These Seattle Restaurants


Seattle is known as the "Emerald City" thanks to the lush greenery that surrounds it, especially the many amazing forests. Seattle homes for sale benefit from these unique surroundings and much more: Strong local businesses, a vibrant cultural scene, and some of the best dining in the region.

Our real estate agents know Seattle has a reputation for rain, but you'll also have "can't miss" rooftop dining opportunities. While many of them are available only in spring and summer, some covered and climate-controlled rooftop patios have recently opened for dining all year around.

The Seattle skyline is even more striking with the right view, so check out these local restaurants where seasonal rooftop dining is on the menu:

  • The Mountaineering Club – 4507 Brooklyn Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105
    Perched on the grounds of the Graduate Seattle hotel in the famous University District, The Mountaineering Club has ample seating with full views of both the city and the mountains. Oysters on toast are a favorite, along with a curated selection of handcrafted cocktails. Delivery is also available.

  • Rooftop Brewing Company – 1220 West Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA 98119
    The rooftop patio of the Rooftop Brewing Company is outfitted with full picnic table dining, great for meeting up with friends. Complimentary board games will help you pass the time, and you can even bring your favorite canine. An assortment of food trucks provides diverse options for lunch or dinner.

  • MBar – 400 Fairview Avenue North, Floor #14, Seattle, WA 98109
    MBar gives you the chance to see Lake Union and the Space Needle at the same time! This spot will delight all of your senses with the beautiful surroundings and a lavish menu. Middle Eastern cuisine such as kebabs and mezze are always ready for you, along with a robust pairing menu of tasty beverages.

  • Mezcaleria Oaxaca – 422 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98122
    Mezcaleria Oaxaca has a rooftop patio designed to protect you from the sun while still giving you the unimpeded views you crave. It's one of the largest spaces on this list, with room for several full parties at once. A specialty bar accessible only from the roof offers a variety of exclusive cocktails.

  • Terra Plata – 1501 Melrose Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
    Led by executive chef Tamara Murphy, Terra Plata celebrates Central and South American cuisine with mouthwatering dishes like Peruvian chicken and roasted pig. With its covered and heated roof deck, Terra Plata can accommodate outdoor dining at times when other restaurants would not.

  • Fog Room – 1610 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
    The crown jewel of the Charter Hotel, Fog Room is one of the best places to go for views of Downtown Seattle – with the Great Wheel right at center stage. Food offerings run the gamut from artisanal cheese and snack plates to lobster rolls, roasted king salmon, and New York strip steak, among many others.

  • The Nest Rooftop Bar – 110 Stewart Street, Seattle, WA 98101
    The Nest Rooftop Bar is a popular stop for those exploring Pike Place Market. Its panoramic view overlooks Puget Sound and the iconic Olympic mountains. With a sprawling 3,500 square feet of space, there are plenty of seating options. You can enjoy the view from inside with the floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • Frolik Kitchen and Cocktails – 1415 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
    Last but not least, among rooftop hotel restaurants, Frolik Kitchen and Cocktails is at the peak of the Motif. Its patio creates a relaxing atmosphere with fire pits and lawn games. Frolik has become known for its occasional partnership with Mixtape Pasta, a local sensation you shouldn't miss.

  • Monsoon – 615 19th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112
    Monsoon brings rooftop dining to a higher level – figuratively and literally – with its chef-driven take on Vietnamese food. Saigon Dungeness pepper crab is the #1 menu item, a mainstay that has been around since the opening of Monsoon Seattle almost twenty years ago.

  • Maximilien – 81A Pike Street, Seattle, WA, 98101
    Take your French cuisine higher with Maximilien, a charming eatery to stop at when you're enjoying a day out in Pike Place Market. Perhaps best loved for its brunch, it is the vision of Chef Christian Potvin, whose storied career began at age 16 when he apprenticed at Le Meaban in France.

Coldwell Banker Bain is here to help you get to know Seattle. Contact us to discover more about Seattle homes.


National Barbecue Month: Seattle BBQ Spots

Seattle BBQ

Seattle is known for its vibrant restaurant scene, and there is a growing number of local restaurants making their mark with authentic and flavorful BBQ. Join our brokers and celebrate National Barbecue Month in May with a meal or two at these great BBQ spots. 

  • Pecos Pit - 2260 1st Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98134
    The legend of Pecos Pit began with a modest carryout window in SoDo that was beloved by Mariners fans and workers at nearby businesses. Iconic Seattle restauranteur Gerry Kingen took over in 2010 and opened a sit-down outpost in West Seattle with the same hearty sandwiches and creative side dishes. There's also a spinoff, Pike's Pit, located in historic Pike Place Market. SoDo hours are 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday and 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday. West Seattle is open daily from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

  • Bitterroot - 5239 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107
    Bitterroot is dedicated to the three B's: BBQ, beer, and bourbon. Their smoked meats are prepared with a dry rub, allowing you to apply your own choice of four housemade BBQ sauces. The beer and whiskey list has been carefully curated to provide perfect complements to the food. Bitterroot is also the temporary home of Mammoth, their sister BBQ spot, serving up appropriately-named sandwiches such as the Sabertooth, a take on a Cuban sandwich with pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and Dijon mustard. Hours are 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, noon - 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sunday.

  • Wood Shop BBQ - 2513 S. Jackson St., Seattle, WA 98144
    Matt Davis of Kansas and James Barrington of Texas created a happy medium of regional favorites with the tasty food at Wood Shop BBQ. Meats are prepared in a smoker with the whimsical name of Brad Pit, using hickory wood from the Ozarks and post oak wood from Texas. Wood Shop has also developed a reputation for serving what some have called the best mac and cheese in the state. Can't make it to the restaurant? Their food truck makes regular stops at establishments around Seattle homes for sale. Wood Shop is open from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

  • Jones Original Barbecue - 4417 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, WA 98126
    Located in a small, blink-and-you'll-miss-it storefront off the West Seattle Bridge, Jones Original Barbecue is worth the trip. Their primary claim to fame is the sweet/hot sauce, which comes in mild, medium, and hot varieties you can take home by the bottle. Their rib, pork, brisket, and chicken dinners come with a generous half-pound of meat and two sides. Heartier appetites or undecided customers go for the combos, including your choice of any or all of the different meats. Hours are 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and noon - 8 p.m. Sunday.

  • Lady Jaye - 4523 California Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116  
    Lady Jaye describes the vibe of their restaurant as "Anthony Bourdain meets Clint Eastwood." This perfectly sums up their blend of traditional BBQ and contemporary sensibilities. Cletus, a 2,500-pound smoker, constructed from an old air tank found at an archery factory in Walla Walla, is Lady Jaye's MVP. The menu features upscale dishes such as prime bulgogi short rib melt, smoked tofu chili, and smoked Delmonico cheesesteak. Don't miss the baked odds & ends black-eyed peas, flavored with all the bits and pieces left behind in Cletus. Lady Jaye is open 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 4 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 2 p.m. - 8 p.m. Sunday.

  • Lil Red Jamaican BBQ & Soul Cuisine - 4225 Rainier Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98118
    Barbecue goes global at Lil Red Jamaican BBQ & Soul Cuisine. The bold flavors of Jamaica marry well with tangy American BBQ. The menu offers jerk chicken and pork, cooked low and slow over a grill with a marinade that gets heat from Scotch bonnet peppers. Lil Red is also the rare BBQ restaurant that incorporates seafood, prepared escovitch-style with a topping of onions, bell peppers, Scotch bonnet peppers, and vinegar. Hours are 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

No matter how long you've lived here, there's always something new to discover in Seattle. Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain for experienced help with all your real estate needs. 


Where to Find Little Free Libraries in Seattle

Seattle Libraries

The Little Free Library movement has been gaining popularity in cities all around the country, but few places have embraced it with more enthusiasm than Seattle. All around the city, you'll find Little Free Libraries where you can freely exchange books with friends and neighbors. Find something new and exciting to read while supporting a good cause in the process. Our brokers have more information on what Little Free Libraries are all about and where you can find some of the many Little Free Libraries in Seattle.

What is a Little Free Library?

The Little Free Library (LFL) movement started with simple goals, to provide a way for communities to freely exchange books and foster a love of reading in communities all around the country. In order to accomplish this goal, charters are issued to people who want to set up a Little Free Library in their neighborhood. Most Little Free Libraries come in the form of book exchange boxes holding a few dozen books, which are open for all to enjoy. You can download the LFL app or check the interactive map to help you easily find libraries close to you. It's also easy to register online if you're interested in setting up a new LFL in your own neighborhood near Seattle homes for sale.

Little Free Library Locations in Seattle

  • Essentia Seattle – 2008 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    The employees at the Essentia mattress store in Seattle include many who enjoy a good book, so the team at the store came together to set up a Little Free Library to share that love of reading with everyone who happens to stop by. This LFL is located in the Belltown neighborhood, surrounded by other shops, salons, dining destinations, and residential properties.

  • Cayton Corner Park – 1625 19th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
    The Friends of Cayton Corner Park are hard at work designing and building a new park at the corner of 19th Ave. and Madison for everyone in the community to enjoy. They've set up an LFL in a temporary location that will be there throughout the construction process of the new park and plan to find a more permanent location for the LFL once Cayton Corner Park is officially ready to open to the community.

  • Center for Wooden Boats – 1010 Valley St., Seattle, WA 98109
    Interested in borrowing books with a nautical theme? One of the more distinctive Little Free Libraries in Seattle can be found at the Center for Wooden Boats, where the library exchange box is built from the bow of an old wooden rowboat. Fittingly, you can find this LFL on the docks in Lake South Union, and it's open for borrowing during regular business hours for the Center for Wooden Boats.

  • Alison Marti Little Free Library – 211 Howe St., Seattle, WA 98109
    Created in honor of a parent who instilled a love of reading in her children, the Alison Marti LFL is all about sharing that love of reading with the next generation of young bookworms. This LFL is regularly stocked with fresh children's books, from old, classic books that have been passed down for generations to the latest releases in children's literature. Stop by to grab a book to read to your own kids or donate a book for other children to enjoy.

  • Bagley Blues Little Free Library – 3812 Bagley Ave N., Seattle, WA 98103
    One of quite a few Little Free Libraries along Bagley Ave., the Bagley Blues LFL offers a unique perk. Along with a great rotating selection of different books, this library is built next to an herb garden in planters. The library's owner encourages visitors to take home a few sprigs of fresh herbs for themselves, along with a book.

  • John Hay Jaguars – 2235 12th Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119
    Constructed and signed by the 2020 fifth grade class from John Hay Elementary, the John Hay Jaguars LFL is a great example of the creativity that goes into building so many of the Little Free Libraries in Seattle. It includes a beautiful glass window, a shingled roof, and a red coat of paint to match the school's colors.

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Spend the Day in Woodinville


Looking for a break from the fast pace of Seattle? The picturesque and peaceful wine country of Woodinville is less than 30 minutes away. Spend a refreshing day visiting these attractions that are favorites of our brokers

  • Woodinville Farmers Market - 13205 NE 175th St., Woodinville, WA 98072
    Woodinville Farmers Market is more than just a place to get fresh, locally-grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Vendors are on hand with baked goods, specialty foods, and unique craft items. Add live music and kids' activities and you've got a fun day for the whole family. This year, the market moves to its new location, with triple the space and room for several new vendors. Hours are 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. each Saturday from May through November. 

  • Over the Rainbow - 16509 140th Pl. NE, Suite B, Woodinville, WA 98072
    If you think Washington is a beautiful state, just wait until you see it from up above. Over the Rainbow offers hot air balloon rides at sunrise and sunset, when the landscape can be seen in the most flattering light. Sunrise flights conclude back on solid ground with a champagne toast, while sunset flights are followed by a wine tasting at Suite C's Vino. Private flights for couples or groups of up to eight people are also available. Visit the website for reservations and pricing.

  • Molbak's Garden + Home - 13625 NE 175th St., Woodinville, WA 98072
    When you see Woodinville homes for sale with great curb appeal, chances are it was created with plants and supplies from Molbak's Garden + Home. Neighborhood gardeners and landscapers have been purchasing shrubs, perennials, and fertilizer from this family-owned store since 1956. But at Molbak's, it's not just the outside that counts. Their full-size gift store is chock-full of home decor, kitchen goods, bath and body care products, jewelry, and books. Take a break for a sandwich or coffee and a muffin at the Garden Café. Molbak's is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. -  6 p.m.

  • Chateau Ste. Michelle - 14111 NE 145th St., Woodinville, WA 98072
    Woodinville boasts more than 100 tasting rooms, but presiding over all the others is Chateau Ste. Michelle, the oldest winery in Washington. As the story goes, back in the early 20th century, the Chateau's founding fathers were motivated to show that great wine wasn't limited to France and California. Today, the Chateau is one of the few premium wineries in the world to have two separate facilities for red and white wine. Available tasting experiences include Charcuterie-Making, Chateau Igloos, and Sunken Garden. The tasting room is open 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily except on weekends when hours are extended to 7 p.m. Visit the website for information and pricing of tasting experiences. 

  • The Herbfarm - 14590 NE 145th St., Woodinville, WA 98072
    The accolades bestowed upon The Herbfarm are usually reserved for restaurants in New York, Paris, or London, but this unique spot is firmly ensconced in the list of elite restaurants in the United States and around the world. Each evening, a single seating is held in the elegant dining room, with a nine-course themed dinner accompanied by five or six matched wines. Before service begins, guests are treated to an outdoor hosted garden tour. Make it a romantic weekend with an overnight stay in one of The Herbfarm's luxurious guest suites. Prices vary based on the current menu.

  • Sammamish River Trail
    Spanning 11 miles from Marymoor Park to Blythe Park, the Sammamish River Trail provides a welcome opportunity to explore the green spaces and waterfront scenery that are a significant part of Woodinville's charm. The pet-friendly paved trail accommodates walkers, runners, skaters, and bikers, while there is an adjacent soft-surface trail for horseback riders. If you prefer, venture out on the river itself for kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. People who want a more challenging workout can continue on to the connection with the Burke-Gilman Trail, which proceeds for another 18.8 miles into Seattle. Trail hours are dawn until dusk and there is no fee for use.

  • The PicNic Table - 18672 142nd Ave. NE, Woodinville, WA 98072
    Inspired by the Mediterranean cafés of his native Tuscany, Chef Danilo Amato brings the same bright flavors and casual elegance to The PicNic Table. Enjoy upscale dishes such as duck rillettes and wild salmon BLT on-site, or get one of the gourmet picnic baskets to go for a day of touring wineries. The PicNic Table is open 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday.

Whatever your lifestyle, you'll find a perfect fit among the amazing Seattle homes for sale. For experienced help and up-to-the-minute market information, contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain.


St. Patrick's Day Events Near Seattle

Seattle Events

Ireland is over 4,000 miles away from Seattle homes for sale, but that distance vanishes on St. Patrick's Day. Celebrate the luck o' the Irish by donning your finest green outfit and joining our brokers at these exciting holiday events around Seattle. 

  • St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl - SPIN Seattle, 1511 6th Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    St. Patrick's Day in Seattle is so big that one day alone can't contain it. You can enjoy not one but two St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawls across two weekends. Gain cover charge-free access to participating venues, along with a number of great drink specials. Start the crawling at 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 12, and 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 17. Tickets are $15-$45.

  • St. Patrick's Day Dash - Seattle Center, 305 Harrison St., Seattle, WA 98109
    Offset the calories from all the green beer at the annual St. Patrick's Day Dash. For the 38th year, participants of all ages and levels of experience will head out on the 5K route that begins and ends at Seattle Center. Groups will be based on whether you plan to dash, jog, or walk. Kids 10 and under can complete the 1K Leprechaun Lap on the Center grounds and still join the family for the 5K. Race time is 8 a.m. on Sunday, March 13, with the Post Dash Bash keeping the fun going until noon. Registration fees are $50 for the 5K and $25 for the 1K, which includes a free shirt.

  • Erin Go Baroque - St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 111 NE 80th St., Seattle, WA 98115
    Ireland has given the world some of the most lyrical and heartfelt folk music ever. Spend an evening immersed in Celtic music and culture at Erin Go Baroque on Friday, March 11. Soprano Natalie Ingrisano joins fiddler Brandon Vance and Henry Lebedinski on harpsichord and guitar for some traditional reels, Strathspeys, jigs, marches, and sonatas. Admission includes a tasting of five premium Irish whiskies. Showtime is 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $40.

  • Geoffrey Castle's St. Patrick's Day Celebration - Historic Everett Theatre, 2911 Colby Ave., Everett, WA 98201
    Looking for a family-friendly holiday activity? After a day of viewing Everett homes for sale, plan on an evening at Geoffrey Castle's St. Patrick's Day Celebration. Even your teenagers won't be able to resist clapping along as electric six-string violinist Geoffrey Castle displays his incredible skill. Geoffrey brings his energetic show to Historic Everett Theatre for the 15th time on Thursday, March 17. Showtime is 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $25-$30.

  • Blarney Stone Pub - 1416 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    The Emerald City meets the Emerald Isle at the Blarney Stone Pub. This pet-friendly, Irish-themed sports bar features a menu of traditional dishes, such as shepherd's pie and corned beef & cabbage, made with fresh Northwest ingredients. In addition to a full selection of Irish whiskies, the bar stocks Guinness and Harp on tap. Hours are 2 p.m. - 2 a.m. Monday through Thursday and noon - 2 a.m. Friday through Sunday. 

  • T.S. McHugh's - 21 Mercer St., Seattle, WA 98109
    If you've never been to T.S. McHugh's, St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time for your first visit. This iconic Seattle pub, open since 1990, has a warm, welcoming ambiance that includes dark wood decor and historic memorabilia. T. S. McHugh's is right across the street from Seattle Center, making it a perfect spot before or after a Kraken game or a show at the Seattle Rep. Dine on ale-battered fish and chips, Irish potato skins, and bangers & mash paired with a pint of Guinness or Harp. Hours are 3 p.m. until close Tuesday through Sunday.

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Get To Know Seattle With These Food Tours

Seattle Food Tours

There are so many wonderful places where you can get to know Seattle, from markets and museums to stunning, Instagram-worthy waterfront destinations. But what could be a better way to learn about a city than to explore its culture of cuisine? The famed, internationally-inspired dining scene around Seattle homes for sale offers so many options that it can be hard to know where to start, which is why food tours are such a great way to get to know both the city and its dining destinations. Our real estate agents have the details on some of the best food tours that will take you all around Seattle.

Savor Seattle Food Tours – 1916 Pike Place Market #12-480, Seattle, WA 98101

Based in the historic, world-famous Pike Place Market, Savor Seattle Food Tours is one of Seattle's top-rated food tour companies, with a variety of expertly guided walking tours of the market that you can enjoy anytime and even a special Gourmet Kayak Expedition to beautiful San Juan Island.

  • Pike Place Market Signature Tour
    If you're new to Seattle, then you're probably already excited about the prospect of visiting Pike Place Market and experiencing the country's oldest continuous market for yourself. The Pike Place Market Signature Tour will give you an excellent first taste of the sights, sounds, and flavors of the market. This two-hour tour features more than 12 tastings around the market and is also family-friendly.

  • Pike Place Market VIP Early Access Tour
    Even if you're already familiar with Pike Place Market, you may have dreamed of visiting the market with no crowds and feeling like you have the place to yourself. The Pike Place Market VIP Early Access Tour allows you to do just that, getting priority service and tastings at some of the markets best food vendors with a small group size of a dozen or less. Enjoy outstanding breakfast food, experience Pike Place Market before the crowds arrive, and take advantage of special VIP perks like a demonstration of the bean-to-bar process for making chocolate.

  • Gourmet Kayak Expedition to San Juan Island, WA
    Looking for a more outdoorsy food tour? The Gourmet Kayak Expedition will take you on a journey to San Juan Island, which is located between Seattle and Vancouver Island. Spend your days kayaking around the islands, sipping some of the best local wines from the Seattle area, and enjoying delicious dining at every stop. This tour lasts for three days, and space is limited so it's worth reserving your place ahead of time.

  • Private Tours
    Interested in having a private tour with your own group of friends, family, or colleagues? Savor Seattle also offers Private Tours for groups ranging in size from 12 to 60 people to a variety of popular dining locations around the city.

The Emerald Palate Seattle Food Tours – Seattle. WA

Pike Place Market is an excellent place to start your journey, but what about when you want to explore some out-of-the-way, less famous destinations where the food is no less amazing? The Emerald Palate is a Seattle-based food and lifestyle blog that offers a selection of detailed, self-guided tours that will take you all around the city. Find the spots that the locals love, and discover some fantastic neighborhoods that tourists don't even know to visit.

  • Ballard Food Tour
    Seattle's artistic Ballard neighborhood offers more than just great culture to explore. It's also home to a vibrant, diverse collection of local restaurants with something to suit every taste. The 40-page, self-guided Ballard Food Tour features more than 20 excellent restaurants, including pictures, suggestions on what to order, and even interviews with restaurant staff. If you want to dine like a local, this tour will help you feel right at home.

  • Fremont Food Tour
    A truly unique neighborhood, Fremont is definitely a place that you'll want to explore as you get to know Seattle. The Freemont Food Tour checks in at 39 pages and also features 20 local restaurants to visit. The Emerald Palate updates all of its self-guided tours every month, so you'll always be able to stay up to date on the best places to dine around Seattle.

  • Food Tour Bundle
    Can't decide which tour to choose? You can always try both, save with a bundle, and discover more than three dozen of Seattle's best-hidden gems. The Food Tour Bundle is perfect for anyone looking to find restaurants they'll enjoy visiting again and again in some of Seattle's best neighborhoods.

When you're ready to buy or sell your next home close to all of the amazing dining experiences around Seattle, our local real estate team is here to help. Contact us to buy and sell homes in the Seattle, WA area.


Winter Outdoor Activities Near Seattle

Seattle Outdoors

Do you love to experience the great outdoors? Winter is the perfect time to explore some of the vast natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and the great thing about Seattle homes for sale is that you won't have to travel far to find outdoor adventures. Whether you're interested in snow sports, hiking, outdoor art installations, excellent local parks, or other outdoor adventures, there is something for you in the Seattle area. Our brokers have all of the key info on some of the best winter outdoor activities to enjoy around Seattle.

Skiing, Snowboarding, and Tubing

  • The Summit at Snoqualmie – 1001 WA-906, Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068
    The closest ski resort to Seattle, The Summit at Snoqualmie, only takes about 30 minutes to reach from the city with easy access via I-90. If you're new to skiing/snowboarding, are looking for a resort where your kids can learn, or you want to fit in a few quick runs without traveling far from the city, this resort is an excellent option. Most of the runs here fall into the intermediate category, providing a fun, accessible challenge for beginners or a relaxing day on the slopes for anyone who's more experienced.

  • Stevens Pass Resort – US-2, Skykomish, WA 98288
    Are you a more experienced skier or snowboarder, or someone looking for a little more variety than you'll find at smaller mountains? Then a trip to Stevens Pass Resort, which is located about 1.5 hours from Seattle, is more than worth the effort. With more than 35 runs to explore, including an excellent terrain park, this resort offers something for everyone. Kids and anyone new to skiing or snowboarding will find the lessons here very helpful. There's even night skiing available when you're in the mood to squeeze in a few runs after work.

  • Crystal Mountain – 33914 Crystal Mountain Blvd., Crystal Mountain, WA 98022
    While it's the farthest resort from Seattle on our list, Crystal Mountain also offers the most runs by far and the most challenging trails for experienced skiers and snowboarders. This resort packs in nearly 60 trails, most of them intermediate, advanced, and expert levels, with a few beginner trails sprinkled in to make the mountain accessible for everyone. There are also ample RV and camping sites available when you want to take a quick vacation without traveling too far from home in Seattle.

Seattle Area Parks to Explore in Winter

  • Bellevue Botanical Garden – 12001 Main St., Bellevue, WA 98005
    Long a local favorite near Bellevue homes for sale, the Bellevue Botanical Garden is the perfect place for an outdoor winter walk. In addition to the gorgeous gardens and the spectacular Ravine Experience, Bellevue Botanical Garden offers some great classes and lectures all winter long. Stop by for experiences like the Evergreen Botanicals in Winter art class, Houseplants 101, Educator Workshops, and many more.

  • Kubota Garden – 9817 55th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118
    Originally the private garden of renowned Japanese landscaper Fujitaro Kubota, Kubota Garden was designed in 1927 with an innovative mix of Japanese design concepts and plants from the Pacific Northwest. Now part of the Seattle public park system, Kubota Garden is a great place to visit when you're in the mood for some quiet contemplation in nature this winter. While the flowers won't be in bloom, the evergreens add color to the landscape of rolling hills, streams, ponds, and bridges.

Outdoor Art and Other Adventures

  • Olympic Sculpture Park – 2901 Western Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    Located in downtown Seattle, the Olympic Sculpture Park is a public park operated by the Seattle Art Museum, which includes a unique outdoor sculpture museum that covers 9 acres with a diverse collection of modern and contemporary art. With views of the Salish Sea and the Olympic Mountains on clear days, this park is the perfect place to get a taste of nature without leaving the city. This park is also connected with the Elliot Bay Trail, allowing you to take a winter nature walk for as long as you'd like, with beautiful views all around you.

  • Woodland Park Zoo – 5500 Phinney Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103
    For family fun on a winter day, try bundling up and making a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. Winter is an excellent time to visit the zoo, with smaller crowds and many exciting experiences to enjoy. Woodland Park Zoo strongly recommends purchasing tickets online in advance, so be sure to plan ahead when you decide to visit.

Ready to buy or sell your next home close to all of the amazing outdoor experiences around Seattle? Our local real estate team is here to help. Contact us to buy and sell homes in the Seattle, WA area.


Explore Food Halls in Seattle

Food Halls Seattle

It's no exaggeration to say that Seattle is the city that turned the food hall into an art form, thanks to the legendary Pike Place Market. But that's not the only amazing food hall around the city! Whether you're a dedicated foodie shopping for the perfect ingredients for your next creation or you're searching for fresh, expertly prepared food inspired by cultures from around the world, the food halls of the Seattle area have you covered. Our brokers have the delicious details on 7 of the best food halls to visit in Seattle and nearby communities.

  1. Pike Place Market – 85 Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101
    When you're talking about food halls near Seattle homes for sale, there's only one place to start. Pike Place Market is a world-famous destination for food, shopping, and fun, with a history that stretches back more than 100 years. Pike Place Market brings together local restaurants, food vendors, farmers, craftspeople, specialty food purveyors, and live performers to create one of the best places on the planet to enjoy some shopping. There's also a busy schedule of programs and signature special events, so you'll always have something new to see at Pike Place Market.

  2. Melrose Market – 1531 Melrose Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    It may not be quite as famous as Pike Place Market, but Melrose Market has earned a loyal following thanks to its fresh ingredients, delicious meals, and great deals. Melrose Market is home to 10 local vendors selling locally sourced ingredients, fresh, delicious prepared meals, unique home goods, and fine spirits. With its emphasis on local vendors, Melrose Market is a great place to find out what's going on in the neighborhood.

  3. Spice Bridge Global Food Hall – 14200 Tukwila International Blvd., Ste. 141, Tukwila, WA 98186
    Interested in exploring cuisine inspired by diverse cultures from around the world? Spice Bridge Global Food Hall is well worth the trip, with a lineup of vendors that emphasizes women of color, immigrant, and refugee chefs. Sample dishes from international cultures, enjoy a packed schedule of special events, and support a great cause in the process. Be sure to check the schedule ahead of time if you're looking for a particular vendor, as the lineup rotates each day with fresh options.

  4. Lincoln South Food Hall – 500 Bellevue Way NE Floor 2, Bellevue, WA 98004
    In the mood for an outstanding meal near Bellevue homes for sale, but not quite sure what you want to eat? Lincoln South Food Hall has you covered with an eclectic collection of dining options and many of the Pacific Northwest's favorite craft beer selections on tap. Stop by for a gourmet meal from Barrio Luchador, Burger Brawler, or What the Pho, then head to the bar to find your perfect pairing.

  5. Matchbox Food Hall – 2329 California Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116
    With 5 restaurants serving sandwiches, salads, wraps, and pizza along with one outstanding bar, Matchbox Food Hall is sure to satisfy your craving for a delicious meal close to home. Fresh, healthy food is the name of the game at Matchbox Food Hall, where you will find Forge Pizza, Sway Sandwich Co., Carrera Taqueria, Chop Salads, and Boxcar Bakery. Shep's Tavern is where you'll find an extensive collection of craft cocktails, as well as locally crafted beer and wine.

  6. Uwajimaya Seattle – 600 5th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98104
    For Asian cuisine, ingredients, and sweet treats, it's hard to top the experience at Uwajimaya Seattle. Part specialty grocery store, part food court, this local chain has 4 locations in Seattle and nearby communities. The flagship Seattle location covers more than 35,000 square feet, with a grocery store and large food hall all in one place. The food hall at Uwajimaya Seattle has 10 unique dining options, with more always being added. Grab a great book from Kinokuniyana Bookstore – also located in-house – then head to the food hall to enjoy some fresh, authentic Asian cuisine while you read.

  7. City Hall Farmers Market – 600 4th Ave., Seattle, WA 98104
    While it may not be housed indoors like the other food halls on our list, the popular City Hall Farmers Market offers many of the same perks as some of the city's most famous food halls in an airy, inviting outdoor setting. The City Hall Farmers Market takes place every Tuesday morning and early afternoon. It brings together local farmers and food vendors to share their wares with the public, with a different selection depending on which time of year that you visit.

Searching for a home that makes it easy to visit your favorite Seattle food halls anytime? Let our team help you find the perfect match. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Seattle, WA area.


National Hot Tea Month: Tea Rooms and Shops in Seattle

Tea Shops in Seattle

Seattle might be famous for its coffee, but don't forget about its tea. No city does warm beverages quite like Seattle, and tea is no exception.

January is National Hot Tea Month, so there couldn't be a better time to visit your favorite local tea shop in Seattle and unwind with your favorite blend. Tea is proven to reduce stress, plus it's loaded with antioxidants making it a perfect wintertime beverage.

Whether you're looking to stock up on your favorite loose leaf tea or simply want to warm up in a cozy teahouse on a rainy day, there are so many great independent tea shops around town. Here are some favorite destinations from our brokers:

  • Perennial Tea Room - 1910 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101
    Located in a small alley in Pike Place Market, Perennial Tea Room is Seattle's most popular tea destination. This cute tea shop has all of your favorite fine loose leaf teas from around the world, in addition to a wide assortment of tea-related gifts, accessories, and books. Looking to try something new? The staff is incredibly helpful and can help you find a tea that aligns with your tastes. If you love shopping around Pike Place Market, there are some incredible Seattle homes for sale nearby. The shop is open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

  • Steepologie Teas - 3420 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
    Steepologie Teas has 6 locations around Seattle, each offering over a hundred varieties of loose leaf tea as well as tumblers, infusers, mugs, and pots. This store has so many great gifts, so it's easy to find something perfect for the tea lover in your life. Enjoy a fresh cup inside the shop or take it on the go. Steepologie Teas is open daily from 11 am to 7 pm.

  • Taiwan Oolong Shop - 1704 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107
    For some authentic oolongs and teas straight from Taiwan, visit Taiwan Oolong Shop. This store stocks dozens of varieties of high-quality products, and the inventory is constantly changing, so you'll want to stop back. All oolongs and teas are unblended, single estate pickings, and with a friendly, helpful staff, it's easy to find something you love. Stop by Wednesday through Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.

  • Miro Tea - 5405 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
    At Miro Tea, you'll find 150 exceptional teas from around the world -- each meticulously sourced based on taste, appearance, and quality. The shop's ability to find high-quality products has earned it a reputation for being one of Seattle's top tea destinations. Buy your tea to go or enjoy a cup in the store's onsite cafe, which also serves delicious snacks. The shop is only daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

  • Tea Republik - 4527 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
    You'll find an extensive selection of loose-leaf specialty teas, black teas, green teas, white teas, and more at Tea Republik, a cozy teahouse located in the University District. This is a great place to stop in and enjoy a warm cup of tea on a rainy day. Tea is delicious, and the service is friendly and helpful. Store hours are 10 am to 10 pm daily.

  • Queen Mary Tea - 2912 NE 55th St, Seattle, WA 98105
    Queen Mary Tea is the ultimate Seattle destination for tea lovers, and it's truly a unique experience. The Queen Mary Tea Room is the oldest independently owned tea room in America and has a true Victorian elegance. The attached tea shop features one of the largest selections of loose lea tea in the city, along with wonderful teaware, tableware, treats, and gifts. Stop by Wednesday through Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.

  • Friday Afternoon Tea - 4228 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
    This family-owned, geeky-themed tea shop offers all your favorite loose leaf teas, custom blends, and gifts. In addition to some great products, Friday Afternoon Tea serves as a great community gathering spot. The store hosts a CommuniTea book club as well as Custom Blending appointments. The shop is cute, bright, clean, and definitely worth visiting. Store hours are 10 am to 6 pm daily.

Seattle has a strong beverage culture, so it's no surprise the city is home to some of the country's best tea shops. For more recommendations on local businesses, contact us today.


Find the Perfect Coworking Space in the New Year

Coworking Pacific Northwest

Working from home has become increasingly common, particularly over the last year and a half. Will you be working remotely in 2022? Whether you work full-time, or only a couple of days a week, it's important to minimize distractions and maximize productivity. And sometimes it's difficult to do that in your house.

What you need is a coworking space in your neighborhood. Thankfully, you'll find many of these spaces throughout the Pacific Northwest. Here's what to look for when considering a coworking space for your 2022 remote work.

Benefits of a Coworking Space

A coworking space is an office environment where independent workers, such as freelancers, startups, and anyone else who doesn't work in a fixed location, can come to get things done. Workers typically pay an hourly fee, bringing their laptops and working surrounded by others in similar situations.

Coworking spaces provide many benefits that working from home doesn't. For instance, it offers a better work/life balance. When you work and live in the same location, it can feel like you're always on the clock, even when you're not working. Likewise, when you are working, you can be plagued by household chores that need to be done.

By working in a different location, you can keep your personal and professional business separate. It also helps eliminate the distractions that your home brings with it. In a coworking space, you won't be tempted to sneak off to watch TV in the middle of the day, answer personal e-mails, scroll through social media, or do chores, while you're supposed to be working.

By eliminating those distractions and putting you in a "work" frame of mind, coworking spaces tend to make people more productive than they would be simply working from home. However, it only works if you're able to find the right space for your needs.

What to Look for in a Coworking Space

First, look at what the space provides. A reliable Internet connection is a must, as well as outlets for charging your phone, laptop, or other devices. You may also need access to a printer or a scanner. Most spaces also have computers you can use on-site, in lieu of your own device. There may be other amenities that are important to you as well. Is there a kitchen, with snacks and a coffee pot? Private conference rooms for meetings and presentations?

Next, consider the environment. Does the space have enough lighting? Is the temperature comfortable, or is it too hot, cold, humid, etc.? The decor and general aesthetic of the space are important too. Find a place that looks friendly and inviting.

And one of the most important aspects of coworking is the community. Who else works there regularly? Even if you're not working with them directly, you're spending a large chunk of your day with them, so it's important to be sure you feel comfortable around them and will get along well with them. Coworking can also often lead to networking opportunities, connecting with like-minded people, and helping one another. So find a community you feel comfortable in.

Other Factors

A good coworking space provides variety for different working styles. It also gives people the freedom to switch environments throughout the day, depending on their mood and their current needs. This flexibility has been shown to increase productivity.

It's also important to look at the location. Portland and Seattle have many coworking space options to choose from. Ultimately, you want to find a space that's near your house, that you can get to and from easily. The stress of a long or difficult commute can make working difficult, negatively impacting your productivity before the day even begins.

Finally, look at your budget. Look at what different coworking spaces in your area charge, whether it's per hour, per week, or per month, and compare it to how much you're willing or able to spend. How much does the cost of being in that space cut into the amount you'll earn while working there?

What they offer for the price is also important. Maybe you're willing to spend a bit more on a place that has a coffeemaker, or comfy couches. Make a list of your needs, and the amount you're willing to spend. Then, compare spaces to see which one is the best fit.

If you're looking for a home near a coworking space or a home with an office for your remote working lifestyle, our brokers can help you find the perfect option. Contact us to learn more!


How to Sell Your Home in 2022

2022 Home Sale

If you've been thinking about selling your home, there's never been a better time to do it. Home prices have been surging to unprecedented highs all year. 

Many experts believe this trend will continue into 2022, so there is still plenty of time to capitalize on it. The good news is that selling your home is easy with the right professionals to guide you. Our helpful guide will walk you through the process one step at a time.  

  • Find a Broker 
    Finding a qualified real estate broker should be the first thing on your to-do list when preparing your home for the market. There are ways to sell your home independently these days, so some people decide to skip this step. This may sound like a good idea at first, but many of them come to regret that decision later on.  

    A real estate broker will take care of pricing, listing, and marketing your home – all of which you would otherwise have to do on your own. Their help will save you a lot of time and stress, and their expertise ensures that you get as much money as possible from the sale of your home.
  • Prepare Your Home for Sale 
    To get the best results when selling your home, you have to treat it like a product in a store: presentation is key. Here are a few things to do before your agent creates an official listing for your home.  
    • Declutter your space.
      Whether it's piles of half-read books, drinkware, or an impressive collection of chargers for your electronics, we all have some degree of clutter around our homes. When trying to sell your home, these things will only get in the way. Put them away and out of sight to keep the space clean, impersonal, and easy to navigate.
    • Switch to a neutral decor.
      Your home decor may match your tastes exactly, but it probably won't appeal to buyers. Do what you can to make the space look as neutral as possible. Remove posters and personal photos, store away any eclectic bits of furniture, and consider painting any rooms with bright or unconventional wall colors.
    • Get up to date on your maintenance tasks.
      Make sure that everything around the house is in good working order and looks presentable. Creating a maintenance schedule can help you stay on top of tasks if you think your home might be on the market for a while.  

  • Get Ready for Showings 
    Once you've drummed up some interest in your home, it's time to start showing it off to prospective buyers. Your broker will handle all the arrangements and scheduling considerations, so there's no need to worry about that. Instead, focus on getting your home and family ready.  

    Make sure you keep on top of your cleaning and have a place to go during showings. This can be difficult with kids, but it helps if you have a friend or family member living nearby who you can visit on short notice. 

  • Review Offers 
    After your home has been on the market for a while, you can move on to the fun part: reviewing your offers. The current market is extremely competitive for buyers, so you might have multiple offers to choose from. You might think it makes sense to just choose the highest one, and that may end up being true. However, there are a few other factors you should think about when weighing all of your offers.  
    • Are your buyers pre-approved by their bank? If they are, you can cut the closing process down by several days.
    • Have they asked for any concessions? 
    • Have they asked for a buyer's contingency?
    • What is the timeline on their offer? 

  • Close the Sale 
    Once you've decided which offer you will accept, it's time to let the buyers know and start working to finalize the deal. You'll have to take the home off the market, but you won't receive your funds right away. You will need to give the buyer time to inspect the property and decide if they really do want to go ahead with the purchase.  

    After financing matters are sorted out, you'll need to sign the title and escrow documents to finalize the sale. Once the buyers have been recognized as the official new owners and your money has been transferred to you, the process will be complete.  

  • Get Ready to Move 
    Remember, there is more to selling your home than completing the transaction: you also have to find a new place to live.  

    Whether you have another property ready to move into or plan to stay with friends or family for a while as you scout out a new place, you'll need to have all of your belongings cleared out before the new owners take possession of your home. If you need to go house-hunting yourself, with the right agent to help you, you're sure to find the right home for you.  

Selling your home could be your next big adventure in life - are you ready to get started? Our brokers can help you sell your current home and find a new one that suits your needs. Contact us today. 


Seattle Museum Memberships That Make Great Gifts

Museum Memberships

The season of giving is nearly upon us, so what could be better than giving the gift of knowledge and exciting experiences? Our brokers know that there are so many outstanding museums around Seattle, and gifting a membership is a great way to support local museums while giving a fun, unique gift that someone on your shopping list can enjoy all year long. Find some inspiration for your holiday shopping, with these 6 excellent museum memberships near Seattle that you can gift this holiday season.

  • Seattle Art Museum – 1300 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    For the art lover on your list, it's hard to top a membership to one of the most popular museums near Seattle homes for sale. A membership to the Seattle Art Museum provides 12 months of benefits, including unlimited admission to SAM and access to a variety of special exhibitions throughout the year. They'll also enjoy savings at the SAM gift shop, early access to select new exhibitions, and special member-only programming. That programming includes popular lecture series from art experts and deep dives behind the scenes that will show how some of the amazing art on display was created.

  • Museum of Pop Culture – 325 5th Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98109
    The Museum of Pop Culture is a great choice for creators, artists, educators, and anyone who just loves to learn more about the pop culture that has shaped our history. There are a ton of gift membership options available, from single memberships to memberships fit for an entire family including kids. All memberships include unlimited access to the museum, discounts for museum events, expedited entry to events, and discounts at the gift shop. Higher-level membership perks can include free gifts, invitations to exclusive happy hours at the museum, parking passes, and even private tours of the museum.

  • Burke Museum – 4300 15th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105
    Searching for the perfect gift for a family that loves learning? A membership to the Burke Museum at the University of Washington could be just the thing. The museum's three floors cover contemporary culture, biology, archaeology, and paleontology, with fascinating exhibits for all ages. You can build a customized gift membership package for an individual or a whole family, adding additional members as needed. In addition to unlimited museum access, members get access to fun member-only events like behind-the-scenes tours, along with discounts at the gift shop and cafe. 

  • Seattle Children's Museum – 305 Harrison St., Seattle, WA 98109
    For families with younger kids, a membership to the Seattle Children's Museum provides a full year of family fun. You can choose a base membership that provides year-long access to the museum for one named adult and child, or a flex membership that allows your favorite family to bring an additional guest each time that they visit. No matter which membership you choose to gift, the member will have 12 months of access to the museum, invitations to special events for members, the chance to attend exhibit openings, and discounted prices for scheduling their own special events like birthday parties at the museum.

  • The Museum of Flight – 9404 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA 98108
    Anyone with a love of aviation is sure to enjoy a membership to The Museum of Flight, one of the best places in the world to learn about both the history and future of aviation. There are a variety of benefits depending on the membership level that you choose, but even the most affordable memberships offer great perks. Every membership includes unlimited admission for two adults, a subscription to the museum's quarterly magazine, discounts on nearly all purchases at the museum, access to exclusive events, and free admission to a variety of other local attractions through the Partners of the West Museum Program.

  • Cascade Bicycle Club – 7787 62nd Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98115
    Do you have someone on your list who loves to explore Seattle on their bicycle? While it's not a museum, like others on our list, there's still plenty to learn and do with this membership! The Cascade Bicycle Club has been around since it was founded by a small group of bicycle enthusiasts in the 1970s and offers some excellent perks for members. Gifting a membership grants access to special discounts on all of the rides, classes, and camps that the club offers. Members also gain access to the Cascade Bicycle Club community space, and discounts at nearly 20 partners around Seattle.

Are you searching for a home that makes it easy to enjoy all of the amazing museums and attractions around Seattle? Let our team help you find the perfect match. Contact us to buy and sell homes in the Seattle, WA area.


9 Things to do in Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square

Seattle homes for sale have lots of things going for them. The city is famous for its culinary delights, its rich history and culture, and the seemingly never-ending number of parks you'll find nestled between the world-class amenities and unique landmarks. Our brokers say there's no other place like it.

One of the truly special things about Seattle is Pioneer Square, among the most vibrant historic districts in the Pacific Northwest. These days, it's home to art galleries, cafes, and even a handful of technology startups.

Let's take a look at some of the terrific things to do and see throughout Pioneer Square:

  1. Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park – 319 2nd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104
    Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park is a reminder of Seattle's remarkable history as one of the most important ports of call for those heading to adventure in Alaska in the 1890s. Its collections include a variety of artifacts from the period, as well as diaries and journals kept by real Klondike explorers.

  2. The Underground Tour – 614 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104
    The Underground Tour is one of the most famous Seattle tours around, giving you a fun way to explore the interconnected tunnels of the Seattle Underground. On top of heading this 75-minute, group, and family-friendly event with a humorous bent, organizer Bill Speidel leads seasonal paranormal events.

  3. Iron Pergola and the Tlingit Indian Totem Pole – 100 Yessler Way, Seattle, WA 98104
    Iron Pergola and the Tlingit Indian Totem Pole are two striking landmarks located right in the heart of Pioneer Square. The Totem Pole first arrived in 1899; the current Pole is a reproduction of the original artifact. The lavish Iron Pergola, originally a cable car stop, was erected in 1909.

  4. The Ninety – 406 Occidental Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104
    See the Seattle Sounders, the popular local soccer team, at their home at The Ninety. Located at the Sounders' front office headquarters, it's the gathering place for diehard fans. Known for a wide range of events and plenty of Sounders exhibits, it also provides plenty of opportunities to meet with players.

  5. Occidental Square – 117 South Washington Street, Seattle, WA 98104
    Occidental Square is an urban oasis in the center of the district, offering abundant shade from beautiful London Plane trees. Bocce courts, ping pong tables, and an all-new children's play zone installed in 2019 provide plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation.

  6. King Street Station – 303 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104
    The historic King Street Station is one of the most stylish Amtrak stations still in service today. Dating back to May of 1906, its clock tower was based around the celebrated San Marco bell tower of Venice, Italy. It was built by Reed and Stem, the same firm responsible for New York City's Grand Central Terminal.

  7. Waterfall Garden Park – 219 2nd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104
    Waterfall Garden Park is a serene location that sits upon the original site of the American Messenger Company, now UPS. Its 22-foot man-made waterfall and the double-decker patio, complete with tables and chairs, make it one of the most striking of Seattle's many pocket parks.

  8. Merchants Cafe – 109 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104
    Merchants Cafe has the distinction of being Seattle's oldest bar and restaurant, having operated since 1890. Known for tons of raucous fun whenever the Seahawks are playing, its menu is packed with fan favorites like Doc Maynard's prawns, Tacoma taquitos, and the 1962 Seattle Fair chicken sandwich.

  9. Comedy Underground – 109 South Washington Street, Seattle, WA 98104
    Comedy Underground has played host to some of modern comedy's foremost greats – many of them before they were greats. Names like Mitch Hedberg, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, and even Jerry Seinfeld himself have taken the stage. On any given night, you'll also see local comics just starting out.

There's so much to see and do when you live in the Seattle area! Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain to find out more about Seattle real estate.


Fall Finds at Pike Place Market

Pike Place MarketPike Place Market is such a cherished part of Seattle that offers fantastic food options in every season. Our brokers are especially fond of the fall treats that can be found at the market. Plan your next trip to Pike Place Market and be on the lookout for these fall finds.

  • Ellenos Yogurt - 1500 Pike Pl., Seattle, WA 98101 
    Ellenos Yogurt is a classic Greek food that ended up in the Pacific Northwest by way of the Land Down Under. Yvonne, a flight attendant who fell in love with the yogurt on the job, convinced father and son Con and Alex to leave their home in Australia and bring their incredible yogurt to Seattle. Fall marks the return of their popular pumpkin pie yogurt, loaded with pieces of real pie. Hours are 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily except Sunday when doors close at 5 p.m.  

  • Cobb's Gourmet Popcorn - 1500 Western Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    As fall brings shorter days and the inevitable Seattle rain, it's a great time to hunker down with Netflix or Amazon Prime. And what's a TV and movie night without popcorn? Cobb's Gourmet Popcorn makes their popcorn from scratch with butter, sweet cream, real vanilla, and other fresh, high-quality ingredients. Go classic with Brown Butter and Sea Salt, or try Vanilla Salted Caramel for some sweetness. Be sure to look for the seasonal varieties that "pop" up from time to time. Cobb's is open noon - 6 p.m. Friday and 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

  • Made in Washington - 1530 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101
    It's never too early to start holiday shopping. Give the gift of the Pacific Northwest with the unique items at Made in Washington. Build your own gift basket featuring iconic Northwest brands such as SeaBear Smoked Salmon, Fran's Chocolates, and Fisher Fair Scone Mix. Hours are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily.

  • Simply Seattle - 1600 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    Even non-sports fans are buzzing about professional hockey's return to Seattle this fall, after an absence of nearly a century. Show your team spirit with a jersey, cap, or other official Kraken gear from Simply Seattle. The shop features a full selection of items representing all the city's pro and collegiate teams, including the gone-but-not-forgotten Seattle Supersonics. Have a TV buff on your gift list? They'd love a Grey's Anatomy hoodie, coffee mug, or keychain. Simply Seattle is open 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturday, and 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday.

  • MarketSpice - 85A Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101
    Spend a cozy fall afternoon curled up with a warm throw, a good book, and a comforting cup of MarketSpice tea. Not surprisingly, Washington apples play a starring role in MarketSpice's fall flavors, including Apple & Cinnamon and Caramel Apple. Brighten your home with candles in the shop's signature cinnamon-orange scent and other delightful aromas. Treat the kids with a hot chocolate mix in gourmet flavors such as mint, raspberry, and vanilla. Hours are 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., seven days a week.

  • Honest Biscuits - 1901 Western Ave., Seattle, WA 98101 
    Enjoy a hearty Southern classic made with a Pacific Northwest spin at Honest Biscuits. Founder Art Stone drew on his experience baking biscuits with his grandmother in North Carolina, tweaking the recipe to reflect his own life experiences. Their classic Butterhole Biscuit, made with high-quality local ingredients, is also available in a gluten-free version. Go for the gusto with their signature biscuit, the MacGregor, studded with Bavarian Meats bacon, Beecher's Flagship cheese, and caramelized onions. Honest Biscuits is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. and weekends from 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

  • Pike Place Chowder - 1530 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101
    When a clam chowder wins competitions on both coasts, you know it has to be good. Pike Place Chowder has earned cook-off championships in Newport, RI, Westport, CT, and Monterey, CA. In 2018, after conducting a nationwide study, Yelp proclaimed the restaurant's New England clam chowder to be the most popular dish in America. Their prize-winning chowder and six other varieties are available for carryout, along with their authentic lobster, shrimp, and Dungeness crab rolls. Hours are 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily.

Pike Place Market is just minutes from many incredible Seattle homes for sale. Want to learn more? Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain.


Pacific Northwest Fall Foliage Tour

Pacific Northwest Fall

Is it possible that Pacific Northwest scenery can get even more spectacular? While we love this area in all seasons, there's something extra special about the fall. See Washington and Oregon dressed up in their fall colors at these beautiful locations as recommended by our brokers.

  • Kubota Garden - 9817 - 55th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118
    Two words used most often by people to describe dog-friendly Kubota Garden: "hidden gem." Namesake Fujitaro Kubota and his son Tom envisioned their property as a public space to be enjoyed by all. In 1987, the City of Seattle purchased the land to complete that mission. More than 140 varieties of Japanese maples fill the garden with brilliant fall hues, while the waterfall and fish pond add a touch of Zen. Kubota Garden is open daily from sunrise to sunset, and admission is free.

  • Washington Park Arboretum - 2300 Arboretum Dr. E., Seattle, WA 98112
    Set in 230 lush acres on the shores of Lake Washington, the Washington Park Arboretum offers something different with each visit. Themed gardens, such as Rhododendron Glen and Azalea Way, highlight specific plants and landscapes. Take a canoe or kayak out on Union Bay for a chance to spot hawks, owls, and other magnificent birds. Kids have fun learning about nature while they complete the fall scavenger hunt. There's no charge to visit the Arboretum, which is open seven days a week from dawn to dusk. 

  • Discovery Park - 3801 Discovery Park Blvd., Seattle, WA 98199
    Framed by the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascades in the east, Discovery Park features some of the more spectacular scenery around. At 534 acres, Discovery Park is the largest city park in Seattle, and it provides a welcome oasis to the surrounding urban hustle and bustle. Surrounded by sand dunes, cliffs, and forest groves, you'll feel like you're in another world. Park hours are 4 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. daily.

  • Lincoln Park - 8011 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, WA 98136
    Tucked inside West Seattle, one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, is Lincoln Park. While it's much smaller than many of the other city parks, Lincoln Park has a wide variety of attractions that make it a favorite destination for families. Features include 4.6 miles of walking paths, 3.9 miles of biking paths, picnic shelters, and a renovated play area. Fall is a prime time for spotting orcas, seals, sea lions and porpoise out on Puget Sound. Lincoln Park is open seven days a week from 4 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

  • Pittock Mansion - 3229 NW Pittock Dr., Portland, OR 97210
    In 1853, 19-year-old Henry Pittock heeded the call to "go west, young man." After moving from Pittsburgh to Portland, Henry became a successful businessman and built Pittock Mansion. Today, the stately home serves as a museum dedicated to the legacy of Henry Pittock and the story of Portland's development over the years. The 46-acre grounds include trails for viewing trees, flowers, and panoramas of the city skyline and the Cascade Mountains. Pittock Mansion is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. except for Tuesday, when doors open at noon. Admission is $12 for adults and $8 for ages 6-18.

  • Hoyt Arboretum - 4000 SW Fairview Blvd., Portland, OR 97221
    When Portland purchased 189 acres of land for $10 in 1922, the property was earmarked for development. Thanks to the efforts of key supporters, the land became the home of Hoyt Arboretum. More than 2,300 different tree species from more than six continents can be seen on the grounds, which is a greater number than any other arboretum in the country. Twelve miles of hiking trails provide opportunities to view Japanese maples, redwoods, flowering dogwoods, and many rare species. Watch for hawthorne fruits, magnolia cones, and snowberries, which take center stage during fall months. Hours are 5 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily, and there is no charge for admission.

  • South Park Blocks - 1436 SW Park Ave., Portland, OR 97201
    Don't have time for a day trip? Just head downtown to the South Park Blocks, a charming green space just north of Portland State University. The 12-block area was one of the city's first parks, dating back to 1852, and the tree-lined corridor is still a popular spot to enjoy a slice of nature. Mosaics, sculptures, and other artworks along the way add to the visual appeal. Park hours are 5 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily.

Whether you're looking for natural or urban delights, the Pacific Northwest has it all. Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain for help with all your real estate needs.


Best Home Security Upgrades

Home Security TipsMaking your home secure is rarely a one-and-done project, but it should be a top priority. As technology advances and criminals develop new techniques, it's important to regularly upgrade your home's security features. This can prevent break-ins, protect your loved ones and property, and give you peace of mind. If you're wondering where and how to start, the following suggestions by our brokers will help you take the right steps to protect your home against intruders.

  • Video Doorbell
    Simple to use, easy to use, and immediately obvious to anyone who approaches your door, video doorbells are a popular home security option. The doorbell has a camera, speaker, and microphone, so you can see, speak to, and hear visitors through an app on your phone or tablet, no matter where you happen to be. You can receive notifications and a live feed from your front door when someone walks by or presses the bell. When buying a video doorbell, look for two-way audio, high-resolution video, infrared night vision, and motion sensing.

  • Smart Cameras
    If you're worried about the security of your backyard, side alley, or garage, smart cameras can provide peace of mind. They come in a range of sizes, capabilities, and prices, with most having speakers and mics. The cameras connect straight to the Wi-Fi and can be controlled and viewed remotely using a smartphone app. Indoor options are smaller and more discreet and a great option if you want to keep an eye on the inside of your home. Features you'll want to look for in a smart camera include a wide field of view, audio recording, motion detection, and high resolution.

  • Alarm System
    A smart alarm system is another great security upgrade to consider for your home. There are many options available, from a range of battery-powered sensors you affix to your windows and door to motion sensors for hallways, rooms, and landings. The system will send you a notification if any movement is detected while it's armed.

  • Smart Lights
    Smart lighting combines convenience and enhanced security, but it isn't an obvious intrusive device. The Wi-Fi-enabled LED lightbulbs are simple to install and can be controlled from a smartphone app. You can dim the bulbs, choose their color, and turn them on or off – manually or on a schedule. To make things a little less predictable when you're away, you can set the system to light up at a random time and make it look like someone's home. Smart lights can also be linked to smart cameras, motion sensors, and alarms for enhanced security.

  • Solid Doors
    Most burglars use the door to gain entry into a house. It's also easier to carry valuables out the door. If your doors are weak and flimsy, a well-placed kick or slam could be enough to allow someone inside in seconds. Some of the best security doors are made of metal or solid core wood. Avoid hollow-core doors or those with a lot of glass. You can also reinforce your door with a barricade or a strike plate installed with 3-inch screws for greater strength.

  • Door Locks
    While you're at it, conduct an inspection and change your locks if they're damaged or easy to pick and bump open. This is also important if you have extra keys floating around with friends or strangers. Re-key your locks or replace them with smart locks. Smart locks communicate with your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. Traditional smart locks have a number pad or touchscreen, and then some rely on an app on your phone to handle the locking and unlocking functions. When buying a smart lock, it's important to know whether or not it can also accept keys.

  • Secure Windows
    Windows are also common entry points for intruders because they're often left open, and the latches aren't always effective. To improve the security of your windows, install key-operated levers or locks. Some other ideas to burglar-proof your windows include burglar bars, reinforced glass, shatterproof glass, sensors, and cameras. Prickly bushes can also help make your windows less desirable and harder to access.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to lock down and hide your Wi-Fi network, rename it, install anti-virus protection, create a strong password, and install a firewall. You don't want to leave your security system or smart home gadgets open to cyberattacks.

Are you in the market for a new home with smart security features? Contact us today, and we'll be happy to show you beautiful and secure properties in the Pacific Northwest. We can also provide expert advice and help you find the best value if you're looking to improve your home's security before selling.


Restaurants with a View in Seattle

Seattle Restaurants

Seattle is one of America's most scenic cities, and many of the area's best restaurants combine fresh, fantastic food with the sort of spectacular views that you can only find in the city. Whether you're interested in waterfront scenery or a stunning, bird's eye view of the city skyline with the mountains as a backdrop, you'll find it close to home in Seattle. Our brokers have all the details on where to dine with a view.

  • Ray's Boathouse & Cafe – 6049 Seaview Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107
    With a convenient location near Seattle homes for sale and gorgeous waterfront views, Ray's Boathouse & Cafe offers two distinctive dining areas for your enjoyment. The Boathouse is an elegant setting serving fresh sea to plate fare sourced from local Seattle purveyors, while Ray's Cafe is a more casual dining setting, with a beachfront bar serving some of the finest local wines and spirits.

  • Graduate Seattle Mountaineering Club – 4507 Brooklyn Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105
    Take a quick hike up to the 16th floor of the Graduate Hotel to enjoy dinner and drinks with a view at the Graduate Seattle Mountaineering Club. Soak in panoramic views of the Seattle skyline, Mount Rainier, and the Puget Sound from the outdoor seating area while you sample fresh, local fare. Just be sure to plan ahead because reservations are required for the Mountaineering Club.

  • Westward – 2501 N. Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103
    Situated on the northern shores of Lake Union, Westward offers a quaint, beachside dining experience that's sure to impress. The menu here features imaginative takes on your favorite seafood dishes, along with oysters that are as fresh as it gets. Beachfront brunches are also available every Saturday and Sunday morning at Westward.

  • Matt's in the Market – 94 Pike St., Suite 32, Seattle, WA 98101
    Located in the heart of the bustling Pike Street Market, Matt's in the Market is a popular dining destination, bar, and event space. If you're looking for a restaurant where the wine list is just as spectacular as the views, this is a great place to visit. There are a ton of fantastic selections to enjoy, both from some of the most revered winemaking regions in France and from many of the Seattle area's most highly rated vineyards.

  • Daniel's Broiler – 808 Howell St., Seattle, WA 98101
    For a classic Seattle steakhouse experience, try a visit to Daniel's Broiler, an upscale steakhouse located on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency Seattle. The downtown location of Daniel's Broiler features a bar/restaurant setting, with all of your favorite steakhouse appetizers and entrees. All of the steaks served here are USDA Prime cuts, while the in-house Rickhouse Whiskey Bar serves more than 150 different whiskey selections from around the world.

  • Marination Ma Kai – 1660 Harbor Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98126
    In the mood for some unique dining choices? Head to the beautiful outdoor seating area at Marination Ma Kai to enjoy some amazing views of the harbor and Seattle skyline while you sample the fare from an imaginative Asian-Mexican fusion menu. As the name suggests, all of the meats served at Marination Ma Kai are carefully marinated in unique house marinades and seasoned to perfection. It's also a casual dining spot, perfect for grabbing a relaxing meal with friends or your special someone.

  • Elliott's Oyster House – 1201 Alaskan Way, Pier 56, Seattle, WA 98101
    Voted America's number one oyster house by Food & Wine, Elliott's Oyster House offers stunning waterfront views to match its amazing menu. In addition to a menu featuring all of your favorite seafood standards cooked to perfection, Elliott's Oyster House has a separate menu just for oysters. Choose from a dozen varieties of fresh, carefully selected oysters, all chosen from the best local sources. Private dining is also available in the Elliott Bay Room, ideal for celebrating special group occasions with stunning views of Elliott Bay all around you.

  • The White Swan Public House – 1001 Fairview Ave., North Seattle, WA 98109
    Searching for the best upscale pub fare in an inviting, relaxing atmosphere? The White Swan Public House combines the best of both worlds, with an expansive outdoor patio seating area located on the waterfront. The dinner menu here features a mix of oysters, seafood entrees, and classic pub dishes. You can also stop by on any weekend morning for a full brunch menu that offers a little bit of everything.

Whether you're searching for the perfect view, the ideal location, or a little bit of everything, our team is here to help you find your next home in Seattle. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Seattle, WA area.


Bookstores in Seattle for Book Lovers Day

Bookstores Seattle

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day, and our brokers honestly can't think of a better place than Seattle to celebrate this particular holiday. We happen to have some of the greatest independent bookstores in the country, and we're excited to share some of our favorites in honor of National Book Lovers Day!

  1. Ophelia's Books - 3504 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
    A strong case could be made that Ophelia's Books is Seattle's most fun bookstore for those who like to browse. Packed to the gills with secondhand books spanning genres and decades, Ophelia's spans three levels, with enchanting spiral staircases that lead you up to each new floor of literary wonders. Located conveniently to countless Seattle homes for sale, the shop also has cozy couches where you can sit and read, and there's a good chance you'll be visited by one of the live-in cats. 

  2. Phinney Books - 7405 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
    Phinney Books
    opened its doors in 2014 and quickly established a reputation for offering a well-chosen selection featuring all the latest and greatest from the literary world. The shop's owner and noted bibliophile Tom Nissley, an eight-time Jeopardy! champion who knows a thing or two about books. The staff is always friendly and happy to help you find your next great read.

  3. Twice Sold Tales - 1833 Harvard Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
    Nestled in Seattle's endlessly enjoyable Ballard Neighborhood, Twice Sold Tales is the sort of bookstore that warrants repeated visits. That's because, as its punny name suggests, Twice Sold Tales is a used bookstore, and its shelves are always being replenished with new and fascinating volumes. Be careful when you open and close the door not to let the shop's resident cats out!

  4. Couth Buzzard Books - 8310 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
    A bookstore that's also a coffee shop—what could be more Seattle? Couth Buzzard Books is one of the city's favorite bookstores not just because it has a great selection of books (and great espresso) but because it's a warm, welcoming space that makes you feel like you're right at home. Their shelves are packed with literary treasures, and the staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. Couth Buzzard's cafe sells coffee and light bites and often hosts live music.

  5. Elliott Bay Book Company - 1521 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
    A mainstay of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, Elliott Bay Book Company is more than a bookstore. It's a hub for the local literary community, with a vast selection of reading materials in every genre and discipline. They frequently host compelling live author readings, and the adjoining Little Oddfellows Cafe is a beloved local hangout for bookish types.

  6. Secret Garden Bookshop - 2214 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107
    Another Ballard neighborhood staple, Secret Garden Bookshop, sells all kinds of books, but children's books are their real specialty. This is a fantastic place to find books for kids and young adults, and there's a good chance all your own childhood favorites are here (including the 1911 novel from which the shop takes its name). Best of all, Secret Garden's location on Market Street puts it within walking distance of some of the city's best shops, galleries, and cafes. 

  7. Madison Books - 4118 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112
    Opened in 2019, Madison Books is one of Seattle's newest bookstores, but it's quickly become a trusted source of new reading material in the Madison Park neighborhood. Situated on a picturesque tree-lined street, Madison Books carries a superb selection of new titles, with lots of cozy nooks where you can settle in and flip through the pages. We also love the irony that this bookstore was opened by two former Amazon employees!

  8. Magus Books - 1408 NE 42nd St, Seattle, WA 98105
    A fixture of the University District for some 40-odd years, Magus Books has been buying and selling used books since 1978. Their space looks like one would expect from a used bookstore near a college campus: floor-to-ceiling shelves overflowing with books, stacks of stray volumes threatening to topple over. It's a treasure trove of the old, rare and unusual. Magus Books is a great place to find early editions and collectible books.

Contact us today to learn more about the great independent businesses that thrive in Seattle, and be sure to ask how our brokers can help you find your Washington dream home. 


Picnic Spots Throughout Seattle

Picnic Spots Throughout Seattle

With a city surrounded by water and mountains, is it any wonder that outdoor dining is so popular in Seattle? Pack a basket or grab some carryout and visit one of these amazing picnic spots around Seattle recommended by our brokers

  • Waterfall Garden Park - 219 2nd Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98104
    An urban picnic area may sound like an oxymoron, but Seattle is full of such unconventional delights. Waterfall Garden Park is tucked into an unobtrusive 60-by-80-feet spot in historic Pioneer Square. Until 1975, the site held the headquarters of United Parcel Service. Today, the charming park includes a 22-foot man-made waterfall and a dual-level patio with tables and chairs, making it a wonderful place for a lunch hour picnic or reading break. Park hours are 8 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. daily.

  • Green Lake Park - 7201 E. Green Lake Dr., Seattle, WA 98115
    The area around Green Lake Park features some of the most desirable Seattle homes for sale, and it's not hard to see why. Who wouldn't want to live just down the street from a beautiful three-acre lake surrounded by lush green space? The neighborhood is full of great restaurants, delis, and sandwich shops where you can pick up a picnic-friendly meal. Work up an appetite or work off some calories with swimming at the lifeguard-patrolled beach or a walk along the 2.8-mile path that circles the lake. Bring along a guidebook to identify the numerous birds and waterfowl you're sure to see. Green Lake Park is open 24/7.

  • Dr. Jose Rizal Park - 1007 12th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98144
    Seattle has one of the most iconic skylines in the country. Take in some incredible views of downtown and Puget Sound during your picnic at Dr. Jose Rizal Park on Beacon Hill. With nearly 10 acres of grounds, including reservable picnic areas, the park can accommodate groups of any size. Be sure to bring Fido along and spend some quality time at the off-leash dog area. Park hours are 4 a.m. - 11:30 p.m., seven days a week.

  • Gas Works Park - 2101 N. Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103
    When someone in Seattle says, "Go fly a kite," people immediately head to Gas Works Park. The 19.1-acre site, once the home of the Seattle Gas Light Company plant, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Kite-flying on the park's spacious hills is a local ritual, while remnants of the original facility are incorporated into a play barn that's a favorite of families. Watch seaplanes land and take off from Lake Union against the backdrop of the downtown skyline. Gas Works Park is open daily from 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.

  • Washington Park Arboretum - 2300 Arboretum Dr. E., Seattle, WA 98112
    Nature is on display in all its glory at Washington Park Arboretum, a 230-acre extravaganza of gardens, wetlands, and wooded areas. The grounds contain 5,500 different plants from all corners of the world, including one of the top Japanese maple tree collections. Choose your favorite points of interest and create your own walking tour along the numerous trails. Print one of the seasonal scavenger hunts from the website and see how many items kids can find. Leashed dogs are welcome at the arboretum. Hours are dawn - 8 p.m. daily, and admission is free.

  • Carkeek Park - 950 NW Carkeek Park Rd., Seattle, WA 98177
    Washington state is known for apples because of spots like historic Piper's Orchard in Carkeek Park. Six miles of trails lead to the orchard, as well as spectacular views of Whidbey Island and the Olympic Mountains. The salmon-themed playground plays tribute to another notable product of the state. Check out the tide pool beach at low tide, when you can walk hundreds of feet out into Puget Sound. Park hours are 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily.

  • Woodland Park Rose Garden - 750 N. 50th St., Seattle, WA 98103
    With 2.5 acres filled with nearly 3,000 roses, Woodland Park Rose Garden is perfect for a romantic picnic for two or a delightful family outing. The garden is one of only two dozen American Rose Test Gardens in the country, displaying new hybrids before they're available to the public. Fun fact: since the garden went pesticide-free in 2006, the flowers have been used to feed animals in adjoining Woodland Park Zoo. Hours are 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily, and admission is free.

Picnics don't get more exclusive than the ones you hold in the backyard of your Seattle home. Have questions about buying or selling real estate? Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain for cheerful and experienced help.


Gutter Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Gutter Maintenance

Knocking out a few simple tasks this summer will help ensure you don't run into any unexpected problems caused by poor gutter maintenance. This may include leaks, damage to your insulation, siding damage, and more. Don't let this happen to you! Follow these simple tips, and you'll be ready for whatever Mother Nature brings. 

  1. Remove Collected Debris
    If it's been a while since you've performed any gutter maintenance, a lot of leaves, sticks, and other debris may have accumulated in there. Start by putting on a pair of thick gloves and pulling out debris by hand. This is the first step to ensuring water has a clear path to flow off of your roof and out the downspouts. This allows it to move safely away from your home, so it doesn't cause damage. 
  1. Check for Nests
    Birds often like to make their nests in gutters since it offers them a high perch that is relatively undisturbed. By summertime, the babies have usually flown away, making now a great time to remove the empty nests from your gutters. Just be sure to check carefully for any signs of life before pulling them out. If you notice babies are still living there, consider leaving them undisturbed and checking back in a few weeks. 
  1. Clean Off Your Gutters
    Now that you've removed the large items from your gutters, use a gentle abrasive cleaning product or soap and water along with a scrub brush to give the inside of your gutters a thorough cleaning. This will allow you to remove any moss, mold, or algae built up inside your gutters. If you notice areas where there's a lot of growth, pay attention. This could be a sign that you have a drainage problem. 
  1. Check for Damage
    Once your gutters are clean, you'll be able to tell if there are any damaged areas you need to address. Carefully check all of your gutters for holes that need to be filled, areas of rust, or anything that's sagging or askew. You can typically fix sagging gutters by pulling them upward using a pair of pliers. If you notice any sections of your gutter that are extremely rusty, consider replacing them. 
  1. Repair Any Leaks
    As you're checking for damage, there's a good chance you'll come across some leaks. This often happens when there are visible holes or areas that are buckling. You can also check for smaller leaks along the cracks and seams by using a hose to run water through the gutters. Watch out for any areas where water comes out before it reaches the downspout. You can effectively fix most gutter leaks with a waterproof sealant, like silicone caulking. Depending on the type of damage, you may also use some metal flashing and attach it using roofing cement. Once the repair has dried, run water through again to make sure it's sealed. If not, you'll want to call in a gutter professional to take care of the problem. 
  1. Visually Inspect Your Roof
    Since you're already up on a ladder, take a moment to visually inspect your roof. Keep an eye out for loose shingles, which can cause leaks. If your gutters haven't been maintained for a while, this may also cause water to pond on your roof, leading to additional problems. Catching issues early can help you get them fixed before they become a much bigger deal. For safety reasons, avoid getting up on the roof yourself. If you notice any potential issues, call a professional roofer to come out and take a look. 
  1. Install New Equipment
    If you've been thinking about installing new downspouts or gutters, the dry season is the perfect time to take on this project. You may also want to consider installing gutter covers. This upgrade prevents leaves and debris from falling into your gutters. While it will take some effort to install, you'll love how much it cuts down on your future gutter maintenance! 

Whether you're planning to stay in your home for the long term or you're thinking about moving soon, our brokers encourage you to keep up with basic maintenance tasks. This will help ensure your home maintains its current value and its curb appeal. 

We're here to help. Your dream home is waiting for you, so don't wait. Contact us today to discuss your goals and get started.


Where to go Horseback Riding Near Seattle

Horseback Riding Seattle

What could be better than a pleasant summer day spent on horseback exploring the natural beauty of the Seattle area? Whether you want to learn to ride for the first time with the help of an experienced instructor or enjoy an exciting trail ride with the whole family, our brokers know that Seattle is home to an extensive selection of equestrian facilities that offer everything you need for a fun day outdoors. Find your new favorite farm with our list of 6 great equestrian facilities located in the Seattle area.

  1. Seattle Farm – 9761 Beacon Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118
    Find everything you need for a great day of horseback riding near Seattle homes for sale when you visit the popular Seattle Farm. This farm has been owned by the same family for more than 100 years, and that experience shows in everything that they do. There are lessons available for riders of all experience levels, along with both indoor and outdoor riding facilities.

  2. Mercer Island Saddle Club – 8635 SE 68th St., Mercer Island, WA 98040
    With a strong community spirit and a dedication to helping riders of all experience levels fall in love with horseback riding, Mercer Island Saddle Club is the perfect place for a ride close to Mercer Island homes for sale. This farm is a non-profit organization with a focus on enriching the community through horseback riding, lessons, shows, and a cooperative, community-focused atmosphere that makes riding an accessible experience for all.

  3. Overlake Farm – 5652 132nd Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98005
    Overlake Farm 
    has been a local favorite near Bellevue homes for sale for more than 80 years, thanks to the excellent instruction and expansive riding areas that you can enjoy whenever you visit. The farm features more than 480 acres to explore, with beautifully maintained trails and modern, well-equipped arenas perfect for learning to ride.

  4. Brackenhollow Stables – 6367 208th Ave. NE, Redmond, WA 98053
    Have your kids been clamoring for horseback riding lessons? The mother-daughter instruction team at Brackenhollow Stables makes it fun and easy to learn to ride, with a location that's easy to reach from Redmond homes for sale. In addition to riding lessons, the team here is happy to teach all riders about caring for horses and spending time around the stables.

  5. Wacky Nut Farm – 10821 NE Wacky Nut Way, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
    Don't let the name fool you! Wacky Nut Farm offers a fun riding experience, but the quality of instruction here makes it easy for anyone located near Bainbridge Island homes for sale to fall in love with horseback riding. Enjoy individual lessons with guidance from experienced instructors, or sign up for a group clinic to sharpen specific riding skills.

  6. Deerfield Farm – 11432 Upper Preston Rd. SE #8748, Issaquah, WA 98027
    Whether you're interested in helping your kids learn to ride for the first time or rekindling your own love of horseback riding with fun adult lessons, the team at Deerfield Farm can assist with all of your equestrian needs in a convenient location around the corner from Issaquah homes for sale. Thinking about activities for your kids this summer? Deerfield Farm offers fun summer camps for kids of all ages that include a variety of nature-focused activities in addition to developing riding skills.

Ready to find a home that makes it easy to enjoy horseback riding and all of the great family attractions around Seattle? Our experienced, local team can help. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Seattle, WA area.


Upcycle Your Furniture With This Guide

Upcycle TipsUpcycling has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with more people looking for ways to reuse materials and save money. It is a great way of transforming unloved, outdated, or unused pieces of furniture into something fresh, unique, and perfectly suited for your space. The good thing about upcycling is that no previous skills are required, and there are really no limits to what you can create. Upcycling is not just a cost-effective way of breathing new life into your old furniture, but it's also a great way to expand your creativity and reduce your impact on the environment. Our brokers have put together their top tips, which will help you create your ultimate upcycling adventure.

  1. Choose Your Furniture Piece
    The first step in your upcycling adventure is to choose what you want to upcycle and the purpose you want the improved piece to serve. You may have some old furniture lying about in the house that needs a new look, or maybe you've seen something in a thrift store or garage sale that would be perfect with a little creativity. Either way, you want to make sure the piece can easily be upcycled at just a fraction of the price if you bought it new.

  2. Make Sure the Piece is Structurally Sound
    It's important to look beyond the surface or the idea you have in mind when choosing a piece of furniture for your upcycling project. You don't want to spend time on something that will become useless or fall apart the next day. Look at the joints and structure of the piece before you buy or start the transformation. Good bones are important for extended use.

  3. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
    Be imaginative when you see old pieces. Almost every item can be an upcycling opportunity, no matter how it looks on the surface. Something might look ugly at first glance, but you have to look past the flaws to find the potential. 

  4. Plan Ahead
    Whether you're upcycling a small stool or a complete dining set, you can definitely help yourself by preparing ahead of time. Have an end goal for your project and ensure you have all the tools and supplies needed to do the job. Give your piece a quick wash, sand it down and wipe it to get a smooth surface and get the perfect finish. Paint might hide many problems, but if your furniture has dents, holes, peeling paint, or scratches, these will be visible when painted over.

  5. Don't Get Carried Away
    While it's exciting to get started on transforming your furniture, you'll end being frustrated if you bite off more than you can chew. Choose something simple, like a small table that needs painting, and don't rush.

  6. Paint and Make Perfect
    If you're not after that distressed furniture look, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in breathing some new life into your furniture piece. If your piece looks old and dated, a little sanding and paint may be all that you need to achieve a unique and stylish addition to your home. Make sure you use good quality brushes that give good coverage and don't leave bristles in your work.

  7. Get That Distressed Look
    Old dressers, drawers, cabinets, or cupboards are ideal for distressed looks if that's your style. Sand down the furniture and use chalk paint for a matte or chalky finish. Chalk paints are also great for covering a dark stain. Once you've applied the paint, sand the surface for a distressed look that will add character to the piece. Target the areas that would see the most wear and tear, like the edges.

  8. Try Stenciling
    Stenciling is an easy step to full personalization. It's a way to get creative and add a personal touch to your furniture. You can find stencils online or designs yours if you have the right equipment. Use a stencil brush to stamp your creativity onto the furniture piece and add a coat of wax for protection. Don't worry if your work doesn't turn out as expected, you can always stencil or paint over it again.

  9. Don't Forget the Little Touches
    Perhaps you've decided to upcycle a piece of furniture that has knobs on it. Replacing the knobs with some creative pieces can make a huge difference to your piece. You can use anything from door knockers to big keys or just any piece that catches your fancy. And even though you're going to replace your knobs, it's good practice to remove the old ones to make sure your paint job is a clean and smooth as possible. It will also save time if the new ones are smaller and there's a space with no paint.

If you're planning to sell or buy in the area, our team can help make the process easier for you. Contact us today.


What You Need to Know Before Adding a Fireplace

Adding a FireplaceWhen you love your home, it's only natural to want to make it even better. Life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest almost demands the comfort only a fireplace can provide, but how do you know it's a good investment for your home? You don't hesitate to make simple changes, like a fresh coat of paint. When it comes to something as significant as adding a fireplace, however, there are several factors to consider before making a final decision. 

  1. Can it be done?
    Local building codes are full of restrictions relating to construction. Ceiling height and fireplace emissions will all impact the cost and plausibility of adding a fireplace to an existing structure. Fuel source also needs to be considered. Will you be using natural gas, propane, or wood? Wood must be stored safely away from the exterior wall of the house and must be kept dry. Is the house already equipped for gas or propane? A general contractor can best advise a homeowner on the feasibility of adding a fireplace and provide estimates of both cost and time for execution.
  2. What are you willing to spend?
    Your options run from about $1,400 for a ventless gas unit to a traditional wood-burning fireplace for $20,000 or more. The former requires a unit for about $400 and installation costs of about $1,000. The latter required extensive materials, a mason skilled in the specific work required, and other skilled laborers to complete the changes to the surrounding walls. Wood and natural gas are the most common fuel sources. When determining which is most economically sound, consider not only the cost of wood but also the cost of maintenance. An annual inspection service is not expensive but critical to safe operation. A gas fireplace may be the best decision, financially speaking, if it is an option. It's also much kinder to the environment and requires less maintenance than its wood-burning counterpart.
  3. What can you expect as a return on investment?
    Much depends on other homes in the area. The National Association of REALTORS® tells us that about 46% of homebuyers nationwide are willing to pay extra for a fireplace. But the median amount they are willing to pay is $1,200. That's not good news to a homeowner that spends $10,000 to $20,000 to add a fireplace. Another consideration is the cost of the fireplace relative to the value of the house. In a million-dollar home, a $10,000 feature is a far more acceptable price increase than in a less expensive model.

  4. Where will you locate the fireplace?
    You have a lot of options! Your first thought might be the traditional living room or den, but you may prefer a cozy space in your bedroom where you can curl up with a pillow and a good book. If you have a "dead" zone in your home, far from the central heat source that is uncomfortably cold, a fireplace can be a great solution. The current trend of outdoor living spaces creates a wealth of luxury opportunities. Even though the unit won't provide additional comfort to the house itself, it means extending entertainment options to an exciting new level. You can, however, expect the total installed cost to be comparable to an indoor fireplace. 

  5. Can you expect energy efficiency?
    The decisions you make regarding the type and location of the fireplace will affect the level of energy efficiency. The outdoor fireplace will do nothing to heat the home itself, for example. A well-placed unit will allow you to focus the energy to heat the home in the space being used instead of heating the entire house at once. The traditional fireplace sends more of its heat up the chimney than into the room. But a sealed unit uses outside air to heat and transfer warm air into the room. This reduces the energy demands made of the central furnace or heating system. The question would then be whether the decrease in utility bills for the central air system is greater than the cost of managing the fireplace. 

While chilly fall and winter nights are quite a ways away, if you plan on adding a fireplace, now is the time to start doing your research.

And if you're looking for a new home with a fireplace or getting your house ready to list, contact us for professional assistance. Our brokers are always ready to help. 


Brunch Options for Mother's Day in Seattle

Brunch in Seattle

Mark your calendars. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th! After a challenging 2020, one of the things our brokers are most excited about is the re-opening of some of our favorite Seattle restaurants this spring. If you're looking for a great place to take your mom for brunch on Mother's Day, we definitely recommend these great Seattle eateries:

  • Portage Bay Cafe - 391 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
    One of Seattle's most beloved brunch spots, Portage Bay Cafe, is known for their fresh sandwiches and bowls, as well as a breakfast bar stocked with organic, local, and sustainable sources ingredients. They make some killer omelets and French toast, too, making it a prime Mother's Day spot. We love the South Lake Union location, which is a short walk from downtown, but Portage Bay Cafe also has several additional locations throughout the city, all convenient to many Seattle homes for sale

  • Fat's Chicken and Waffles - 2726 E Cherry St, Seattle, WA 98122
    One of Seattle's best destinations for hearty Southern-inspired comfort food, Fat's Chicken and Waffles is a cozy, stylish little cafe with an atmosphere that—much like its menu—feels like a quirky take on what you'd see at an old-fashioned Southern joint. Their brunch menu is packed with tasty favorites like shrimp and grits with eggs and biscuits with andouille sausage gravy. And it almost goes without saying that their fried chicken and waffles are amazing. 

  • Tilikum Place Cafe - 407 Cedar St, Seattle, WA 98121
    Tilikum Place Cafe is a European-style bistro nestled in the historic heart of Belltown. It's a treasured neighborhood eatery with an eclectic menu of seasonal favorites. Their offerings are ever-changing depending on what's in season, but you can always count on anything your order being handcrafted from the freshest local ingredients. Cafe Tilikum is a cozy space with just a few tables, so reservations are always a good idea, especially on popular brunch days like Mother's Day. 

  • Café Pettirosso - 1101 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122
    Originally founded as a coffee cart in the '90s, Café Pettirosso moved quickly into a brick-and-mortar location, and after a few changes over the years, has become one of the best brunch spots in Seattle's Capitol Hill area. They offer a little bit of everything, from a pastry and espresso bar to fresh-squeezed juices and craft cocktails. The brunch menu at Café Pettirosso is full of great options like seasonal omelets and duck confit hash. 

  • El Parche Columbiano - 11740 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125
    With a vibrant atmosphere and colorful Columbian cuisine, El Parche Columbiano is arguably the best place in Seattle to find authentic South American fare. They serve every meal of the day in their fun, funky space, but the breakfast and brunch staples are some of our favorites. Traditional Columbian breakfast dishes like Calenta'o (rice and beans served with arepas and eggs any style) are fresh and delicious. El Parche Columbiano also makes some of the best empanadas you're ever likely to taste.

  • OLMSTE(A)D - 314 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102
    A hip hangout in Capitol Hill known for their daily brunch and craft cocktail menu, OLMSTE(A)D is a fun neighborhood hangout spot. The food here tends to get classified as new American cuisine, but OLMSTE(A)D draws inspiration from all over the globe, with fresh and flavorful brunch dishes like rich, spicy shakshuka and thick-sliced brioche French toast. Brunch is served every day until 2:45 PM.

  • Le Pichet - 1933 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
    Nestled amid the hustle and bustle of Seattle's famed Pike Place Market, Le Pichet is a welcoming little French-style bistro and bar. It's a quaint, cozy place to enjoy morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening in their open sidewalk dining area. Their menu abounds with French breakfast and lunch specialties, from expertly prepared egg dishes to sandwiches on fresh-baked baguettes. Le Pichet also offers splendid charcuteries and cheese boards, and their house-made ice cream is to die for. 

Contact us today to learn more about living life to the fullest in the Seattle area, and be sure to ask our team how we can help you find your dream home here. Seattle is a truly unique and special place to call home, with great dining options for Mother's Day or just any old day!


Seattle Food Specialties and Where to Order Them

Seattle PhoIf you're looking at Seattle homes for sale, prepare for delicious cuisine.

Seattle has a rich and diverse culinary heritage our brokers know as one of the things that make the Emerald City unique. Seattle flavors have been shaped by remarkable Pacific seafood as well as the many immigrants from all over the world who have helped to make Seattle what it is today.

Over time, Seattle has become famous for dishes originating across the globe, from its unique take on Chinese dumplings to its unbeatable burgers, hot dogs, and much more.

Let's drop in on some of the restaurants that offer true Seattle classics:

  1. The Walrus and The Carpenter – 4743 Ballard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98107
    The Walrus and The Carpenter isn't just one of the most surreal scenes from Alice in Wonderland – it's also the #1 place for oysters, a long-time Seattle favorite. Now with outdoor seating and convenient online reservations, The Walrus and The Carpenter serves up sophisticated seafood and wine pairings that epitomize the Pacific Northwest. Other delights on the menu include scallop crudo, smoked coho, grilled sardines, and steak tartar.

  2. The Pho Bac – 1240 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98144
    With no less than four locations throughout the Seattle area, The Pho Bac is a leading purveyor of short rib pho. Pronounced fuh, this Vietnamese dish is a soup containing broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat. While chicken is the mainstay approach to pho, The Pho Bac expands the palate with a curated shortlist of new takes. Now in its second generation, it is one of Seattle's best-known family-owned businesses.

  3. Dahlia Bakery – 2001 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
    Famous for its delicious triple coconut cream pie, a Seattle staple, Dahlia Bakery also stocks delectable artisan breads, handmade pastries, and desserts. You'll want to come back frequently since everything here is small batch and the menu changes regularly. There are also classic breakfast sandwiches, including the bacon and egg and veggie varieties and lunch specials.

  4. Dick's Deluxe – 12325 30th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98125
    No list of Seattle favorites could be complete without mentioning Dick's Deluxe, which since 1954 has been the city's go-to hamburger joint. Known far and wide for its fresh burgers, real potatoes, and hand-dipped shakes, Dick's has various drive-in and food truck locations. There are also ice cream sundaes, cones, and root beer floats that are perfect for the kids. No matter where you are in Seattle, a location isn't far away.

  5. Sushi Kashiba – 86 Pine Street, Suite 1, Seattle WA 98101
    "Omakase" loosely means "chef's choice," and Sushi Kashiba owner Shiro Kashiba has been called Seattle's "sushi grandmaster." There may be no better place in Seattle to enjoy the classic omakase sushi bento box, which includes an eclectic mix of sushi rolls, sashimi, and other Japanese lunch foods arranged by Chef Kashiba. With ample cuts of fish in brilliant colors, it plates as good as it tastes.

  6. Mee Sum Pastry – 4343 University Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105
    For maximum flavor, Seattle's famous curry beef hom bow, known elsewhere as bao, must be made fresh each morning. When you visit Mee Sum Pastry, you might even have the chance to watch. In the bustling University of Washington area, this is one of the foremost places for Taiwanese cuisine with a Seattle spin. You can also savor a full assortment of other beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetarian-friendly entrees.

  7. Rain City Hot Dogs – 2700 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144
    The classic take on a Seattle Dog includes cream cheese and sauteed onions – and that's the marquee meal here at Rain City Hot Dogs. One of the highest-rated hot dog experiences in town, it also offers full-service catering. Every dog on the menu can be customized with your choice of a quarter-pound all-beef hot dog, a spicy Louisiana-style hotlink, or a veggie dog. Don't miss out on the Smoky PB&J!

  8. Chinook's at Salmon Bay –1900 West Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA 98119
    Copper river salmon flown in from Alaska have become a hallmark of some of the best Pacific Northwest dishes, and Chinook's at Salmon Bay is widely hailed as one of the best places in Seattle to enjoy the iconic fish. From its Fishermen's Terminal location, fish scarcely gets any fresher than this. Enjoy an afternoon or evening right on the waterfront patio and have lunch, dinner, or selections from the seasonal Oyster Festival menu.

Coldwell Banker Bain is here to help with your Seattle real estate needs. Contact us to learn more today.


9 Reasons to Live Near a National Park

National Park

National parks are a true American treasure, handed down from one generation to the next.

The Pacific Northwest has so many wonderful national parks to visit, or better yet, live near. 

Stunning Crater Lake National Park is less than half a day's drive from Portland homes for saleOr explore 73 miles of Pacific Coast at Olympic National Park, roughly a two-hour drive from Seattle homes for sale

Our brokers share nine top benefits of living near a national park. Do some of these surprise you? 

  1. More Opportunities for Quality Family Time
    In today's families, both kids and parents are likely to have fast-paced schedules that have them moving in different directions. Even gathering around the dinner table can be hard. National parks offer accessible hours along with a wide variety of activities and attractions to suit everyone. Simply packing a picnic lunch to enjoy after a pleasant hike is a relaxing getaway. Admission fees are nominal, with several free days during the year, to fit any budget. And most parks are pet-friendly so that Fido can tag along!

  2. Low-Cost Outdoor "Health Club"
    Do you pay ever-increasing membership dues to a conventional health club to fight for a parking spot and wait in line for a treadmill or elliptical machine? National parks are incredible open-air "fitness centers" that aren't confined by four walls and a roof. Available activities range from hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing in the summer to cross-country skiing, sledding, and snowboarding in the winter.

  3. Good for Mental and Emotional Health
    Physical fitness is only part of the equation for overall health. Spending time around nature has been proven to reduce stress and depression. In one study conducted in 2015, researchers examined the brain activity of two groups of people who took 90-minute walks, with one group in a natural setting and the other in an urban setting. The group from the outdoor setting had lower activity in the prefrontal cortex, which is where negative self-talk usually occurs. 

  4. Greater Earning Power
    According to experts, areas with national parks tend to have a thriving tourist industry, which in turn creates more jobs and better financial opportunities.

  5. Promotes Childhood Development
    In another revealing result from the OSU study, researchers discovered that kids under the age of 5 who lived near national parks were 10 percent taller than their peers who lived further away. While this is no guarantee for your child's height, there's no question that youngsters who have frequent exposure to nature gain physical and mental benefits, such as the development of cognitive skills that help with classroom learning.

  6. Less Risk of Natural Disasters
    When you respect Mother Nature, she returns the favor. Forested areas in national parks remain untouched, which allows the trees to protect water sources. In addition, the West Coast is vulnerable to flooding, landslides, and other natural disasters that endanger the environment, along with humans and animals. Protected habitats stabilize the surrounding land, reducing the risk of such devastating incidents. 

  7. Eco-Friendly Access to Nature
    There has been a long struggle finding a balance between outdoor activities that are enjoyable and accessible without causing damage to the environment. National parks provide a venue to spend time outdoors with minimal impact on our natural resources.

  8. Maintains Biodiversity
    Over the years, society mistakenly believed that natural resources were infinite. Fishing, hunting, mining, and other practices were conducted with no thought about their long-term effects. Sadly, a number of ecosystems and animal species are now endangered today due to this behavior. National parks create protection for wetlands, forests, and other ecosystems and endangered animals such as gray wolves. 

  9. Strengthens Friendships and Social Interactions
    How often do you attempt to plan an outing with friends and spend most of the time debating over dinner, a movie, or a ball game? A lively walk or vigorous bike ride on the trails of a national park are activities everyone can agree on. Being outdoors is also a great way to escape the pressures of daily life and focus on communicating with friends and loved ones.

Want to learn more about the parks around the Pacific Northwest? Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain for more information.


April Showers: Guide to Installing a Smart System for Your Garden

Smart System for Garden

For nearly twenty years, smart homes have been surging in popularity as we embrace the technology that makes our lives easier. No longer limited to inside the home, technology has moved into the garden to make it more efficient as well.

Our brokers know how important a lush lawn and curb appeal are when appealing to potential buyers. Whether you're getting your home ready to list or just want to enjoy an attractive landscape, consider installing a few of these smart devices.

  1. Smart sprinklers
    Setting a timer will certainly allow you to water whether or not you are home. But why stop there? You can control the sprinklers when you're away from home using an application on your phone or computer. If you prefer, you can use a sprinkler that gauges the amount of water your garden needs based on data from weather reports or even from sensing the moisture in the soil. Never again will your sprinklers go on while it is raining. 
  2. Weather stations or sensors
    These innovative devices monitor the weather conditions in your garden including temperature, wind, and humidity to deliver the information you need to care for your garden. You can receive detailed weather metrics to help keep the inside of your home comfortable as well. When integrated into a smart home ecosystem, adjustments will be made automatically. 

  3. Soil sensors
    Traditionally, while it is possible to get secondary education in agriculture, most home gardeners don't have the education required to analyze soil to determine what action is necessary to create the perfect balance of chemicals and moisture for a healthy garden. Add the questions of proper temperature and light and most of us would be lost. But we don't need to know all of that information when we have sensors to guide us. Are they necessary to grow a garden? No, but they certainly can make the process easier. Take your gardening to the next level and receive alerts on your mobile device for when you need to take action to keep the garden healthy. 

  4. Robotic lawnmowers
    Preprogrammed to operate on a schedule of your choosing, these handy tools ensure a  perfectly manicured lawn with little to no effort on your part. Powered by electricity, they run quietly and without fumes. Boundaries are defined by wires. If it should happen to rain, sensors will direct the unit back to its base. 

  5. Outdoor lighting
    One of the least expensive smart upgrades you can make to your garden, lighting options are also the most versatile. Fountains and other water features come to life with strategically placed lighting. Path lights with changing colors add magical hues to simple safety measures. Motion sensors illuminate spaces to stop would-be thieves in their tracks as spotlight cams capture their images. And who could deny the elegance of soft lighting in a seating area nestled in a flowery haven? Remote controls let you adjust the lighting according to your needs. 

  6. Wi-Fi booster
    Working from home and going to school online can be tedious and frustrating. But you can banish that cooped-up feeling by taking work and studies outside. It's possible for a Wi-Fi repeater or extender to do the trick, and add enough coverage to your garden to work or study efficiently. Unfortunately, that may not be sufficient. If not, you can dramatically expand your home network with a powerline adaptor. These exciting new options use the electric wiring of the house to transmit communication signals. They don't even require a complicated installation. 

  7. Entertainment options
    Whether you would enjoy dancing in the moonlight or watching movies under the stars, you can convert your garden to the perfect entertainment venue with waterproof Bluetooth speakers, outdoor television sets, or projectors. If you enjoy hosting dinner parties, smart grills and smokers can allow you to cook a delicious meal while socializing with your guests. They'll give you a short alert on your phone when you need to break away to attend to the food. 

When you're ready to find the perfect place for your own garden paradise, contact us. We'll be happy to show you the finest homes throughout the area. 


Helpful Tips for Arranging a Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Tips

Few things personalize your house as much as the displays of artwork on the walls. As our brokers take you on tours, let your imagination soar and envision how you can make the space your own with your personal collection.

As much a work of art as the pieces they contain, the process of creating a gallery wall may seem daunting. But by following some basic guidelines, the display you design will be a wonderful visual focal point.  

  1. Gather Inspiration 
    Before you begin, seek ideas from magazines or online platforms. As you see layouts you find aesthetically pleasing, make note of the elements you like the most. Collect photos so that you can examine them later for details. You'll find a variety of options from symmetrical to asymmetrical, small groupings of three items to ten or more, rigidly themed to eclectic. The choices are yours based on what you find attractive.  

  2. Curate your Artwork 
    As you are curating your pieces, remember that you are not restricted to paintings and photographs. Clocks, mirrors, and shadow boxes of meaningful items can breathe life into the exhibit, expanding the texture and flavor of the display. You can coordinate disparate items by putting them in matching frames if that is the style you prefer.  

  3. Determine the Location
    Did we say wall? We should probably have said walls. You are not limited to one space by any means. You can hang artwork down a stairway or behind the table in the dining room. The goal is to create a home where the colors, furniture, and architecture blend into a cohesive environment. You may find beautifully designed homes in which the artwork carries your eyes around corners and from one room to the next.  

  4. Consider Color and Scale 
    In considering the groupings within your collection, pay close attention to the overall color schemes and the sizes of each object. If you have several prints or paintings, for example, that are all from a similar color palette, grouping them in the same display will create a harmonious well-ordered feeling to the entire room. But gallery walls are meant to be a bold invitation to look deeper into the artwork, so if your taste runs more to wildly different colors and styles, that's OK. Just remember to anchor them together in some fashion, such as matching frames, to avoid a haphazard appearance. It is important to remember scale when you are matching artwork to your furniture. Neither should overshadow the other. The same holds true to the array itself. It's all about maintaining balance.  

  5. Measure Carefully 
    It's important to know the exact amount of space you have available before you map out a final arrangement. It's a good idea to place furniture and lighting before you measure. You don't want your perfect design hidden by a lamp or the sofa. Think about whether other focal points will detract from the vision you wish to create. Fireplaces, big-screen television sets, and sometimes even windows can draw the eye away from your gallery wall. Make certain that your arrangement works around these larger items.  

  6. Create a Mock-up 
    Once you have a plan in mind, it's time to test your layout. Begin with the largest item. This is your anchor piece. Work smaller pieces around it. If you have a particular look that you found in your initial research and you want to mimic it, arrange your pieces accordingly. If you prefer your own design, now is the time to try it out without risking unnecessary nail holes in the paint. If you look at one designer's ideas, you'll find very strict guidelines, such as avoiding putting the largest piece in the dead center of the display. The next article you read will have a lovely picture of a large painting encircled by smaller pieces. There are no rules other than the ones you chose to follow. When you're happy with the pattern, you may find it helpful to take a picture of your final layout to use as a reference as you hang the objects. Make a paper template of each piece and mark where the nail hole should go. Tape the templates to the wall. Nail through the marks and strip away the paper. Hang your collection, and voila! Your gallery wall is complete.  

Looking for the perfect home to decorate with your favorite artwork? Contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain, and we'll be happy to lead the way.  


Set up a Home Library for World Book Day

Home Library Tips

This year, don't just head to the library, consider setting up your personal home library. Whether you have a small or extensive collection, creating an at-home library can provide a wonderful way to display your favorite volumes. It can also make your home feel grander! All it takes is a little planning to create a comfortable, personal, and unique space. Here, our brokers share their best tips for setting up a home library fit for any space.

  1. Choose Your Spot
    Do you want to create a designated library room or transform an area within a room into a functional retreat? What you choose depends on how you want the room to function and the amount of square footage that's available. Also, consider the current size of your book collection and if you plan on adding more books in the future. Some good room options for your library might be a spare bedroom, home office or even consider displaying your books near the kitchen. Especially if a good portion of your library includes cookbooks! Looking for something a bit smaller? A personal book oasis can be carved out from an unused space such as a window seat, corner, or the area under a staircase. Another thing to remember when picking out your spot is you don't want to damage your books. To prevent this from happening, avoid places that are exposed to high levels of humidity and too much natural lighting.

  2. Focus on Your Display
    While your personal preference is essential, the types and quantity of your books will determine how you organize your book collection. Make sure the location you've picked has the space for them all. If you have large quantities of books, floor-to-ceiling shelving units, or rows of horizontal wall shelves will be your best options. Alternating vertical and horizontal book arrangements can add structure and visual breaks. For a smaller collection, you can use floating shelves or a free-standing bookcase that's properly secured to the wall.

  3. A Place to Sit and Read
    Proper seating is an important part of a home library. Whether your space will accommodate a single chair or an oversized chaise lounge, your seating should be comfortable because you're creating a setting for getting lost in a book. The type and size of furniture you choose will depend on how you intend to use the room. You can experiment with different seating arrangements based on the room's natural light or how well the furniture fits with lamps.

  4. Set the Mood
    The mood in your library will stem from its purpose and the ambiance you like during your reading time. This ambiance will be created by the combination of smaller design elements, including the color of your walls, the design of your textiles, the material of your furniture, as well as the plants, art, and accessories you choose to decorate with. You want to personalize your library, bring comfort to the room, and create an atmosphere that compels you to curl up with a book and escape from the stresses of everyday life.

  5. Prioritize Good Lighting
    Proper lighting can add comfort, sophistication, and utility to any room. With your library's design, you want to layer your lighting to ensure that you can comfortably see the words and also create a more inviting glow. Your lighting scheme should feature general, accent, and task lighting. Ensure you have task and ambient (general) lighting above or beside each spot in your seating.

Our team at Coldwell Banker Bain can help you find the perfect home for your book collection. Contact us today to start looking at available listings.


11 Home Organization Apps You'll Enjoy Using

Home Organization AppsWith so much going on these days, even the most organized people can become overwhelmed when it comes to maintaining a home and family. Luckily, today's technology can help make it a little bit easier. With so many productivity apps on the market, you can really leverage your smartphone to help you make it through the day. We were talking home organization tips with some of the owners of these homes for sale and we heard so many great recommendations for innovative home organization apps. 

  1. Evernote
    This award-winning app is essentially a cloud-based notebook. Use Evernote to take notes, make to-do lists, or save drawings, photographs, or other media. Best of all, you can access your content from any device or location. The app offers a free version that sets data capacity limits, or you can purchase a paid plan for more storage.

  2. Sweepy
    Staying on top of chores is one of the most tedious aspects of homeownership, but with apps like Sweepy, it's really not so bad. Sweepy allows you to enter chores into the app, prioritize them, assign them to family members, and maintain a calendar of activities. With Sweepy, every one can simply open up the app and quickly see what chores need to be done. 

  3. Todoist
    When it comes to to-do lists, few apps can compete with Todoist. This organization app helps you maintain complete control over your projects and goals. With an emphasis on mental well-being, the app was created to help you transfer your tasks from your head to your mobile phone and is great for any busy family.

  4. Cozi Family Organizer
    This useful organizer app has an incredibly simple interface and is made specifically for "crazy busy families". With Cozi, you can see the calendar for each family member, share grocery lists, and even post notes. It also has a built-in recipe planner to make dinner a breeze. Best of all, this app is completely free!

  5. 24me
    This award-winning app is more like a personal assistant that can really help make your day more productive. One of the best parts about 24me is it's incredibly easy to use. The app features a calendar, to-do list, and a notepad, so you can keep track of all your home cleaning and maintenance chores in one place. The app also automatically organizes your schedule and sends personal reminders to keep you on track.

  6. Time Timer
    If you're struggling with time management, then it might be worth checking out Time Timer. This super simple app features a visual, colorful timer that can be set with a swipe of a finger. The app allows you to set multiple timers for the various tasks throughout your day. The end result: complete transparency about how you're spending your time.

  7. Jour 
    One of the most important aspects of home organization is maintaining mental well-being. Jour is less of a notebook and more of a journal that promotes mental health. Jour helps you track your feelings on a day-to-day basis and offers therapeutic techniques to help improve your mood. With so much going on in our day to day lives, it's important to monitor your mental health.

  8. S'moresUp
    Looking for an app to help make parenting a little easier? Give S'moresUp a try. This app lets you track your kid's chore progress, assign rewards, track savings, and even schedule play dates. S'moresUp actually makes chores more fun, and really can help you to stay on top of your kid's activities.

  9. Happy Plant
    Do you frequently forget to water your plants? You won't any longer if you download the Happy Plant app. This app combines plant care with gamification in a way that will help you remember to give your plants the love they need. The app also lets you upload pictures of your plants and create cool time-lapse videos that show them grow over time.

  10. YNAB
    If your organizational struggles are related to finance, then a good budgeting app might be just what you need. We recommend YNAB (You Need A Budget). With a personal finance smartphone app, your budget will travel right along with you. This budget app will not only help you reach your financial goals, it even integrates with Amazon's Alexa, so you can get real-time verbal updates on your progress.

  11. Productive
    Keeping your home organized starts with building good habits, which is why we recommend Productive. This app is focused on helping you build life-changing routines through reminders and schedule planning. Not only does Productive let you enter goals, it allows you to measure your progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Our real estate agents are experts at home organization, and they love using smartphone apps to help plan their day. Contact us today for more recommendations on how to keep your home organized!


Order Valentine's Day Takeout from These Seattle Restaurants

Seattle Takeout

You might think it's impossible to celebrate Valentine's Day when you can't go out on the town. But who says you have to leave the house to have a romantic evening?

Light some candles! Open a bottle of wine! And order takeout from one of our real estate agents' favorite restaurants in the Seattle area. 

  1. Spinasse - 1531 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
    Few places in Seattle do high-end Northern Italian food quite like Spinasse. Their hand-made pasta alone earns them a place among Seattle's finest eateries. Spinasse is just minutes from many Seattle homes for sale and is currently offering curbside pickup and delivery. 

  2. Jak's Grill - 14 Front St N, Issaquah, WA 98027
    A no-frills, no-nonsense steakhouse known for its Nebraska beef, Jak's Grill is Seattle's carnivore heaven. Jak's Grill is located in Issaquah, about 20 minutes from the heart of Seattle and within walking distance of many Issaquah homes for sale. A second location is open in West Seattle, and both locations offer delivery and curbside pickup. They also offer freezer packs, so you can cook your own date-night dinner at home and show off your champion grilling skills. 

  3. Archipelago - 5607 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
    The fresh, vibrant Filipino-American flavors at Archipelago are truly one of a kind and perfect for a romantic Valentine's Day. Using ingredients sourced from local Seattle markets and regional Filipino and Filipino-American farmers, Archipelago offers an ever-changing menu that relies on the ingredients that are seasonally available. Archipelago's take-home menu changes weekly, with each week's offerings announced on Tuesdays. 

  4. Shiro's Sushi - 2401 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
    There may be no better meal for a romantic dinner than sushi. And you'd have a hard time finding a better place to get it than Shiro's Sushi, a fixture of the Belltown food scene. Shiro's makes sushi prepared the traditional Tokyo way but using seafood sourced from right here in the Pacific Northwest. One of Seattle's most respected sushi restaurants, Shiro's offers takeout and local delivery through various delivery services.  

  5. Mamnoon - 1508 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
    At Mamnoo, you can expect to get authentic, traditional Middle Eastern cuisine... with a modern twist. Call ahead for curbside pickup or delivery, and be sure to check their website for their regularly updated menu. To-go options and specials change almost daily, but there's always a meat entree as well as a vegetarian alternative. Mamnoo also offers what they call "Mama Family Meal," rotating to-go feasts inspired by the most-loved dishes that the chefs prepare for the staff before their shifts. You can even order beer, wine, or cocktail kits to go with it!

  6. Monsoon Seattle - 615 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
    The elevated Vietnamese cuisine at Monsoon Seattle is truly extraordinary, packing a dizzying array of flavors. Monsoon's two locations in Seattle and Bellevue each offer takeout, along with the option of curbside pickup. Delivery is available through third-party delivery services. Monsoon's menu features all of the restaurant's classic flavors (including their signature clay-pot catfish), along with a few surprises (like cocktails to go). 

  7. RockCreek Seafood & Spirits - 4300 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
    A relatively new addition to Seattle's ever-vibrant seafood scene, RockCreek Seafood & Spirits has quickly become a hot destination in the Fremont neighborhood. Their seafood is brilliantly fresh, expertly prepared, and globally sourced. Expect a menu packed with specialties like kona kampachi from Hawaii, striped bass from the East Coast, and crabs and mussels from right here in Washington. RockCreek is currently open for delivery Tuesday through Saturday. 

  8. Assaggio Restaurant - 2010 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
    Assaggio has been under the same ownership for more than 25 years, and it shows. They have the kind of time-honored recipes that feel as though they've existed for generations. This is authentic Italian food at its finest, with a simple yet rich menu packed with staples like lasagna with house-made noodles and penne vodka with imported pancetta. Call ahead to place an order for takeout. 

Seattle is a unique place to call home, and it's a city that still offers a wealth of opportunities. Contact us to learn more about life in Seattle, and talk to our team about finding your dream home in Washington today.


Healthy Dining Options You Can Find Near Seattle

Seattle Healthy Dining

It's that time of year again -- the time when everyone starts to think about changing their habits and getting healthier in the New Year. Luckily, there are plenty of great local restaurants that serve healthy fare. Having a go-to list will help make the transition so much easier! 

We recently asked our brokers for recommendations. Here are a few of their favorites. 

  1. Eve Freemont: 704 North 34th St., Seattle, WA 98103
    Popular restaurant Eve Freemont is committed to serving clean, wholesome food that's good for the body and the soul. They're known for their globally-inspired, locally-produced menu that features items like Bibimbap and Bison Burgers. If you're looking for a clean-eating restaurant with a hip, modern vibe and a unique variety of food options, this is it.
  2. B-Side: 421 E. Thomas St., Seattle, WA 98102
    For a healthy breakfast or lunch, you can't go wrong with B-Side. This small, quaint restaurant offers classic items like breakfast sandwiches and eclectic items like house-made pickles, rice bowls, kombucha, and 24k Beer (Ranier with spicy fermented carrot juice). They're open daily from 8 am to 2 pm and are within walking distance from some of the best Seattle homes for sale. They also have a walk-up window and accept Google Pay for extra safety and convenience.
  3. Plum Bistro: 1429 12th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
    Capitol Hill's most loved vegan restaurant since 2009, Plum Bistro, has made a major reputation for itself. Here you'll find artful, upscale dishes that even carnivores love. They serve brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as tasty drinks and desserts. We recommend trying the General Tso's Cauliflower, Buffalo Portobello Burger, or "Northwest at its Finest" -- made with herb-roasted mushrooms and black truffle sweet potato gnocchi. In addition to the Bistro, the Plum family also includes Plum Chopped, Sugar Plum, Pantry by Plum, and the Plum Truck.
  4. Mamnoon: 1508 Melrose Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
    An award-winning Middle Eastern restaurant, Mamnoon offers a modern version of traditional classics. The menu changes seasonally, giving you a steady stream of new, healthy dishes to try. We recommend the Mama Family Meal, which is $40 and has plenty of food for two people. This option allows you to choose a meat or vegetarian entree, seasonal salad, rotating side, and rich and tasty labneh. These specials change all the time and are a great way to explore their delicious menu.
  5. Harvest Beat: 1711 N. 45th St., Seattle, WA 98103
    Voted Best Vegan Restaurant in 2019 by Restaurant Guru, Harvest Beat offers healthy, vibrant food while also supporting local farmers and foragers. At this time, they've suspended in-house dining and are only offering food to go. However, the meals are still incredible! They serve lunch and dinner and items like cookies, hummus, and pickled vegetables from their market. For a truly memorable experience, try their five-course dinner menu to go. 

  6. Marination: 2000 6th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    Known as Seattle's sauciest food truck since 2009, Marination offers Hawaiian-Korean curbside cuisine. They now have multiple locations, including Marination Ma Kai in West Seattle (1660 Harbor Ave. SW), Marination 6th & Virginia, and Super Six (3714 Hudson St.). Also, keep an eye out for "Big Blue," their mobile food truck. No matter which location you visit, you'll love the delicious and flavorful menu options. This includes a huge variety of unique tacos like Miso Chicken, "Sexy Tofu," and Kalua Pork. They also offer sliders, kimchi fried rice, salads, fried foods, and lunch plates. Visit once, and we promise you'll find yourself craving it again and again.
  7. Homegrown: 999 3rd Ave., Seattle, WA 98104
    Not only do the folks at Homegrown offer delicious, healthy food, they also are on a mission to reduce their environmental impact by ensuring all of their ingredients are sustainably sourced. If you want to take good care of your body and the planet, you'll feel great about ordering from them. The seasonal menu features tasty options like carrot sweet potato soup, spicy braised tofu bowls, grass-fed steak, and blue sandwiches.

  8. Bounty Kitchen: 7 Boston St., Seattle, WA 98109
    Seattle vegan and vegetarian restaurant Bounty Kitchen is a modern neighborhood cafe offering a chef-driven menu with a focus on healthy eating. They serve brunch all day, every day, as well as salads with layers of flavor and texture, noodle bowls, grain bowls, and more. 

Is a new home on your 2021 wish list? If so, we can help! We've got lots of great listings available, so don't delay. Contact us today to get started. 


Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Winter

Winter Home Improvement

As a homeowner, you've probably heard you should set aside a minimum of 1% of your home's selling price for repairs and maintenance every year. The amount you may need generally goes up over time — and sometimes there may be extra pricey work that needs doing.

While many homes for sale are in excellent condition, the rule holds true for all houses. If you take the step of saving money for home upkeep, you can use those same funds for renovations in years without repairs.

All the major systems within your home, like the HVAC and wiring, are constantly accumulating little bits of wear and tear. They may continue to work effectively for many years without complaint, but it is important to be active in taking care of the home, so nothing will catch you by surprise! Seattle's climate means much of the minor damage your home experiences happens in the early months of the year. Rain and wind can be unexpectedly harsh. Your roof, windows, outer envelope, and even your back and front yards all play roles in keeping your home sound.

What to Do in Winter to Improve the Comfort and Longevity of Your Home

Getting out to work on your property might seem like a chore, but it can be deeply satisfying — and it's worth it when your home stands the test of time. Our brokers know that home improvement projects shouldn't stop even when the temperature drops. Here are some of the most important things to get done in the winter:

  1. Start With Basic Winterizing
    Small seasonal projects that don't require any DIY experience form the backbone of what Seattle homeowners should get done first. This includes checking and replacing weatherstripping on your windows and doors, clearing debris from your gutters so they flow smoothly, dusting and turning your ceiling fans clockwise, and closing outdoor water valves (while leaving a slow drip to prevent pipe freezes).

  2. Seal Up Cracks
    When you check on your weatherstripping, the odds are good you'll discover a crack or two. Cracks can accelerate the loss of heat, and because of the way warm air cycles through the home, this makes it more uncomfortable in both winter and summer. Caulk can deal with tough cracks. Be wary of warped windows that no longer close flush: These are best replaced as soon as possible.

  3. Add a Layer of Paint
    Indoor projects can be much more inviting in winter, and interior painting is always worth the time and effort. You can touch up walls, cabinets, and furniture, or even pick out a completely new color for the walls. When all is said and done, this adds interest that makes it easier to spend time indoors.

  4. Get a Leg Up on Gardening
    If you're an avid gardener, remember that you can start many of your seeds indoors. A grow light shelf can significantly enhance the range of plants that will flourish inside. Another way to get ahead is by building garden boxes and storing them safely in your garage or basement.

  5. Get Organized
    For many homeowners, getting organized is synonymous with donating what isn't needed — and there's no better time to do that than in the winter. Start sorting out trash, recycling, and donations early, and don't hesitate to invest in storage systems like bins, shelves, and hangers.

  6. Consider Getting "Spring Cleaning" Out of Your Way
    Once you've spent time organizing, you've got plenty of momentum. Why not go all the way and do the spring cleaning early? You're halfway there, but the hallmark of a true spring clean is to deep clean carpets and upholstery. Clean the tub and tile, windows, and oven, and you're done!

  7. Insulate the Attic
    Attic insulation is often "out of sight, out of mind" for homeowners, but it has a crucial function. Insulation gradually degrades over time, especially as a result of moisture intrusion. Accelerated heat loss means your furnace will work much harder to keep your family comfortable, and that's reflected in your energy bill throughout the season. Replacing insulation stops the problem at the source.

  8. Get Your Heater Maintained
    Speaking of heat — whether you have a standalone furnace or an integrated HVAC system, getting it looked at once yearly is vital. A quick check-up will zero in on any fire hazards and ensure you don't lose heating when you need it most. At a minimum, be sure to change your filters, which usually need replacement every three months. Separately, check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries.

To learn more, contact us at Coldwell Banker Bain today.


Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Seattle Interior Design Trends

The year is coming to an end, but for many homeowners, there is no end in sight to the amount of time they'll be spending indoors. The extraordinary increase in work from home and learn from home have turned the house into an office, a school, and a social space for entertaining. As we move into 2021, our brokers understand that a change of scenery might be necessary. Here are a few burgeoning interior design trends for you to consider in 2021.

  1. Warm Color Schemes
    So much time spent indoors has made us all look a little too long at our walls. While some colors like blues seemed bright, some homeowners discovered that these cooler colors are invoking the blues. A change of paint is in order for 2021, with homeowners adopting warmer or neutral colors to create a more inviting space. Colors that stimulate the mind, such as blues, greens, and yellows, may be used only in workspaces like offices.

  2. Low-Cost Chic
    The "chic" style is quite diverse, and it's headed to a home near you. Some will opt for a Shabby Chic or French County Chic style that mixes vintage or antique furniture with contemporary pieces to create an elegant space. Homeowners will be scouring garage sales and flea markets into the New Year to find live-in pieces that are worn with refinement.

  3. Timeless Traditional Style
    There's a reason classic traditionalism is both "classic" and "traditional." It's such a timeless look that it's easy to integrate into any space. More importantly, it's an effective way to try something new without going all-in on a more eccentric décor style, such as the chic or ultra-modern design. The symmetry and harmony that a classic traditional style brings to a room also creates a feeling of order and control to a space.

  4. Sustainable Modern Pieces
    Although home renovation budgets are tighter than ever for some homeowners, many are still committed to sustainable living. 2021 will continue to see sustainable designs with a modern touch. Whether utilizing recycled and repurposed materials or adopting the latest bioplastics, an interior designer will seek to incorporate materials with a low impact on the environment.

  5. Global Inspiration
    Wanderlust is higher than ever, which means we shouldn't be surprised to see a global influence in many interior designs. Natural materials like woods, glass, and stone will come together with earthy, neutral tones to make the space feel more at one with nature. Some homeowners may also integrate regional décor, such as those inspired by wildlife or global cultures.

  6. Industrial Interior Style
    With so many homeowners utilizing their spaces for work and school, the industrial style is becoming increasingly popular. This style prioritizes multipurpose and open spaces through both form and function. Clean, crisp lines define the parameters of the space with multi-use furniture like dining room tables that double as workspaces filling the area.

  7. Modern Rustic Styles
    The rustic style is quite popular in many regions, and we should expect to see this style given a modern touch in 2021. These homey interiors are warm and welcoming for guests and owners alike. Redesigned classical pieces or redefined "traditional" pieces give these spaces a blend of old and new for the homeowner who seeks a style that screams "today."

  8. Creative Storage Spaces
    Chances are high that most homeowners either have too much stuff or not enough space. As we roll into 2021, some homeowners will carry over the minimalist trends from the last two years, but others will instead seek to maximize storage opportunities. Installing shelving or refashioning closet spaces to organize items more efficiently can instantly enhance storage.

  9. Wallpapered Ceilings
    If you're surprised that wallpaper has made a comeback over the years, then you'll be even more so knowing the wallpapering the ceiling is shaping up to be a hot 2021 trend. Though it sounds strange, it actually adds dimension to the room and challenges the design status quo by mixing patterns. It also allows homeowners to inject a little character into their spaces without it dominating all four walls.

  10. Indoor/Outdoor Living
    One interior design trend that bleeds into the exterior, homeowners are opting to maximize their indoor/outdoor living spaces. Using furniture and furnishings typically staged for interiors, homeowners are creating multi-use spaces on their patios and balconies that are comfortable, convenient, and ready for diverse usage.

Do you envision a brand-new home in 2021? Let us help you with your search. Contact us today to schedule a showing of our latest Seattle homes for sale.


Pick the Perfect Tree From These Christmas Tree Farms Near Seattle

'Tis the season that the Pacific Northwest turns into a winter wonderland, and our brokers love every minute of it! One of our favorite activities throughout December is to throw on our favorite holiday sweater, grab a thermos of hot cocoa, and take a stroll through a Christmas tree farm. Whether you're searching for the perfect tree for your home or if you love surrounding yourself in Washington's wonderful outdoors, we suggest you stop by these Christmas tree farms near Seattle this winter.

  1. McMurtrey's Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm — 13925 Woodinville-Redmond Rd. NE, Redmond, WA 98052
    For nearly 50 years, the McMurtrey family has invited families to make special memories at their Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm. Serving up complimentary cider, hot chocolate, and candy canes, their farm is the perfect place to shop for local, fresh-cut Christmas trees. After you see some of our Redmond homes for sale, you can bring your children and even the dog for a few family photos in McMurtrey's winter wonderland. With small tabletop trees and large 15-footers that can be delivered to your door, McMurtrey's Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm will provide the perfect tree alongside picture-perfect memories.

  2. Olalla Valley Farms — 3655 34th Ave. W, Seattle, WA 98199
    Specializing in Nobel Firs, Olalla Valley Farms is a quaint Christmas tree lot located in the Magnolia neighborhood. Over the last 20 years, they've paired their Natural Noble Firs with Douglas Firs and Nordmann Fir trees to offer some of the most premium-quality trees near the city. A quick ride around the corner from our Seattle homes for sale, a visit to Olalla Valley Farms is one of the easiest ways to pick out and pick up your Christmas tree on a busy schedule.

  3. Seattle Christmas Tree — 3839 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
    Whether picking out your Christmas tree is the first or final step in your holiday decorating plans, Seattle Christmas Tree wants you to know that they're ready to make your holiday traditions memorable. Their Noble Firs are among the highest-quality trees in the Pacific Northwest, each of them fresh-cut, super full, and perfectly shaped for any size space. Seattle Christmas Tree also sells tree stands and tree lights, so you can conveniently find everything you need in one quick stop. Best of all, they offer free delivery within three miles so you can pick out your tree without ever leaving your cozy living room.

  4. Andy Smith Christmas Trees — 210 NW 101st & Holman Rd. NW, Seattle, WA 98177
    Pay a visit to Andy Smith Christmas Trees and walk out with the perfect fresh-cut tree for your home. Their knowledgeable staff will give you advice on how to keep your tree healthy throughout the season and how to ensure that your tree doesn't create any safety hazards for your family. Make the holidays a little more romantic around the house by grabbing some of Andy Smith's fresh mistletoe as well.
  5. Buttonwood Farm — 14500 NE 116th St., Redmond, WA 98052
    Buttonwood Farm is one of the few Christmas tree farms in the area to sell certified organic trees. No pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals are ever used, so you can rest assured that your tree is safe for everyone in your family to admire, pets included! This year, they're opening up their farm by appointment only, so make sure to schedule a visit around your Redmond homes for sale viewings.

  6. MJW Christmas Trees — 12120 NE 85th St., Kirkland, WA 98033
    If you're looking for a tree for your business or your home, MJW Christmas Trees has you covered. Their lot is near many of our best Kirkland homes for sale, but you can also shop their selection of trees, stans, wreaths, treatments, and disposal bags on their website. MJW's delivery service also includes an in-home tree set up featuring placement, pruning, watering, and clean up. As an added bonus, MJW also offers a tree removal service, making holiday clean-up a breeze and ensuring that your tree is recycled into garden mulch.

Now that you've found the perfect tree, it's time to find the perfect house to display it in. We would love to help you with your search! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


How to Take Care of Indoor Plants in the Winter

Indoor Plants

There are so many benefits that come with keeping live plants in your home. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also improve your indoor air quality and make you feel good. Studies have shown that caring for plants can contribute to your overall well-being and reduce stress. 

If your plants live indoors, you might not think much about the change of season. However, even indoor plants need different care in the wintertime. We've asked a few of our brokers with green thumbs for their recommendations. Follow these tips, and you'll have happy plants all season long! 

  1. Let There Be Light
    Wintertime means shorter days, and the lack of light can impact both plants and people. Your plants are naturally going to receive less sun, and when the sun does come in, it comes at a lower angle. You'll want to make sure you put your plants in a spot where they'll get enough light to keep them happy and healthy. This may mean moving them from their current locations or even adding a grow-light. If you can, put them near a west or south-facing window where it's sunny most of the day. Make sure the windows are clean on the inside and outside so light can get through. You'll also want to carefully dust your plant's leaves, as dust can make it harder for them to absorb light. Each time you water, rotate your plants a little bit. This way, they'll grow evenly. 
  1. Keep it Humid
    Lack of humidity is a common problem plant-parents face during the winter months. Turning the heat on in your home can drop humidity levels to 10 to 20 percent, while most plants prefer levels around 50%. To combat this, start by clustering your plants together in groups. The water that they release from their leaves will create a natural humidity. If this doesn't do the trick, consider adding a humidifier or placing your plants on a tray with water and stones (make sure the pots are not sitting in the water). You can also mist your plants, but unless you do it multiple times a day, this may not be sufficient. Depending on the temperature and light conditions, you may want to consider moving your plants into the bathroom or kitchen, where they'll get extra humidity from the shower and/or from boiling water.
  1. Adjust Your Watering Schedule
    Although the air is drier in the winter, your indoor plants don't need more water! Many plants go dormant during the winter season, and over-watering can lead to deadly root rot. Be careful not to water every time the soil on the surface looks dry. Instead, poke your finger an inch or two below the surface and only water when the deeper levels feel dry. It is important, however, to make sure that you don't wait until the leaves start to droop or fall off. It's a great idea to read up on each plant's specific watering needs and adjust accordingly.
  1. Watch the Temperature
    Most indoor houseplants prefer daytime temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees and nighttime lows above 50 degrees. To make sure your plants stay happy and healthy, you'll want to keep them far enough away from windows where they could experience cold drafts and from heat sources like ovens, fireplaces, or radiators. If you move your plants, try to do it slowly. Sudden fluctuations in temperature can be just as bad for your plants as prolonged periods of extreme cold or heat. 
  1. Put Them on a Diet
    Just like people, plants need to rest sometimes. Most types of houseplants go dormant in the winter, so fertilizing them will upset their natural cycle. When the spring comes, you'll notice your plants starting to perk up and create new growth. When this happens, you can give them a dose of fertilizer, which will give them a boost for the new growing season. 
  1. Beware of Pests
    Last but certainly not least, keep an eye out for pests like mealybugs, spider mites, and fungus gnats. Indoor winter conditions, including low light, turning on your heaters, and using a humidifier, all increase the chances that your plants might become home to unwelcome guests. 

Do you want to be in your dream home before winter is over? We're sure the perfect property is out there waiting for you! Contact us today to start exploring some of the best Seattle homes for sale!


National Espresso Day: Coffee Shops in Seattle

Coffee Shops Seattle

Does your day not truly begin before your first cup of coffee? When you live in the Seattle area, that's no problem! With National Espresso Day around the corner, now is a great time to find out all that your local coffee shops have to offer. Our brokers have the details on 8 of the best coffee shops around Seattle, where you can find your favorite hot drinks and so much more.

  1. Dubsea Coffee – 9910 8th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98106

    Searching for a neighborhood coffee shop close to Seattle homes for sale? Try Dubsea Coffee, where you'll find a warm, welcoming atmosphere at a shop that strives to make every visitor feel like a part of the neighborhood. Dubsea Coffee offers a delicious lineup of coffee, tea, espresso, and so much more. There's also a great selection of food available, brought in from some of your favorite local dining spots. 

  2. Union Coffee – 2407 E Union St. Suite B, Seattle, WA 98122

    Whether you're in the mood for a unique coffee creation or something simple and familiar, the team at Union Coffee has you covered. Enjoy a fresh lineup of new drinks for every season, along with specialty coffees that are always on the menu. There are plenty of espresso varieties available and a great selection of tea when you're in the mood for something different. You'll also find plenty of delightful homemade pastries and other treats to pair with your coffee.

  3. Seattle Sunshine Coffee – 5508 35th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105

    If you're looking for a coffee shop specializing in all things espresso, then Seattle Sunshine Coffee should be near the top of the list. The team at Seattle Sunshine Coffee is made up of espresso experts who know exactly how to create your favorite hot drinks. There's also a full lineup of tasty sandwiches, along with sweet treats from some of your favorite local bakeries.

  4. Slate Coffee Roasters – 602 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98104

    Interested in brewing your own espresso and coffee creations at home? Then be sure to check out the selection at Slate Coffee Roasters, which brings flavors from around the world directly to your door. Slate Coffee Roasters sells coffee beans, brewing equipment, and so much more, with subscription options available so that you'll always have something new to try.

  5. Elm Coffee Roasters – 240 2nd Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98104

    With two cafes in Seattle and delivery options available anywhere in the city, you can always find fresh espresso at Elm Coffee Roasters. You can order a wide variety of coffee-related products online from Elm Coffee Roasters, including brewing equipment and coffee from around the world. Or you can stop by the shop for an expertly crafted drink from a team that truly knows and loves their coffee.

  6. Caffe Vita Roasting Co. – 1005 E Pike St., Seattle, WA 98122

    In the mood for cold brew? Caffe Vita Roasting Co. has you covered, with boxed cold brew on tap that you can enjoy anytime from the comfort of home. Caffe Vita has 8 coffee shops located throughout the Seattle area, making it easy to find an espresso anywhere in the city. Or you can order from the online shop, where you'll find professional-quality brewing equipment along with an extensive collection of coffee and tea.

  7. Third Culture Coffee – 80 102nd Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

    When you're craving coffee close to Bellevue homes for sale, make the quick trip to Third Culture Coffee. With a full lineup of ethically sourced coffees, delicious teas, and coffee-infused cocktails, Third Culture Coffee has the right drink for every occasion. Third Culture's flagship location in Bellevue is filled with locally created art and a friendly staff that loves to serve your favorite drinks.

  8. Mercurys Coffee Co. – 8506 122nd Ave. NE, Kirkland, WA 98033

    Mercurys Coffee Co. is located near Kirkland homes for sale, with convenient online ordering so that your coffee is always waiting for you when you arrive at the shop. All of the coffee sold at Mercurys is 100 percent organic, and Mercurys locations have won "Best in Western Washington" awards year after year. 

Living in the Seattle area means that you're never far from your next great cup of coffee, and our team is here to help you find the perfect home. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Seattle, WA area.


Staging Your Home During the Holiday Season

Holiday Season Home Staging

Staging your home is as important as ever when it comes to homes for sale. Staging has a valuable role to play in traditional showings and virtual ones.

A well-staged property has the potential to sell faster and claim a higher closing price. Our brokers use staging as part of our commitment to get our clients great results.

One of the most valuable aspects of staging is that it allows potential buyers to imagine their own future life in the home. Creating the right mood means striking a balance: As the seller, you can't be in the way, but the home must still look welcoming – that is, as if someone lives there.

Never is that balance more vital (or trickier) than during the holiday season.

The Best Ways to Stage Your Home for Selling During the Holidays

Opinions and backgrounds differ, of course, but most people have strong positive feelings around the holiday season. It's a wonderful time to come together in a spirit of giving and joy. With the right approach, you can harness that positivity within your own staged home.

But what's the best way to do it without going overboard?

These proven home staging techniques can help:

  1. Always Start with Cleaning
    No matter what, cleaning is always step one for staging a home. That should include decluttering floors, emptying closets at least halfway, and doing a deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery. That ensures better indoor air and prevents pet odors or allergens from bothering your visiting buyers.
  2. Maximize Your Curb Appeal
    Curb appeal sets expectations for the rest of the home. Make sure the lawn is cut and free of debris as you would in all seasons. Consider emphasizing the pathway up to the door using decorative shrubs, paving stones, or – yes – just a hint of simple lights outlining the way.
  3. Make Your Front Door Welcoming
    Your door is the true beginning of the buyer's journey, so make it count. This is the perfect place for a nice, fresh wreath – go with live plants over plastic – or a decorative bow. A welcome mat is also key, but choose something appropriate for all seasons.
  4. Consider the Temperature
    Think seriously about the time of day and climate as you're getting your home ready. There's nothing quite as comforting as a warm home on a cold day. If you have one, set the fireplace. Warm refreshments, such as holiday cider, can also create an enjoyable atmosphere that reflects well on your home.
  5. Create a Festive Atmosphere
    When it comes to decorations, less may be more – but that doesn't have to mean none! Subtle touches like a tasteful wreath or a bowl of pinecones are always nice to see. And now is the time for one of the most beloved staging tools of all: Fresh holiday cookies baking in the oven.
  6. Match Decorations to Current Décor
    Tinsel, icicles, and tasteful holiday balls are all fair game for decorating a home that's on the market. To maximize flair, be sure the decorations you select either closely match or gently complement your existing décor. If in doubt, always aim to create a soothing environment to "come in from the cold."
  7. Draw the Eye with Strategic Touches
    It's a wise idea to pare down the trimmings before buyers arrive. That heightens the visual impact of what's left and allows you to use elements in more creative ways. For example, a spring of mistletoe might draw the eye to a beautiful arched doorway, or a small display could accentuate the views of a bay window.
  8. Break Out the Simple String Lighting
    Light displays are an iconic part of the holidays, but they can be distracting when buyers are touring a home. Simple string lighting is a good compromise: It provides a little light and serves the same function as tinsel in outlining the things you'd like buyers to take a good look at.
  9. Show Off Your Tree
    Worried about the tree? It can make a terrific impression if it meshes with the space it's in. Be wary of broad-based trees that can take up too much floor space and make the room seem smaller. Decorate tastefully with simple glass ornaments and lights, and keep the present pile discreet.

Spring and summer make up the traditional "high season" for real estate. But just because the weather is cold, it doesn't mean the market can't be hot! Contact us to find out more today.


Plan Your Visit to Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo

Lions, tigers, and bears — oh my! Seattle is home to those species and so many more, thanks to the Woodland Park Zoo. Located in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, the zoo is committed to teaching guests the importance of conservation.

Woodland Park Zoo — 5500 Phinney Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103

History of Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is a beloved Seattle site, a destination that locals and visitors alike cherish. Our brokers included! After over a century of providing men, women, and children of all ages with an educational and immersive wildlife experience, it's hard to believe that once upon a time, this green space was once just a simple park along Seattle's Greenlake. Developed into a traditional English garden in the late 1800s by Englishman Guy Phinney, a large house, rose garden, pump house, and deer park once called this space home.

Seattle's first zoo was housed in at Leschi Park and owned by the Lake Washington Cable Railway. After Phinney's death, the City of Seattle purchased Woodland Park, and the animals were donated as the zoo's first residents when it was founded in 1899. The park was then divided into "Lower" and "Upper" Woodland Park after the construction of Aurora Avenue. It wasn't until 1967 that the first zones of the children's zoo were opened. Since then, Woodland Park Zoo has continued to grow, making room for countless new animals and educational and interactive opportunities!

Woodland Park Zoo Exhibits

So what can you and your family expect during your visit to the Woodland Park Zoo? The real question is, how can you experience everything in just a single day? With more than 1,100 animals from over 300 diverse species, the zoo features 92-acres of diverse natural habitats. Explore these amazing areas and discover the wonders of the animal world right in Seattle's backyard. Exhibits include:

  • African Savanna: Journey into the African Savanna for a view of lion, giraffe, hippos, zebras, ostrich, and monkeys.

  • Ambassador Animals: Meet the stars of the show — the Woodland Park Zoo ambassadors. Mammals, birds, and reptiles are ready to make your acquaintance.

  • Assam Rhino Reserve: One of the most popular exhibits, the Assam Rhino Reserve, also features the Asian Brown Tortoise and Demoiselle Crane to keep the one-horned rhino company.

  • Australasia: Enjoy a bird feeding experience at the Willawong Station after you spot snow leopards, emu, kookaburra, and wallaby.

  • Molbak's Butterfly Garden: Opening up again for the Spring season, Molbak's Butterfly Garden lets over 500 butterflies take flight. The Microsoft Pollinator Patio is open year-round.

  • Humboldt Penguin Exhibit: Don't let the name fool you, this penguin exhibit features Humboldt Penguins native to Chile and Peru.

  • Northern Trail: Hike into the chilly Northern Trail to the Taiga Viewing Shelter and Tundra Center to feast your eyes on Steller's sea eagles, snowy owls, bears, wolf, and elk.

  • Temperate Forest: Venture into the temperate forests, the same types of forests found in our region.

  • Trail of Adaptations: Watch unique nocturnal animals like sloth, meerkat, and Komodo dragons frolic around at night.

  • Tropical Asia: The Trail of Vines and Banyan Wilds showcase Asia's tropical locals like tigers, bears, pigs, otters, and orangutan.

  • Tropical Rainforest: Featuring an Outdoor Tropical Rainforest and Indoor Tropical Rainforest, this area is home to Jaguar Cove. Animals like lemur, gorillas, anacondas, monkeys, ocelots, and tarantulas are waiting to welcome you.  

Whether you're a long-time fan of the Woodland Park Zoo or this is your first visit, your family will love spending a day learning about wildlife from around the world.

The zoo has been welcoming back guests and has made several changes due to COVID-19. Plan your visit and learn about their latest policies on their website. 

If you're looking at Seattle homes for sale, you'll be excited to discover that the Woodland Park Zoo has a great relationship with its surrounding community. Contact us today to tour homes in this neighborhood!


National Seafood Month: Where to Get Fresh Seafood in Seattle

Seafood in Seattle

What could be better than a day dedicated to enjoying all of your favorite seafood? National Seafood Month, of course! Whether you want to cook your own feast or enjoy a prepared meal with some of the best seafood in the world, you won't find a better city than Seattle to satisfy your seafood cravings. Our brokers are ready to dig into National Seafood Month, and we've got all the details on how to connect with Seattle's legendary seafood scene.

  1. Mutual Fish Company – 2335 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98144

    Serving the region since 1947, Mutual Fish Company is your one-stop-shop for fresh seafood of all kinds close to Seattle homes for sale. Mutual Fish Company has been owned and operated by the same family for three generations, with a commitment to quality that you can taste in every bite. They offer fresh-caught fish from across North America, a large selection of live seafood including fresh lobster, and a full line of Asian groceries at the fish market, perfect for adding new flavors to your next meal.

  2. Seattle Fish Company – 4435 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116

    When you're looking for the catch of the day, Seattle Fish Company has you covered with pickup, delivery, and dine-in service by the grill. No matter what you need for celebrating National Seafood Month, you can find it at Seattle Fish Company. There are specials on fresh seafood every day, with delivery available within the city and beyond. The Seattle Fish Company Grill is open every day for dine-in and takeout, with a mouth-watering selection of freshly prepared meals. Be sure to check out the daily soup specials, which include a smoked salmon chowder that you won't want to miss.

  3. Pike Place Fish Company – 86 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101

    Located in the historic Pike Place Market, Pike Place Fish Company has been serving up fresh seafood for more than 90 years. If you're looking to pick up everything you need for your seafood celebration in one place, then you can't top the selection at Pike Place Market. You can order from Pike Place Fish Company for pickup, including a drive-thru, contactless pickup option, or have your food delivered anywhere in Seattle. 

  4. Pure Food Fish Market – 1511 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101

    Looking for variety when you shop for seafood, all in one location? Pike Place Market is home to multiple fantastic seafood spots that you can visit in one convenient trip, including Pure Food Fish Market. This market specializes in salmon, halibut, crab, and shellfish and features other fresh catches from around the world. You can also find some great recipes at Pure Food Fish Market, along with all of the ingredients you'll need to make your favorite dishes.

  5. Jack's Fish Spot – 1514 Pike Place, Seattle, WA 98101

    While you're at the market, stop at Jack's Fish Spot to enjoy great dine-in service in a classic seafood setting, or pick up something fresh to take home for your culinary creations. If you're looking for a little help in cooking your seafood, this is a great place to visit. The team at Jack's Fish Spot is happy to tell you how they create their own meals with detailed recipes or provide general advice for which types of flavors work best with your favorite types of seafood.

  6. East Anchor Seafood – 1126 34th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

    Open every day with fresh seafood arriving each morning, East Anchor Seafood is sure to have what you need to celebrate National Seafood Month in style. This shop offers a selection of specialty groceries, perfect for bringing the best out of your fresh seafood. You can also enjoy a glass of wine, sample local craft beers, and pick up freshly prepared seafood from the chefs at East Anchor Seafood.

  7. Taylor Shellfish Farms – 1521 Melrose Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

    With more than a century of experience and multiple locations throughout the Seattle area, you can always count on Taylor Shellfish Farms for world-class shellfish close to home. The Melrose location offers delivery, curbside pickup, and dine-in service with limited capacity. They specialize in shellfish – especially fresh oysters. You can also shop online and have fresh seafood delivered directly to your door.

Searching for a home that allows you to enjoy fresh Seattle seafood anytime? We can help. Contact us to buy and sell homes in the Seattle, WA area.


Local Glass Blowing Studios in Seattle

Seattle Glass Blowing Art Studios

Seattle is a city that's bustling with a unique creativity that's seen in everything from our architecture and art to our food and literature. So many Seattleites unlock their artistic passions when they discover a new hobby that acts as a perfect outlet for their creativity. If you're searching for a new pastime, our brokers encourage you to give glass blowing a try at one of these local glass blowing studios in the Seattle.

  1. Seattle Glassblowing Studio – 2227 5th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    The Seattle Glassblowing Studio is an interactive art gallery where locals and visitors can learn about the glassblowing process, purchase custom made pieces, and even learn how to create their own glasswork. They've recently reopened their classes with limited enrollment to ensure maximum safety. Some lessons can be completed in as little as 15 minutes by glassblowers as young as five years old while other classes and private lessons can take one to three hours and are designed for adults and children aged 11 or older. 

  2. Glasshouse-Studio – 311 Occidental Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98104
    was founded at the beginning of the northwest glass movement in the early 1970s. As the oldest glassblowing studio in the entire northwest, Glasshouse-Studio is the ultimate destination for those who absolutely love the art of glassblowing. We encourage you to tour their fascinating studio, speak with their talented artists, and view a live glassblowing demonstration before taking a piece home.

  3. Pratt Fine Arts Center – 1902 S. Main St., Seattle, WA 98144
    The Pratt Fine Arts Center is one of the best places in the Emerald City to unleash your love of all things art. Among their other offerings, Pratt facilitates interesting classes ranging from introductory workshops for new beginners to Master Artist classes for the trained artist. Glassblowing, glass casting, flameworking, cold working, bead making, kiln glass, and glass fusing classes are all available for adults over 18 or children 16 and over with exceptions. You can take a 3D tour of Pratt's studio on their website to learn about the equipment used and discover what possibilities await your first lesson.

  4. MoltenWorks – 12602 NE 178th St., Suite A, Woodinville, WA 98072
    If you're looking to get out of the city, take a quick trip up to MoltenWorks in Woodinville. Their two studios are now accepting registration for their glass blowing classes. Open studio sessions, Sip 'N Fuse classes, Ornament Workshops, and other workshops are designed for adults while they also have special kids classes for ages seven and above. If you don't feel comfortable attending classes in person, you can pick up one of their at-home glass kits.

  5. Blowing Sands Glass Studio – 5805 14th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107
    Although their glass blowing lessons are currently on hold due to the coronavirus, the pandemic hasn't stopped Blowing Sands Glass Studio from creating masterpieces. Staples of the Ballard Arts Community, Blowing Sands specializes in unique décor including custom lighting fixtures and other pieces designed on commission. Glassblower David Smith brings his quarter-century of experience to every piece, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art that looks wonderful wherever it finds a home. Their gallery is currently closed, but you can shop Blowing Sands' creations online and arrange convenient curbside pickup.

  6. Avalon Glassworks – 2914 SW Avalon Way, Seattle, WA 98126
    A favorite spot for shopping in Luna Park, Avalon Glassworks has been making and selling their own gifts and décor since the early 1990s. Their selection of artwork is inspired by the Northwest landscape, creating unique pieces that encompass the region's natural beauty. If you would prefer to learn more about the glass blowing process without actually getting a hands-on lesson, a stop at Avalon Glassworks will yield enlightening conversations with their creators. Located next to The Spot coffee shop, a stroll through Avalon Glassworks is a must when visiting Luna Park. You can also browse their selection of glassworks on their website.

Would you love a new home to display your glass blowing creations in? Contact us today to tour our spacious Seattle homes for sale.


Where to Find Food Trucks in Seattle

Seattle Food Trucks

It's no secret that Seattle is a haven for phenomenal food trucks, but with so many wonderful options, you may be wondering where exactly the best mobile meal stations are parked around the city. Never fear, our brokers are here to help you track down some of the tastiest grub in the Emerald City. We've gathered a top five list of food trucks commonly found in neighborhoods like Central District, Belltown, and Capitol Hill. From barbeque and burgers to poke and hot dogs, here are a few of our favorite food trucks that you should check out around Seattle.

  1. Wood Shop BBQ – BBQ
    Bringing an interesting take on Kansas City and Central Texas barbeque to the Pacific Northwest, Wood Shop BBQ has made a name for themselves as Seattle's best BBQ. Brisket, smoked chicken, pulled pork, and pork spare ribs are available to order by the pound. You could also enjoy their brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, and portobello machaca on a toasted brioche bun with pickles and buttermilk slaw on the side. We prefer to savor their juicy meats by diving into one of their amazing Mac & Cheese bowls. 

  2. Sam Choy's Poke To The Max – Hawaiian
    Although Seattle is closer to Hawaii than many other American cities, you don't need to hop a plane to taste amazing Hawaiian food. Sam Choy's Poke To The Max is ready to bring their Hawaiian grinds to your curb! Award-winning chef Sam Choy, known as the God Father of Poke, has taken his creation out of the restaurant and into the streets with his Poke To The Max food truck. Poke can be seared or served fresh in a rice plate, in a salad, or in a wrap. If you're not digging poke, you can order other salads, wraps, and sandwiches with chicken, pork, or beef.

  3. Macho Burgers – Burgers
    If you're looking for a great burger, head down to Macho Burgers. Served with Cascioppo Brothers Meats, you can get everything from a Classic Bacon and Cheese to their Macho-Macho Burger stacked with bacon, cheese, peppers, lettuce, onions, and their special sauce. Cod Burgers and Fish & Chips are available if you don't fancy beef, and there is also a Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burger with salsa, mushrooms, and cheese. Gluten-free buns are also available, and with the option to nix the bacon and cheese on the Mushroom Bacon Swiss Burger, Macho Burgers can accommodate many dietary preferences. If you love their South of the Border Burger, then you've got to find their sister food truck Macho Tex Mex Enchiladas – their enchiladas, bowls, and taco salads are fantastic!

  4. Big Dog's – Hot Dogs
    Hot dogs are quintessential street food and even though plenty of carts know how to grill a sausage, only Big Dog's is Washington's #1 Hot Dog Food Truck! Voted the best hot dog and food truck in King 5's Evening Magazine, Big Dog's invites you to go Beef Mode with their 100% all-beef ¼-pound dogs served on a steamed stadium roll. Run a Blitz with cheddar cheese sauce, chopped onions, BBQ sauce, and crushed potato chips or call upon the Sea-Dog filled with roasted garlic, chili aioli, jalapenos, and crumbled bacon. 

  5. Mo Pockets – Chinese
    Fans of noodles and potstickers should head down to Bellevue for amazing Chinese street food served up by Mo Pockets. This exceptional food truck has cold spicy or sesame noodle bowls, as well as their signature Mo Pockets filled with pork, beef, chicken, or veggies. Potstickers and popcorn chicken make great sides but it's the house-brewed fresh milk tea that really hits the spot.

Are you searching for a home in one of Seattle's most desirable neighborhoods? Contact us today to browse Seattle homes for sale in Bellevue, Capitol Hill, Eastlake, Fremont, Queen Anne, SoDo, and more!


All About the Seattle Japanese Garden

Seattle Japanese Garden

Get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful sites at the reopened Seattle Japanese Garden. This serene space located in Washington Park is the perfect place to relax your body, calm your mind, and let your soul absorb the beauty, wonder, and peacefulness that this park projects. Whether the Seattle Japanese Garden is one of your favorite spots in the Emerald City or if you've only heard about it but have never been, our brokers believe that now is a great time to support this city landmark.

60th Anniversary of the Seattle Japanese Garden

One reason you should visit the Seattle Japanese Garden is that it just celebrated its 60th anniversary on June 5th. Opened in 1960, the Seattle Japanese Garden is recognized as one of the best Japanese-style gardens on the continent. This charming garden features elements of Japan's many diverse landscapes. This special occasion is known as "kanreki", which marks a rebirth or return to childhood. Throughout the year, the Seattle Japanese Garden will commemorate this anniversary with special activities.

The Seattle Japanese Garden is Reopen for Visitors

Seattle Japanese Garden – 1075 Lake Washington Blvd. E., Seattle, WA 98112

  • Hours
    Tuesday – Sunday 10 AM-7 PM during August
    Tuesday – Sunday 10 AM-6 PM during September

  • Admission
    $8, Adults 18-64 
    $4, Ages 6-17, 65+, and College Students
    Free, Ages 0-5

After closing in accordance with local guidelines regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, the Seattle Japanese Garden happily welcomed back its first visitors on July 14th. The Seattle Japanese Garden has made a few temporary changes to ensure the safety of visitors and staff alike.

  • The Seattle Japanese Garden has implemented a new timed ticketing system that requires visitors to purchase their tickets in advance online. These tickets will be purchased for a specific timeslot and cannot be changed or refunded.  

  • Face coverings are required for all guests ages 5 and above.

  • Paths throughout the garden will now be one-way only.

  • Many areas and pathways will be closed until further notice, including the Tateuchi Community Room, the azumaya, various bridges, various platforms, and the Shoseian Teahouse.

  • Tours and tea ceremonies are not offered at this time.

  • You cannot bring in your own food or beverages, with the exception of your own drinking water as water fountains within the Seattle Japanese Garden are closed.

  • Your group size cannot exceed five individuals, including children.

Planning Your Visit to the Seattle Japanese Garden

Although these temporary changes may place limitations on how visitors can engage with the Seattle Japanese Garden, you can still have a wonderful experience even if it's your first visit. 

How to plan your visit:

  • Plan your visit well in advance to ensure that you can secure a ticket for the day you desire.

  • Research the history of the Japanese-style garden and learn about the importance of the Seattle Japanese Garden.

  • Be sure to eat a meal prior to your arrival and consider bringing a bottle of water for each person in your group.

  • When you arrive, grab a brochure at the entrance so your group can complete a self-guided tour of the grounds.

  • Follow all guidelines including wearing your mask at all times and progressing through the garden according to the marked paths.

  • Most importantly, make sure to take a moment to sit and admire the beauty of each varied landscape of Japan certain areas represent.

Types of Plants at the Seattle Japanese Garden

Japan is a country with diverse geography, containing varied landscapes including mountains, islands, the sea, rivers, lakes, forests, and waterfalls. As you stroll the Seattle Japanese Garden, you'll encounter these unique regions of Japan and view some of the flora and fauna that call this country home. Some of the gorgeous species you'll find throughout the Garden include:

  • Japanese forest grass
  • Chinese silver grass
  • Bamboos
  • Miscanthus
  • Cherry trees
  • Japanese spicebush
  • Western red cedar
  • Arnold azalea
  • Osmanthus
  • Japanese camellias
  • Hinoki
  • Water lilies
  • Japanese iris
  • Corylopsis
  • Lily of the Valley shrub
  • Cryptomeria japonica
  • Koto no Ito

The Seattle Japanese Garden is one of our favorite spots in the city. Recently reopened, we encourage you to visit this tranquil park before the summer ends. If you're interested in browsing Seattle homes for sale while you're in the area, feel free to contact us to schedule a tour.


Take a Stroll in the Salmon Bay Wildlife Corridor

Salmon Bay

Living in Seattle means that you're never far from natural beauty, and the Salmon Bay Wildlife Corridor is one example of why that's the case. The corridor is located within the city but has been preserved so that visiting feels like a trip to the wilderness. It's a place where you can see nature, discover local wildlife, and watch the great migration of salmon in action throughout the year. Ready to start exploring? Our brokers have you covered, with our guide to the sights you'll see and the activities that you can enjoy along the scenic Salmon Bay Wildlife Corridor.

  • An Urban Wildlife Corridor in Seattle
    The Salmon Bay Wildlife Corridor is conveniently located close to Seattle homes for sale, running along Seaview Avenue by the water. Salmon Bay itself is located on the edge of the Puget Sound, just past the Ballard Locks and the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks Visitor Center. It's an estuary on the boundary where freshwater meets saltwater, which is a recipe for a bustling area of wildlife, activity, and natural beauty. 

  • How Salmon Bay Got Its Name
    As you likely have guessed, Salmon Bay received its name because you will often find a diverse selection of salmon navigating the waters. What you may not know is that Salmon Bay is a key point on the migration path of many types of salmon, from the endangered chinook to the ubiquitous sock-eye. You can also find rare species like the steelhead and the coho. The migration happens from March through October, so there will be ample opportunities to spot your favorite fish throughout the year.

  • A Haven for All Types of Wildlife
    While the salmon is a key attraction for visitors interested in spotting wildlife, the abundance of fish also attract many of the other types of birds and animals native to the area. When you visit, you might find a bald eagle perched majestically along the waterway, or a spectacular blue heron swooping down to catch a meal from the water. There are even sea lions along Salmon Bay, and you can often find them feasting on fish during the migration seasons. Whether you're interested in watching birds, spotting fish, or observing local ecosystems in action, there's so much to see on the Salmon Bay Wildlife Corridor.

  • Start Your Journey at Discovery Park
    The Salmon Bay Wildlife Corridor runs from the Environmental Learning Center at Discovery Park to Golden Gardens Park along the Sound. The Environmental Learning Center is the perfect place to start your journey, with information on the Wildlife Corridor, the species that you'll see, and the extensive efforts made to preserve the area. You can explore some of the miles of trails located within Discovery Park, or head straight to the Wildlife Corridor for the main attraction. Along the way, you'll find signs telling you about the ecosystems and wildlife you will encounter.

  • Watch Salmon Climb the Fish Ladder at the Ballard Locks
    If you're visiting the Salmon Bay Wildlife Corridor during the migration season, then you may be treated to one of the most impressive displays that nature can offer. Stop at the fish ladder, located at the Ballard Locks, to watch salmon make the uphill climb to the top of the ladder and set off toward their next destination. There are viewing areas that allow you to get very close to the fish, including the young salmon, using specially constructed slides to move in the opposite direction of migrating adults.

  • End Your Day with a Picnic at Golden Gardens Park
    At the end of the Salmon Bay Wildlife Corridor, you'll find beautiful Golden Gardens Park, which offers views of the Puget Sound, Salmon Bay, and all of the wildlife that calls the area home. The park is located in a restored wetland, which attracts birds, mammals, amphibians, and a wide variety of fish. There are picnic areas perfect for enjoying a meal after your stroll, and if you visit at the right time, you may be able to watch sea lions enjoy their meal while you enjoy your own.

If you want all of the advantages of urban living while remaining connected to nature, then you will truly love living in Seattle. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the area.


National Ice Cream Month: Where to Get Ice Cream in Seattle

Seattle Ice Cream

Summer in Seattle is the best time of the year, thanks in part to National Ice Cream Month falling in July! What better way to enjoy the sunshine than to slurp up a few fresh scoops from Seattle's finest ice cream parlors? Our brokers encourage you indulge in your craving and check out these amazingly unique local ice cream shops around town.

  1. Shug's Soda Fountain & Ice Cream – 1525 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    The soda fountain was the coolest place to grab a malt, a shake, or an ice cream cone back in the day. Shug's Soda Fountain has decided to bring back this classic sweet spot with a modern twist. You could also add a little soda and make a float; we suggest the Shugsicle which is made with orange soda and vanilla ice cream. With make-your-own-sundaes, ice cream cocktails, and beer floats on the menu, Shug's is a sweet place for kids and adults alike.

  2. Full Tilt Ice Cream – 4759 Brooklyn Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98105
    Live music, pinball, arcade games, beer, and ice cream – what more could you want? Full Tilt offers a fun environment for people of all ages to come together and have a great time. They have 16 awesome flavors like Coffee Oreo and Blue Moon, while on the vegan side they offer classic vanilla and chocolate. Join their Pint of the Month Club and you'll get access to 12 months of unique ice cream flavors that are only available to members. Full Tilt could very well be the ultimate place to celebrate National Ice Cream Month.

  3. Sweet Alchemy – 4301 University Way NE., Seattle, WA 98105
    At Sweet Alchemy, their meticulous ice cream makers pride themselves on using only the best ingredients from local farms for their small-batch ice creams and waffle cones. How meticulous are they? Sustainability and organic practices are top priorities and they're committed to only serving the freshest ice cream. Believe it or not, some of the milk used was taken from a local cow just days before it became your sweet treat.

  4. Husky Deli – 4721 California Ave. SW., Seattle, WA 98116
    For almost 100 years, Husky Deli has been providing West Seattle with everything from grocery staples and deli items to fresh sandwiches and delicious ice cream. Husky has you covered if you want to make National Ice Cream Month last for the rest of the year. They have nearly 60 different ice cream flavors between their Husky Regular, Husky Gourmet, Husky Premium, and Husky Girl Scout Cookie varieties. Available by the half-gallon, we have a feeling we'll be stopping by Husky's every week of National Ice Cream Month to try a new flavor.

  5. Parfait Ice Cream – 2034 NW 56th St., Seattle, WA 98107
    Don't let the name fool you – parfait in French means "perfect" and that's the best way to describe the frozen flavors at Parfait Ice Cream. Made from scratch, this farm-to-table creamery grows and creates their own ingredients. They offer eight different signature flavors throughout the year, including classics like Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and Milk & Cookies. Their dozens of chef-inspired seasonal flavors include Ginger Snap, Pumpkin Spice, Rosemary Almond Brittle, and Lavender Summer Berry. Looking for a dairy-free flavor? Their plant-based flavors include Coffee Candied Almond, Cherry Chip, and six other delicious sorbets. Best of all, they even sell their pints at local Seattle grocery stores so you can give into your sweet tooth every time you make your weekly food run.

  6. Frankie & Jo's – 1411 NW 70th St., Seattle, WA 98117
    Ice cream made from plants? At Frankie & Jo's, you're going to radically shift the way you think about ice cream. Instead of using artificial ingredients, house-made cashew milk, and coconut milks are used as bases while organic sugars, seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits, and superfoods are added into the milk. The result? Amazing ice cream that makes a positive impact on people, plants, and animals. While their seasonal flavors vary, they have everyday ice cream flavors like Brown Sugar Vanilla, Salty Caramel Ash, Chocolate Tahini Supercookie, everyday date flavors like Date Shake and Chocolate Date, and an everyday sorbet flavor of Beet Strawberry Rose. Try one scoop and you'll realize that plant-based ice cream is a sweet way to end the day.

Would finding a home in the center of Seattle put the cherry on top of your summer? Contact us today and let us show you all of our sweet Seattle homes for sale.


International Yoga Day: Yoga Studios Around the Seattle Area

International Yoga Day in Seattle

Get ready to say "Om" – International Yoga Day is on Saturday, June 21st, and our brokers want you to breathe in serenity and breathe away your worries. Although International Yoga Day is only a few years old, yoga's history dates back to over 5,000 years ago. For centuries, the practices of yoga have spread from India and evolved around the world. Today, an estimated 20 million people practice yoga, including many of our very own Seattleites. Whether you're new to yoga or have been practicing this healthy activity for years, we encourage you to connect your mind, body, and soul with help with virtual classes from these Seattle yoga studios.  

  1. The Grinning Yogi – 345 15th Ave. E, Suite 102, Seattle, WA 98112
    The Grinning Yogi
    wants to celebrate you in your present state. While their classes are designed to help improve your mind, body, and soul, the instructors at The Grinning Yogi believe that you are perfect just the way you are! They support and accept their students as they are, teaching self-love and compassion through every lesson. Some of the most qualified and extensively trained yogis in all of Seattle are part of The Grinning Yogi team.

  2. Urban Yoga Spa – 1900 4th Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    While Urban Yoga Spa is one of the best places in Seattle to get a rejuvenating yoga workout and delicious cup of freshly roasted coffee, you can still receive their amazing instruction from home with their Yoga LIVE videos. Their daily live classes are available online to those who make a kind donation to either the Urban Flow Class, Urban Hatha Class, or Urban Sculpt Class. If you're new to the area, consider supporting them by purchasing a gift certificate that you can use in their studio, spa, or coffee house when they reopen to the public.

  3. Breathe Hot Yoga – 3750 SW Alaska St., Seattle, WA 98126
    Breathe Hot Yoga
    wants you to live your life to its fullest potential. If hot yoga in the studio isn't your ideal environment, you can conveniently take virtual classes at home. Browse their public library of videos, available 24/7 and updated multiple times each week, or sign up for their live-streaming classes. 

  4. Seattle Yoga Arts – 1540 15th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
    Seattle Yoga Arts
    brings body nourishing, soul-satisfying, sanity supporting yoga into your living room with their online-based classes. Their diverse offering of workshops, teacher trainings, and special events are designed to help you reach your wellness goals. If you're interested in private lessons, you can also schedule one-on-one training sessions with the majority of their teachers.

  5. Be Luminous Yoga – 900 Lenora #128, Seattle, WA 98121
    Unlimited live yoga sessions are yours to enjoy with Be Luminous Yoga. For less than $40 a month, you can practice yoga anytime, anywhere with their world-wide yoga community. Not only can you take traditional yoga classes from home, but you can also undergo yogi teacher training virtually as well. Take International Yoga Day to the next level and join their Bloom BLY summer challenge. Running from June 15th until August 31st, their annual summer challenge gives you the opportunity to win a free six-month membership!

  6. Yoga On Beacon – 3063 Beacon Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98144
    If you'd like to keep up with your regular yoga routine indoors, all you need is your mat and a computer to take Yoga On Beacon's classes. All of their classes are offered virtually through Zoom, which are available to join. If you aren't able to make a specific live session timeslot, you can still sign up for that class and view it as a recording after the session. 

  7. Spira Power Yoga – 2332 California Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116
    Work up a sweat with the unique mindfulness-based power yoga classes offered through Spira Power Yoga. Their M3B Principles of Movement, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Breathing will help you manage stress, build strength, and increase your flexibility. Spira Power Yoga has created a one-of-a-kind yoga community that is exceptionally inclusive, even outside of the studio. On their website, you can take advantage of some resources, including Live-Stream classes, on-demand lessons, a blog, podcast, guided meditations, audio classes, and more!

Are you looking for a new space to stretch out and feel at peace? We can help. Contact us today to search our Seattle homes for sale.


Seattle Bakeries to Try for National Doughnut Day

Seattle Bakeries

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you're checking out Seattle homes for sale. You need to keep your energy up, and what better way than with the classic combination of a doughnut and coffee?

Seattle's many small bakeries will tempt your taste buds any time of year, but they're even better as we approach National Doughnut Day. Taking place on Friday, June 5, it's the perfect time to stop by for a fresh dozen with curbside service or place an order for delivery.

Yes, you've probably noticed that big national chains usually have deals on National Doughnut Day. For those lucky enough to be here in the Emerald City, however, our brokers say nothing beats a local bakery.

Here are some of Seattle's top doughnut stops:

  1. Raised Donut – 1101 23rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
    Raised Donuts is dedicated to "raising the doughnut bar" with a full selection of classic doughnuts alongside specialty flavors you won't find anywhere else. Mixed, cut, and fried fresh each day, the doughnuts are topped with a glaze made from scratch. Some recent specials include the mango basil doughnut, guava coconut, and the gluten-free Thai tea mochi.
  2. Top Pot Doughnuts – 1206 Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98104
    Top Pot Doughnuts will satisfy your cravings with more than 40 flavors available each and every day. Seasonal choices like the peppermint snowdrift and orange marmalade cake truly stand out here. Whether you order takeout or delivery, you can also savor hand-roasted, small-batch coffees from decaf to the eye-opening "El Presidente."
  3. Mighty-O Donuts – 1400 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
    The Mighty-O Donuts storefront at Capitol Hill is open for business while two other locations are temporarily closed, so stop on by! Call in or set up an online order: You can enjoy the whole menu, such as the seasonal cookies and cream doughnut, raspberry riot, or nutty chocolate. You always have your choice of vanilla cake or chocolate cake as your delicious doughnut base, too.
  4. Family Donut Northgate – 2100 North Northgate Way Suite F, Seattle, WA 98133
    Family Donut Northgate is the taste you've been waiting for! A family-friendly and family-owned bakery with a focus on doughnuts and coffee, it's well-loved in the community. One reason is the fast, friendly service. Another, the unbeatable maple bacon doughnuts. It's active in supporting local first responders and hospitals with doughnuts, too.
  5. General Porpoise Doughnuts – 1020 East Union Street, Seattle, WA 98133
    Like Mighty-O, General Porpoise Doughnuts has a flagship Capitol Hill location ready for your visit. Every General Porpoise doughnut is made using fresh eggs. Seasonal jams, jellies, creams, and custards make sensationally fresh flavors. Creatively crafty concoctions abound, like peanut butter and jelly, date shake, the delectable rose cream, and kid-favorite chocolate marshmallow.
  6. Donut Factory – 4336 Roosevelt Way Northeast, Suite F, Seattle, WA 98105
    Sitting right in the heart of the University District, Donut Factory pumps out confections with "industrial strength" flavor. But don't let the name fool you: These individually handcrafted doughnuts are great to look at and a delight to eat! Fancy doughnuts can be rushed straight to your door, from chocolate rainbow to cinnamon, coconut, and many more.
  7. Half and Half Doughnuts – 516 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122
    Seattle's famous Pike Street is home to many iconic businesses. One of them is Half and Half Donuts, a true taste of Seattle. Now featuring a fun and convenient online ordering system, Half and Half has grab and go doughnuts along with savory pastries, breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and tea. For a true delight, don't miss out on a coffee-caramel filled doughnut.

For expert advice on buying a Seattle home, contact us today.


How to Host a Virtual Game Night in Seattle

Virtual Game Night Seattle

Who's ready for a much-needed game night? Any night can be a virtual game night with a little help from easy-to-use technologies. Our brokers love game nights and thanks to technology there are many ways to host a virtual game night from the comfort of your home. Here's what you'll need for your own virtual game night in Seattle.

Tech Needed for Virtual Game Night

Before you decide which games you and your friends will play virtually, you must understand the different ways in which you can play these games online. There are essentially two ways to play games online — through video chat or through a dedicated game server. Both of these options feature free-to-use and pay-to-play functionalities. Video chat is as simple as it sounds — you'll use a video chatting system to play the game. The other option, a dedicated game server, involves playing a game through a third-party system.

How to Use Video Chatting to Host Game Nights Online

To use video chatting, you'll need a webcam and a video chatting service. There are a variety of video chat services that you can download on your computer, including Zoom, Skype, BlueJeans, and WebEx. All of these have mobile versions as well. Most Apple devices, like iPhones and iPads, also have their own video chatting service known as Facetime.

When you gather your friends, they all must have the same application to play together. For instance, one person who only has Zoom cannot play with another person who only uses Skype. You can play a variety of games via a web conference with or without physical board games. A game like charades or Pictionary can be played without legitimate board games. Even if a few of your party guests do not have a webcam, all of these video chatting apps have text boxes, so those with video can draw or act out while those without can answer via text.

Of course, there are many ways that you can play physical board games from afar. If all players each own a physical copy of the board game, they can play together and mirror the moves of each player. Here are a few favorites that are in many home game cabinets:

  • Monopoly: Imagine it, you and your friends can pause the game one night and easily continue it another night so you can play it down to the last dollar!
  • Clue: The classic who-dun-it is a quick and simple game that never gets old.
  • Risk: Similar to Monopoly, Risk requires time and patience.

How to Use Dedicated Game Servers to Host Game Nights Online

Playing traditional games via video chat can be loads of fun, but playing online with friends is perhaps even more fun through dedicated game servers. Any time you play a game online — via the computer, mobile phone, or gaming system — you're connected to the game's server. There are hundreds of games available to play online through game consoles like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo DS, and thousands of other games available on the computer. For gaming systems or mobile games, all players must own or download the game. Here are a few of our picks:

  • For game consoles: Fortnight, Jackbox Games, Minecraft, Rocket League, Halo, and Animal Crossing.
  • For mobile phones: Words With Friends, Pokemon Go, and Best Friends Stars.
  • For computers: Ticket to Ride, Decurse, Sea of Thieves, and Stardew Valley.

Tips for a Memorable Virtual Game Night in Seattle

Just because you don't have guests over doesn't mean you shouldn't still create a party atmosphere. Encourage everyone to wear comfortable clothing and enjoy their favorite snacks while you play. Consider keeping your phone on silent so that you can be focused on having fun with your friends.

Another fun "online" game you can play with your family is to pick out your dream home in our listings for Seattle homes for sale. You can even contact us to schedule a virtual viewing!


Seattle: Enjoy an Orchestra Performance Anytime

Seattle Orchestra

There's nothing like enjoying a rousing orchestra performance, and you don't have to be at the concert hall to catch an amazing show. Staying home and staying safe doesn't have to mean missing out on listening to talented musicians. Our brokers have searched the globe to find seven orchestras and operas from around the world that are offering free online performances during these times.

  1. Seattle Symphony Orchestra
    Long a popular choice for a night on the town near Seattle homes for sale, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra was one of the first to offer free shows online. Their YouTube channel is packed with clips of songs from the best live performances of the 2020 season and years past, along with quick trips behind the scenes to show what orchestra life is like. If possible, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra will also be streaming live concerts on certain dates, so check back often to see when you might catch a full-length live performance. On the Seattle Symphony Orchestra website, meanwhile, you'll find a huge collection of encore performances, recordings, and "behind the stage" videos to enjoy.

  2. London Symphony Orchestra
    Starting with its first performance in June of 1904, the London Symphony Orchestra has been delighting audiences from across the world. The orchestra has performed countless times for royalty and features new shows regularly at the famed Barbican concert hall. Thanks to the power of the internet, now you don't have to be anywhere near London to see a show. The London Symphony Orchestra features a robust collection of recorded performances, many of which are currently available for free. 

  3. The Metropolitan Opera
    New York's world-famous Metropolitan Opera has been producing incredible performances for more than a century, ever since the first opera house opened on Broadway in 1883. And the music won't be stopping, even with coronavirus precautions in full swing. There will be streams of encore performances every night on the Met website, with a focus on shows from the past 20 years. 

  4. Berlin Philharmonic
    The Berlin Philharmonic has long been ahead of the game with its digital offerings, which include a detailed virtual tour of the Philharmonie Berlin concert venue. While the physical concert hall is closed, the Berlin Philharmonic has committed to bringing the music to you, instead. You can log into the digital concert hall to redeem your free, 30-day pass, and explore all that this storied orchestra has to offer. There are more than 600 concerts available, along with bonus videos, documentaries, and so much more.

  5. Detroit Symphony Orchestra
    If you wish to explore a wide range of different orchestral music, then the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is more than worth a look. Their website features a huge array of recorded performances, with easy sorting options by composer, genre, and orchestra season. Catch up on shows that you missed during prior seasons, relive your favorite performances from the comfort of home, and learn more about your favorite performers with the interview series. 

  6. Opera North
    One of the UK's most famous performing companies, Opera North, has made its stunning performance of Wagner's The Ring Cycle available for free online. Get lost in a story of gods, giants, dragons, and spectacular cities. Along with the performance, the website includes detailed information on each scene to help you learn more about this classic work. The Ring Cycle is a story about gods, but also the relationships between family members. Opera North frames the performance as only they can, and now it's available for the world to see.

  7. Budapest Festival Orchestra
    Overseen by director and founder Ivan Fischer, the Budapest Festival Orchestra has organized an aptly named series of "quarantine Soirees" featuring performances filmed at the organization's Rehearsal Hall. The performances feature music from Bach to Bozza, with a little Mozart in between. There are new live streams available from the Rehearsal Hall nearly every day.

The art, culture, and music of Seattle is always available to be enjoyed. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Seattle, WA area.


7 Ways to Support Local Businesses in Seattle

Local Businesses in Seattle

Small businesses do so much to support the communities that they're a part of, and during times like these it's crucial for communities to show the same support in return. With so many small businesses in Seattle forced to change their business models, stop serving customers in person, or drastically limit hours due to coronavirus precautions, your favorite local businesses need your support now more than ever. Even though visiting local businesses in person has become difficult, there's still plenty you can do to help! Our brokers know how important Seattle small businesses are to every neighborhood, and we've put together 7 ways that you can support your favorite local businesses right now.

  1. Support Neighborhood Restaurants by Ordering Takeout or Delivery
    While they currently cannot serve dine-in customers, many restaurants located near Seattle homes for sale are still turning out great food from the kitchen. You just might have to pick it up in a different way than usual. There are a ton of Seattle restaurants still offering delivery, takeout, or drive-thru service, so it's easy to support your favorites while getting access to great promotions in the process. Remember that tips are a major part of the income for many service workers, and tipping can go a long way. Even though you can't dine in, you can still leave a tip when you pick up your food in order to help the staff.

  2. Remember That Online Storefronts Are Always Open
    Retailers are feeling the pinch just as much as restaurants, and supporting your favorite shopping spots is simple even if you can't visit in person. Many local small businesses also offer online shopping and local delivery, so you can order your favorite items without ever leaving home. Even if you're just picking up basic necessities like groceries, ordering online and having them delivered helps you stay safe while supporting the community in the process.

  3. Be Patient and Remember That Small Businesses Are Doing the Best They Can
    Small businesses are doing everything they can to adapt to an ever-changing situation, and staffs are being stretched to their limit. When you do visit a local business or order something online, remember that the business is doing the best it possibly can to serve you. That may require patience because things can take a bit longer than usual, but it's worth it to support small businesses during trying times.

  4. Share on Social to Encourage Others to Shop
    If you're trying to find ways to support small businesses, you likely have friends who would do the same! Make it a point to share on social media when you shop at local small businesses, and point your online connections to businesses who are still serving customers. Many people want to show support but don't know how, so your sharing can make a big difference.

  5. Buy Gift Cards from Your Favorite Local Businesses
    Want to support your favorite businesses, but don't have anything you need to buy right now? Purchasing a gift card is a great way to infuse some cash into small businesses, and show your confidence in the local economy. You can hang on to the gift card for a rainy day, give it away as a gift, or donate it.

  6. Leave Online Reviews to Promote Small Businesses
    Just like with social sharing, online reviews are an extremely important part of the marketing mix for small businesses. So many people rely on reviews as a significant factor when choosing where to shop, so why not help out your favorite Seattle businesses by leaving a positive review online? It only takes a few minutes of your time, it helps other people find the businesses that you love so much, and it's an easy way to show your support.

  7. Avoid Visiting Businesses If You're Not Feeling Well
    While there's plenty you can do to help small businesses, it's just as important to remember what not to do. If you're not feeling well, regardless of whether you've visited a doctor, it's best to stay home, stay safe, and help the community stay safe, too. 

When you're ready to experience the community spirit of Seattle for yourself and find your next home in the city, our team is here to help. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Seattle, WA area.


5 Greenhouses in the Seattle Area

Greenhouses in Seattle

There's nothing quite like spending a warm, spring day with your hands in the soil, tending to a garden that will bring you joy throughout the coming seasons. Gardening has many health benefits, from reducing stress to burning calories, along with the incredibly satisfying feeling of watching all of your hard work come to life. As our brokers can tell you, a beautiful garden can also be a big help when selling your home, since curb appeal is a key component in making the all-important positive first impression. No matter what draws you back to your garden each year, rest assured that Seattle has greenhouses with everything you need to exercise your green thumb.

  1. Swansons Nursery – 9701 15th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98117
    It's never hard to find supplies for your garden close to Seattle homes for sale, thanks to great local greenhouses like Swansons Nursery. The team at Swansons Nursery loves helping gardeners of all experience levels bring out the best in their gardens, with seminars, clubs, classes, or simply friendly advice when you come in to shop. Swansons Kids' Club is perfect for connecting aspiring young gardeners with nature, while the cafe at Swansons offers fresh food from farm to table. Of course, you'll also find a huge selection of plants, gardening supplies, and art for your garden.
  2. West Seattle Nursery – 5275 California Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98136
    Looking to turn gardening into a family activity? The West Seattle Nursery & Garden Center offers a robust program for gardening with kids, including a monthly gardening club and a large supply of gardening tools that are designed with children in mind. Adults love West Seattle Nursery too, thanks to the friendly, knowledgeable staff and a great selection of rare plants. West Seattle Nursery also offers consulting services for planning your garden, equipment rentals to help with your big gardening projects, tool sharpening to get your equipment ready, and classes to expand your gardening knowledge.
  3. Urban Earth Nursery – 1051 N 35th St., Seattle, WA 98103
    With a diverse selection of plants and a friendly, knowledgeable staff that loves to help gardeners of all experience levels, Urban Earth Nursery is sure to have what you need to bring out the best in your garden this year. If you're aiming to create an urban garden, this greenhouse is second to none. Find a diverse collection of unusual, hard-to-find plants, along with all of the supplies you need to create a beautiful garden in any setting. Originally a nursery dedicated to drought-tolerant plants, Urban Earth Nursery has grown larger but never lost its focus on offering plants that grow well in any climate.
  4. Ravenna Gardens – 2600 NE University Village, Seattle, WA 98105
    Established in 1997 as a friendly, creative neighborhood garden shop, Ravenna Gardens has since grown into one of Seattle's favorite spots for all things gardening. Visiting the shop feels a little bit like stepping into a lush, green jungle, with plants as far as the eye can see and unique garden art around every corner. Ravenna Gardens is focused on plants that thrive in the Northwest and is happy to offer helpful tips to bring the most out of your garden. You'll also find planters, pottery, outdoor furniture, and sculptures to add that perfect finishing touch.
  5. City People's – 2939 E Madison St., Seattle, WA 98112
    No matter the season, City People's Garden Store is sure to have that special something that you've been seeking for your garden. Every season brings a fresh selection of plants at City People's, and the team here is eager to show you all of their time-tested tips for Seattle gardening. There are free gardening workshops for the community nearly every week throughout the year, with useful tips for how to tend to your garden.

Still searching for the right Seattle home where you can create the garden of your dreams? We can help. Contact us to buy and sell real estate throughout Seattle.


Read Across America Day: Local Bookstores in Seattle

Seattle Bookstores

The benefits of reading go far beyond the classroom, and Read Across America Day is the perfect opportunity for people of all ages to get lost in a great book. Of course, this holiday is primarily geared toward children, which is why it falls on March 2 – aka the birthday of Dr. Seuss – every year, or on the Friday before if March 2 falls on a weekend. 

Whether you have a young child or you're looking to reconnect with your love of reading, our brokers are happy to report that Seattle neighborhoods are filled with local bookstores where you can celebrate Read Across America Day this year.

  1. Secret Garden Books – 2214 NW Market St., Seattle, WA 98107
    Secret Garden Books
    has been among Seattle's favorite independent bookstores since 1977, making it easy to shop for both rare books and the hottest new releases close to Seattle homes for sale. This is a great spot to celebrate Read Across America Day as well, with book clubs for kids age 8 to 12, teens, and adults of all ages. Secret Garden Books is also home to the unique Young Readers Society, where children from 10 to 12 years old can discuss their favorite books once per month with no parents allowed. The book selection here is excellent, and Secret Garden places a special emphasis on stocking a diverse selection of books for children.
  2. Elliott Bay Book Company – 1521 Tenth Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
    With book clubs, author events, a quaint cafe, and a huge selection of books, Elliott Bay Book Company has been serving Seattle with pride since 1973. The experienced staff at Elliot Bay Book Company loves to help passionate readers of all ages find books that appeal to their interests, and you'll find a rotating selection of staff picks whenever you choose to visit. Do you have a young child who loves stories? Stop by every Saturday for Children's Storytime, geared toward kids age 2 and older.
  3. Ophelia's Books – 3504 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103
    There's nothing like browsing the stacks of a used book store to find a hidden gem, and Ophelia's Books matches a diverse selection with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Help boost the collection at Ophelia's by selling your old books, then pick up something new to fill your shelves. Ophelia's also offers a unique selection of hand-bound notebooks and accessories, perfect for inspiring kids who enjoy writing just as much as they enjoy reading.
  4. Phinney Books – 7405 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103
    If you're interested in shopping for new releases across an eclectic collection of genres, then Phinney Books may be the spot for you. This small bookstore is focused on new books, including an excellent selection of children's books perfect for encouraging reading from a young age. If you or your child love learning more about the history of the Northwest, this is a great place to shop. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to get excellent book recommendations, and stop by every Friday morning during Children's Storytime for enthusiastic readings of childhood classics.
  5. Paper Boat Booksellers – 6040 California Ave. SW, Ste. A, Seattle, WA 98136
    With Family Reading Time every Saturday morning, loads of book clubs and frequent author events, the team at Paper Boat Booksellers believes in the power of building community through reading. The Middle Readers Book Club, for readers ages 8 through 13, is the perfect place to get kids interested in reading and connect them with other children who share the same passion. Parents are welcome to drop kids off, hang out at the shop, or quietly observe the book club in action.
  6. Laughing Elephant – 3645 Interlake N, Seattle, WA 98103
    The Laughing Elephant ranks among Seattle's most unique bookstores, with a business focused on recreating classic children's books and other texts, including the amazing images that those classic books contain. If you're looking for a truly unique gift for the youngster who loves reading, this is a wonderful place to shop. The Laughing Elephant also stocks a huge selection of cards, holiday items, notebooks, stickers, and prints, all of which draw inspiration from classic children's literature.

Living in Seattle makes it easy to connect with literature, art, and culture, with so many neighborhoods that still know the value of a beloved local bookstore. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the area.


Tour Around Seattle: Sleepless in Seattle Filming Locations

Tour Sleepless in Seattle Locations

"You make a million decisions that mean nothing, and then one day you order take-out, and it changes your life."

Such is the story of a man and a woman in the iconic romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle. This 1993 hit starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

A romcom that still holds a special place in our hearts nearly 30 years later, Sleepless in Seattle, places the Emerald City front and center on the silver screen. Our brokers suggest venturing to these seven Seattle hot-spots featured in Sleepless in Seattle.

  1. Pike Place Market — 85 Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101
    Scene: Sam's son, Jonah, first meets his dad's new girlfriend, Victoria, at Pike Place Market.
    Perhaps the most famous Seattle attraction aside from the Space Needle, Pike Place Market is a bustling center of culture located on a beautiful stretch of waterfront. Opened over a century ago, nine acres of space feature farmer's markets, crafts markets, seafood markets, food stalls, restaurants, shops, and more. Don't just grab a photo as a souvenir — be sure to stroll the alleyways of the market and taste everything!

  2. The Athenian Seafood Restaurant & Bar — 1517 Pike Pl., Seattle, WA 98101
    Scene: Sam and his friend, Jay, eat lunch while discussing relationships.
    Located within Pike Place Market, this restaurant and bar has a special plaque signifying the stool on which Tom Hanks' character sat in the scene. The Athenian has been in Pike Place Market since 1909, and you'll discover why when you try one of their fresh seafood dishes.

  3. Inn at the Market — 86 Pine St., Seattle, WA 98101
    Scene: Although they do not go into this boutique hotel, Sam and his friend Jay walk beneath the Inn at the Market's awning.
    Inn at the Market, located steps away from Pike Place Market, offers 76 rooms and suites providing visitors with direct access to the food, views, and culture found by the Seattle waterfront. If you're in town searching for Seattle homes for sale, stay at the Inn at the Market to get a true taste of the area.

  4. Lake Union — 860 Terry Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98109
    Scene: Sam and his son live on a houseboat, docked on beautiful Lake Union.
    This freshwater lake is a fantastic place for outdoor recreation, including kayaking, paddle boarding, and boating. Head out onto the water and admire the great Seattle skyline or sit along the shore and enjoy a relaxing picnic surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

  5. Gas Works Park — 2101 N. Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103
    Scene: Alone on his houseboat, Sam watches New Year's Eve fireworks over Gas Works Park.
    This 19-acre park is a perfect place for families to play. Gas Works Park is located on the north shore of Lake Union, allowing you to hit two scenic Sleepless in Seattle spots in one stop!

  6. Alki Beach — 1702 Alki Ave. SW., Seattle, WA 98116
    Scene: Annie secretly watches Sam and his son, Jonah, play on Alki Beach.
    Seattle's closest beach, Alki Beach Park, is roughly two-miles long, offering visitors and locals alike a place to enjoy the outdoors all year long. With great views of the Seattle skyline and Bainbridge Island, Alki Beach is a wonderful place to relax after a long day chasing the scenes from Sleepless in Seattle.

  7. Dahlia Lounge — 2001 4th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    Scene: Annie hires a private investigator who follows Sam to a location where he's having a date with Victoria. 
    Considered the quintessential Seattle restaurant experience, Dahlia Lounge is known as the epicenter of Seattle's local, organic, and sustainable food movement. This delicious dining destination opened by Tom Douglas offers fresh tastes from throughout the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, the original restaurant location, as seen in Sleepless in Seattle, has moved, which means it doesn't resemble the movie's scene any longer. Still, they have one of the best menus in the downtown area, making it a must-visit for your Seattle tour. Enjoy Dungeness crab cakes, local oysters, and their delectable triple coconut cream pie — without a private investigator spying on you as you eat.

Would you like to live near these famous Seattle locations? Contact us today, and we'll give you a tour through the best Seattle homes for sale.


Florists in the Seattle Area for Valentine's Day Bouquets

Seattle Florists

The florists of Seattle work year-round to make their bouquets reflect the natural beauty surrounding the Emerald City. Valentine's Day is the ultimate opportunity for these talented florists to showcase their creations with stunning bouquets of every flower imaginable. When our brokers want to give a gorgeously designed bouquet, we turn to these seven Seattle florists.   

  1. Seattle Flowers — 600 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98104
    Delivering Seattle's finest flowers since 1947, Seattle Flowers is your reliable floral destination for Valentine's Day or any other occasion. Their staff strives to go the extra mile so that your special someone feels every ounce of love you wish to give them. Offering floral arrangements, gift baskets, plants, and much more, Seattle Flowers will be your first choice for flowers when you're ready to spruce up one of our Seattle homes for sale on move-in day.

  2. Ballard Blossom — 1111 NW 85th St., Seattle, WA 98117
    A Northwest Tradition since 1927, Ballard Blossom knows flowers better than anyone in the city. For nearly a century, Ballard Blossom has delivered more than simply flowers. They've sent loved ones gifts of happiness, love, congratulations, and gratitude. They're ready to send your valentine a fantastic vase of flowers this Valentine's Day. The Yellow Rose Bouquet with Chardonnay, Sweet Citrus Bouquet, and Color Me Happy bunch are exceptional ways to show someone you care. Although Ballard Blossom does deliver, you could also stop by and pick the freshest bouquet.

  3. Hansen's Florist — 5963 Corson Ave. S., Suite 190, Seattle, WA 98108
    Since the 1940s, generation after generation of Seattle's men and women have ordered Valentine's Day flowers from Hansen's Florist. Not only do they guarantee that you'll get the freshest flowers offered, but they can also provide same-day and even worldwide delivery. Hansen's Florist has you covered for all of your floral needs, all year long, all around the world.

  4. Seattle Flower Lab — 2600 California Ave. SW., Seattle, WA 98116
    How do you make the best flowers in the area even better? You let the experts at the Seattle Flower Lab use their innovative techniques to create an unbelievable arrangement. You'll be happy to know that the Seattle Flower Lab delivers flowers in Seattle, Bellevue and to over 30 other zip codes so they'll have no trouble getting a bouquet order to your special someone no matter where they live.

  5. Pike Place Flowers — 1501 First Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    You're probably already familiar with Pike Place Market, home of Pike Place Flowers. Taking care of the needs of downtown Seattleites seven days a week, Pike Place Flowers is a staple of the area and has been voted the Best Flowers Shop in town. We suggest that all of our new and potential Seattle homeowners explore Pike Place Market for Valentine's Day gifts and grab a bouquet of freshly cut flowers from Pike Place Flowers.

  6. Lawrence the Florist — 224 105th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
    If there's one name in Bellevue who's synonymous with fine floral arrangements, it's Lawrence the Florist. "Not your typical florist," expert designers and consultants have honed their craft at Lawrence the Florist since the 1970s. Every bouquet in their shop, including their popular 'Lawrence Originals', is stunning — but they up their level of impressiveness with their curated gift baskets. All of their baskets can be customized to fit the desires of your valentine, such as a Northwest Foods Basket or a Junk Food Basket. If you're buying one of our Bellevue homes for sale around Valentine's Day, let Lawrence the Florist put together a homecoming basket and bouquet for your family!

  7. DeLaurenti Florist — 15100 SE 38th St., Bellevue, WA 98006
    For nearly half of a century, the award-winning floral designers of the DeLaurenti family have proudly created bouquets to make your family feel loved. As a full-service florist and gift shop, this family-owned establishment is a Bellevue hallmark that will ensure every stem and pedal of your bouquet wows your valentine in ways that they'll never forget. Be sure to stop and smell the roses at DeLaurenti Florist.

Our brokers can help you find a dreamy home around Seattle and Bellevue. Contact us today to get started with your home search!


Coldwell Banker Bain Releases Annual 2019 Pacific Northwest Market Report for Puget Sound, SW Washington and Oregon Regions

Coldwell Banker Bain, a leading provider of real estate brokerage services throughout Washington and Oregon, and a market leader in home sales in 2019,* releases its 2019 annual market report providing a variety of statistics for the sale of homes in neighborhoods and counties throughout the Puget Sound region and SW Washington and Oregon, as well as for segments including luxury and condos. This report reflects activity between Jan 1, 2019 and Dec 31, 2019.**


eastside report puget sound report seattle report
waterfront report south sound sw washington report oregon report



*According to final 2019 statistics derived from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service data (NWMLS), Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) and Multiple Listing Service of Central Oregon (MLSCO).

**Information and statistics derived by CB Bain from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS), Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS), and Multiple Listing Service of Central Oregon (MLSCO) each quarter. Statistics not compiled or published by the NWMLS, RMLS, or MLSCO.



7 Crossfit Gyms in Seattle to Help You Get Fit

Crossfit Seattle

Does your workout program include SMART goals? Experts agree you have a better chance of reaching your goals if they're specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

CrossFit is a popular exercise style that checks off all those boxes with a variety of challenging activities leading to overall fitness. Our brokers have the inside scoop on seven top CrossFit gyms around Seattle, where you can get your conditioning on.

  1. CrossFit Hinge - 1412 S. Henderson St., Seattle 98108
    Zach Filer and Adrianna Kara, co-owners of CrossFit Hinge, believe fitness should be accessible to all. Their 206 South non-profit organization provides sliding-scale memberships for adults and free programs for teens, so income isn't a barrier to good health and conditioning. In addition to group classes, private training is available to help you attain your goals. Classes are offered seven days a week.

  2. CrossFit Felix - 2211 5th Ave., Seattle 98121
    Whether you're a serious bodybuilder or weekend warrior, CrossFit Felix has the tools to help you succeed. The convenient downtown location makes it easy to fit in a class before or after work or even on a lunch break. Intimidated by super-buff instructors? In their bios, CrossFit Felix coaches share their least favorite moves, so they become more relatable. Choose from a wide range of individual passes and multi-session packages to fit any schedule and budget.

  3. Foundation CrossFit - 1415 12th Ave., Seattle 98122
    With its beginning in bare-bones classes at Green Lake Park, Foundation CrossFit is a grassroots operation. After moving to a modest facility on Lake City Way, Foundation CrossFit eventually settled in its current location with 6,500-square-feet of space and an extensive collection of state-of-the-art equipment. The unique Mobility/Recovery class is great for easing back into workouts post-injury or developing flexibility to avoid tight, sore muscles. Find out if Foundation CrossFit is for you by attending one of their free Community CrossFit classes that are open to the public.

  4. Ballard CrossFit - 6419 15th Ave. NW, Seattle 98107
    Do you enjoy dancing the night away at the club? Build strength and endurance with a different type of "clubbing" at Ballard CrossFit. Have fun doing handstands, ring work, and rope climbs in the Gymnastics Club or perfect your Olympic lifts in the new Barbell Club, starting in early 2020. Both clubs run six weeks with a fee of $89 for members and $150 for non-members. Practice your new-found skills during open gym time Monday through Saturday. Learn healthy eating habits through Ballard CrossFit's nutrition challenges and 1x1 coaching.

  5. CrossFit Amped - 399 114th Ave. NE, Bellevue 98004
    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "amped" as "full of energetic excitement and enthusiasm." That term perfectly expresses the feeling you'll have after a session at CrossFit Amped, just down the street from Bellevue homes for sale. CrossFit Amped is committed to matching you with a fitness program suited to your individual needs and skill level. Sign up for a free beginner's class on Saturdays at 11 a.m. to see how workouts are scaled to fit each student. CrossFit 101 is a three-week series of classes designed to bridge the beginner's class and full-on CrossFit sessions. Choose group classes or private instruction. 

  6. Elliott Bay CrossFit - 2211 3rd Ave., Seattle 98121
    Elliott Bay CrossFit has a mission to foster a close-knit community of dedicated and supportive athletes around Seattle homes for sale. With 30-minute one-on-one On-Ramp sessions, coaches make sure newcomers are safely focused on accurate mechanics before dialing up the intensity. Supplement your CrossFit routine with yoga classes to keep muscles supple while developing mental and spiritual well-being. Take advantage of Elliott Bay's free trial week to get a first-hand look at how they operate. Once you decide to join, select from several options with no long-term commitments required.

  7. CrossFit Deliverance - 4535 Union Bay Place NE, Seattle 98105
    It's never too early to learn good health and fitness habits. On the first Saturday of each month, CrossFit Deliverance offers Family Day when parents and kids can work out together. For only $249, the comprehensive Foundations Series includes everything you need to get a running start. Along with two months of unlimited group classes, you receive one-on-one fitness and nutritional coaching in addition to a customized meal plan.

From the first meeting to closing, we provide the highest level of services for buying or selling a home in Seattle. Contact us for more information.


Low Carb Dining in Seattle for a Healthy 2020

Low Carb Dining Seattle

The Seattle area is home to an amazing collection of truly unique local dining destinations, serving up healthy, feel-good food with a personal touch. Many of Seattle's local restaurants are also deeply involved in the community, raising funds, aiding local charities, and participating in community events. Our brokers know the Seattle dining scene, and we've got the inside scoop on 8 great spots where you can enjoy low-carb dining in style.

  1. Bop Box – 5633 Airport Way S., Seattle, WA 98108
    Whether you've already experienced the amazing flavors of Korean cooking or you're trying it for the first time, Bop Box offers everything you need to get in touch with this unique culinary culture. Serving bibimbop, a traditional, "one-pot" Korean meal, Bop Box combines fresh veggies, unique toppings, and classic touches to create low-carb meals that you won't soon forget. The menu also features a variety of healthy vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, all made with the freshest ingredients.

  2. Umma's Lunch Box – 1301 5th Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    Itching for some healthy, authentic Korean food, but not sure exactly what you want? That's no problem when you visit Umma's Lunch Box, which ranks as one of the most popular lunch buffets in the country. With a huge selection of traditional Korean fare and a reputation for quality, Umma's is a place where you can enjoy as much healthy food as you please. There are options galore on the menu for vegan, vegetarian, paleo, carnivore, and of course, low-carb diners.

  3. Ironsteak – 628 S Weller Street Seattle, WA 98104
    Ironsteak brings a unique presentation to the table – literally. Everything at this popular local spot is served on customized iron plates, and the cooking experience is interactive. Your plate helps cook the food, and you choose how long the fresh beef, salmon, veggies, and sauces on your plate are cooked. 

  4. Hole in the Wall Barbecue – 215 James St., Seattle, WA 98104
    If you're searching for a slow-cooked, perfectly seasoned barbecue close to Seattle homes for sale, then you'll find few better options than Hole in the Wall Barbecue. Dig into all of your traditional barbecue favorites, including brisket, pulled pork, chicken, turkey, and ribs. Best of all, many of the items on the menu are low in carbs.

  5. FOB Poke Bar – 220 Blanchard St, Seattle WA 98121
    Seattle is home to a variety of great restaurants that serve traditional Hawaiian favorites, and FOB Poke Bar is focused entirely on one of the most famous dishes from the islands. With fish fresh off the boat every day and a huge selection of toppings, sauces, sides, and veggies, FOB Poke Bar is the perfect place to create a healthy meal.

  6. Bowl Gogi – 500 108th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
    Bellevue has plenty of its own healthy, delicious dining spots, including Bowl Gogi. Pick a bowl with customized ingredients, or order one of many specials on the menu. Experience a culinary tradition that dates back more than 500 years.

  7. The Grill King Korean BBQ – 17540 Aurora Ave. N, Shoreline, WA 98133
    Some of Washington's best Korean barbecue is waiting for you just around the corner from Shoreline homes for sale, at the Grill King Korean BBQ. The menu here is packed with all of your Korean BBQ favorites, with seasoned meats, traditional side dishes, and an endless list of garnishes. Custom-order your favorite Korean BBQ meal, or stop by for the all-you-can-eat buffet to try some of everything.

  8. MOD Pizza – 1302 6th Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
    A true Downtown Seattle legend, MOD Pizza has grown into a nationwide business without ever forgetting its local roots. Healthy dining is a big part of those roots, as MOD Pizza offers healthy pizza options and plenty of salads for the carb-conscious diner. Everything is made to order on the spot, and the assembly-line style of food prep means your meal is ready in minutes. Grab a salad made from healthy, local ingredients, or try a pizza with a low-carb crust that's packed with flavor.

Are you ready to live in a city that has an endless variety of healthy dining options, suited to your lifestyle? Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Seattle area.


Staging Your Seattle Home for Sale During the Holidays

Holiday Home Staging

Our brokers understand selling your home during the holidays can offer challenges, but there are advantages too. In the less-crowded marketplace of winter, your listing is much more likely to stand out. Plus, you know anyone who shows up at your open house is serious about buying. 

Still, you need every advantage you can get, which is why staging your home is so important this time of year. So if you're listing your Seattle homes for sale this holiday season, be sure to follow these tips and stage it to sell.

  1. Let go of the clutter.
    The first big step to staging your house is getting rid of anything that doesn't help you sell it. At the top of that list is clutter. Gather up all your knick-knacks, stacks of old magazines, family photos, and anything else that's simply taking up space. You want your soon-to-be buyer to see your house as a blank slate for their lives, so pack it up and decide what you can sell, give away, throw away, or put into storage. 

  2. Create cozy vibes.
    When someone comes over for an open house, they should feel like they've stepped into a warm, welcoming respite from the winter cold. Foster those cozy winter feels by adding some extra throw pillows, brewing up a pot of hot spiced cider, and draping an extra warm quilt over the couch. If you have a gas or electric fireplace, feel free to fire it up. 

  3. Keep it clean.
    A good, deep cleaning is an important early step to staging your home, but you also have to stay vigilant about dirt and dust throughout the whole time your home is in the market. Pay special attention to your entryway this time of year. Lots of mud, snow, leaves, and other debris can get tracked in during the holidays.

  4. Go easy on the decorations.
    Sorry if you've amassed a considerable stash of holiday decorations that are just waiting to be displayed, but selling your home means it's time to tone it down. A tasteful string of lights, a wreath on the door, a few simple decorations here and there—these are all great. But leave the inflatable snowmen in storage this year. 

  5. Let there be light.
    The psychological impact of lighting is well known, and it's also a proven real estate principle that great lighting can completely transform a room. It's especially effective during the dreary winter months. Let in as much natural light in as possible. In parts of your home where there isn't much natural light, use halogen light bulbs to replicate the real thing. 

  6. Tone down the tree.
    It's okay to put up a Christmas tree, but keep a few things in mind. First, keep the tree trimmings simple. Use a basic color palette matching the overall color scheme of your home. Second, consider a smaller tree. A giant tree in a small room makes your house seem cramped, which doesn't exactly impress the average buyer. 

  7. Bake some cookies.
    Seriously, everyone loves cookies. Before your open house begins, whip up a quick batch of cookies that you can put out for your guests. Not only will cookies put your visitors in a good mood, but they'll also make your house smell amazing. 

  8. Make your decor seasonal.
    You never know what the beliefs of your future home buyer will be, so make your holiday decorations as non-denominational as possible. Snowflakes, evergreens, pine cones, winter branches, wrapped gifts, snowmen, and reindeer are all examples of holiday imagery that says "festive" without pushing a particular religion. 

  9. Keep your yard neat.
    While it's hard to make your curb appeal as impressive in winter as it is in the summer, you can still do your part to make your house look nice on the outside. Clean up fallen leaves and branches, and make sure the porch stays clear of clutter if you get snow or ice, shovel and salt your driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. This will make your yard look well kept, and avoid the risk of any guests slipping. 

Contact us today to learn more about selling your home during the holiday season. We've helped countless home sellers in the Seattle area sell their houses in all seasons and conditions. 


Local Shopping in Seattle for the Holiday Season


Local Seattle ShoppingThe holidays are just around the corner — have you completed your shopping list yet? Our brokers love visiting the unique locally-owned stores throughout Seattle for one-of-a-kind gifts that our families and friends will cherish for years to come. If you're still searching for the perfect present for your loved ones, stop by one of these shops around Seattle.

  • LUCCA Great Finds — 5332 Ballard Ave NW., Seattle, WA 98107
    We've all got someone on our shopping list that has impeccable taste, and thankfully, LUCCA Great Finds is perfect for brilliantly designed gifts. They have a fabulous selection of home goods, stationery, bath and body care products, candles, and gifts for children. We love their home décor, especially their holiday-themed decorations that range from Christmas to Halloween and everything in between. Need a few holiday cards as well? Lucca Paperworks designs and prints their own greeting cards, which complement their unique offerings spectacularly.

  • Golden Age Collectibles — 1501 Pike Place #401 Lower Level, Seattle, WA 98101
    Calling all superhero fans! The world's oldest comic shop is located right in Seattle! Golden Age Collectibles has everything you need to spoil your child (or your loved one who celebrates their inner child). They've got tons of cool pop culture items like toys, games, photographs, movie scripts, novelties, and, of course, loads of comic books! Fly in and browse their heroic selection. Not sure which item would make the perfect gift? Tell the helpful staff which fantasy, sci-fi or superhero characters your friend or family member loves, and they'll direct you to the best collectibles.

  • The Pacific Northwest Shop — 2702 North Proctor St., Tacoma, WA 98407
    The Pacific Northwest Shop has region-specific gifts sure to please. Their locally sourced shop has specialty foods, drinks, clothing, books, DVDs, gift boxes, children's items, and bath and body goods. Unique offerings include glass pieces made by local artisans, gourmet food, huckleberry products, handcrafted Native American jewelry, and the best local coffee you've ever tasted. Whether you're buying for someone locally or shipping across the country, gifts from the Pacific Northwest are sure to please.
  • Magic Mouse Toys — 603 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98104
    Fill a child's holiday with joy and cherish the wide smile they get when opening a gift from Magic Mouse Toys. This 6,000 sqft toy store is a dream come true for children and adults alike. Their two-storied shop is stocked with stuffed toys, books, puzzles, board games, costumes, and collectibles. Each item was hand-selected by their "Professional Children" to fill their Fantasy Emporium with the best toys. Magic Mouse Toys will even gift wrap your purchase for you so you'll be ready to give the gift of childhood to your special someone!

  • Red Wagon — 4218-B East Madison St., Seattle, WA 98112
    Do you have a young one of your holiday shopping list that loves toys? Then head over to Red Wagon, the specialty toy store that has kept children in the Emerald City smiling for the last decade. Their selection includes everything from toys and games to books and puzzles. Located in Madison Park, Red Wagon has a gift for kids of all ages! 

  • The Endless Knot — 2300 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
    Every woman has a style all their own, and The Endless Knot is here to enhance that style with their contemporary clothing, handmade jewelry, and accessories. Take a trip to Belltown and browse their diverse collections, which include brands like Dex, HashTag, Rebel Designs, See U Soon, Six Crisp Days, and Current Air.

  • Butter Home — 1531 Melrose Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
    Looking for a gift that's fun and functional? Butter Home has you covered. This cozy shop has a lovely collection of items that you won't find in corporate chains. From hand-printed paper goods to jewelry handcrafted by talented designers, Butter Home features well-made, thoughtful gifts. You can browse some of their inventory online, but be sure to shop in-store as limited production items are only available in their brick-and-mortar location.

Would you like to spend next year's holiday season in a new house? Contact us today, and we'll show you the best Seattle homes for sale.


HOA Pros and Cons: Know Before You Buy

HOA Pros and Cons

You've browsed the listings for Seattle homes for sale, and you've finally found the house that you want to call home! However, it's in a community with a mandatory Home Owners Association, and now you've got to decide whether or not the pros and cons of an HOA meet your lifestyle. Our brokers understand that an HOA is not for everyone. Even though you may have found your dream home, certain rules and regulations required by the HOA may prevent you from living the way you desire. Let's look at the common pros and cons of HOAs.

Pros of HOAs

  • Homeowner Associations Provide & Maintain Great Amenities
    Do you love swimming on occasion but not enough to keep up with the responsibilities of a swimming pool? Then an HOA might be for you. Along with pools, many HOA neighborhoods feature amenities like clubhouses, tennis courts, basketball courts, event rooms, pet cleanup stations, dog parks, and host events for the community. 

  • Your Home Will Likely Retain Its Value
    Buying a home is an investment that you want to protect. Because of their many rules and guidelines, homes within an HOA maintain a great appearance that makes them desirable to new buyers.

  • They Take Care Of Many Problems
    Imagine never having to mow your lawn because your HOA provides lawn care service. Imagine never having to resolve a dispute with a neighbor because the HOA mediates problems on your behalf. Many HOAs assume responsibilities for homeowners, especially those that may be tedious or unpleasant.

  • HOAs Streamline Your Monthly Bill Payments
    It's not uncommon for HOA fees to include your monthly expenses related to water, electricity, sewage, gas, and recycling or trash removal. Other costs associated with maintenance may also be rolled into the HOA fees, presenting you with fewer bills.

Cons of HOAs

  • HOA Fees Can Be Expensive
    One of the top reasons why homeowners do not want to invest in an HOA neighborhood is because of the high fees associated. No one wants to pay for a pool or gym that they never use. Set fees can also put homeowners in an uncomfortable financial position as they have no option to stop paying these monthly dues. If you do not pay your HOA fee, they can foreclose on your home.

  • HOAs Limit What You Can Do To Your Exterior
    Imagine buying the home of your dreams only to discover that you can't install a fence, paint your front door or plant a garden. Living in an HOA involves a contractual agreement that often prevents you from making changes to your home's exterior.

  • You're Also Limited To What You Can Do
    You may be unable to use amenities or have guests over during certain times of the day or night. The rules set by the HOA must be followed, which means you may have no control over how late you can use the gym or if your children can use the pool without an adult. Although you are paying for these amenities, you still need to abide by usage rules.

  • You May Be Unable To Rent Your Home
    For many homeowners, the option of using it as a rental property in the future is an appealing thought. Unfortunately, some HOAs prevent anyone other than the owner from living in the space. This means that if you ever choose to move, you may have to sell your investment.

  • Not All HOAs Are Top-Notch
    There's always a possibility that the HOA is poorly managed or makes decisions you don't like. The hope is that you and your family are benefiting from your HOA fees. There are some instances in which homeowners feel their HOA is not going above and beyond. Your HOA can also impose assessments on residents when they need extra funding for a specific project. Just like your monthly fee, you're obligated to pay for these assessments if they arise.

Home Owners Associations offer a lot of benefits such as stunning amenities, preserved property values, and convenient services. However, some homeowners believe that the HOA fees, lack of freedom in regards to home renovations, and inability to use this investment as a rental property overshadow the advantages.

Do you want a home in an HOA or would you prefer a house within an open neighborhood? Contact us today, and we'll show you the best Seattle homes for sale with and without HOAs.


Vegan Restaurants in Seattle for National Vegan Month

Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

November is World Vegan Month — but that doesn't mean it's a vegan-only event! This official global celebration of cruelty-free lifestyle is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn more about the veganism way of life. People choose a vegan diet to promote the humane treatment of animals, the protection of the environment or for health concerns.

Although vegan dishes do not include meat, dairy, eggs, fish or honey, there's one thing vegan meals are full of — great taste! Our brokers encourage you to celebrate World Vegan Month at one of these fantastic vegan restaurants in Seattle.

  • Wayward Vegan Café — 801 NE. 66th St. Suite C, Seattle, WA 98115
    There's just something comforting about eating at a family-owned diner. Perhaps that's why Wayward Vegan Café has been a beloved part of the Seattle community for fifteen years. Get your fill of breakfast favorites with a vegan twist like the Ex-Benedict or Suns Over Seattle. Stop by for lunch or dinner for a Chico Vegan Melt, Tempeh Reuben or Pacific Phil's Quinoa Extravaganza. Not only are their items vegan, but many are also gluten-free, so those with dietary restrictions will have no trouble finding a delicious option.     

  • Plum Bistro — 1429 12th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
    Plum Bistro is Capitol Hill's most loved vegan restaurant. Their artful, upscale dishes display the true potential humble vegan ingredients possess. A must for Sunday brunch, Plum Bistro's brunch menu has everything from classic scrambles and French toast to plant milkshakes and breakfast sandwiches. Their lunch and dinner menus are just as fresh and tasty. Be sure to stop by during happy hour for small snack plates and drink specials.

    Head's up. There's more to Plum Bistro than meets the eye. Their main location also features Plum Chopped which functions as a food truck but is designed like a restaurant. They also have a location called Pantry by Plum Bistro at The Armory at Seattle Center, which is more of a casual vegan dining spot. Their delectable Sugar Plum sweetshop is located at both locations. Keep an eye out for the Plum Truck too, as it's often seen cruising around Seattle offering up grab-and-go vegan dishes!

  • Harvest Beat — 1711 N. 45th, Seattle, WA 98103
    If you're looking for an excellent vegan restaurant in Emerald City, Harvest Beat is hard to beat! They use the freshest local ingredients to unite the community of farmers and diners under one roof. They also strive to reduce their carbon footprint in everything they do, producing as little waste as possible. Their creative menu is influenced by whatever ingredients are in season, allowing the chef to plate a delicious meal using the best fruits, vegetables, and grains possible. Stop in for a five-course meal consisting of a soup and salad styled starter, a tantalizing appetizer, filling entrée, and a perfect dessert. They will also pair your meal with the best vegan wines or teas available.

  • Vegan Pizza Pi — 5500 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
    Finding a good vegan pizza is a top priority for every vegan eater. Thankfully, the oldest vegan pizzeria in the country is located right in Seattle. Vegan Pizza Pi's tasty menu will convince you that meatless, cheeseless pizza is fantastic. Order up their Breadstix or cheese bread starter while you decide how to top your pie. Choose a size, a sauce, and tons of fresh toppings. Many kinds of cheese are dairy-free like their House Made Cashew Ricotta or House Made Tofu Feta. Trust us. Once you bite into a pizza from Vegan Pizza Pi, you'll realize that you can still get authentic pizza taste from modern vegan ingredients.

  • No Bones Beach Club — 5410 17th Ave NW., Seattle, WA 98107
    No Bones Beach Club has one powerful slogan — "Just cause it's vegan, doesn't mean it sucks!" With locations in Seattle, Chicago and Portland, hundreds of satisfied vegans agree that No Bones Beach Club is the real deal when it comes to the best vegan food. Their colorful menu of Bites, Greens & Things, Chomps and Brunchies will make your mouth water. Buffalo Cauliflower Wings and Amazeballs mac 'n' cheese balls are perfect shareables. While the Jackfruit Flautas, Pineapple Mavericks Burger and Beet Battered Avocado Tacos are so good, you'll want to keep them to yourself.

Even if you don't have a vegan diet, there are still choices you can make during World Vegan Month, like trying one of these great vegan restaurants. See a new side to the Seattle community you may not be acquainted with and enjoy delicious, locally-sourced, and cruelty-free ingredients. If you'd also like help shopping Seattle homes for sale, contact us today!


10 Things to Know About Living in Kent Washington

Kent Washington

Just a short drive from Seattle, homebuyers are heading to Kent, to escape the hustle and bustle of its nearby "big sister." Kent ranks at the top of the list of fastest-growing cities in King County. Kent is a dynamic, growing community, with a population of just under 130,000 people and plenty for residents of all ages to do for fun. Living in Kent makes it easy to explore all that King County has to offer. Our brokers know Kent, and we've put together ten things you need to know about life in the city.

  1. A Mix of Small Town Style and Big City Amenities
    Are you searching for a city with all of the perks of urban life but skipping the traffic and population density of larger cities? Kent homes for sale offer an appealing alternative to other nearby cities, with an urban layout and a small-town feel. That's especially evident downtown, where you'll find locally owned businesses that treat regulars like family. Kent also boasts all of the outdoor beauty of scenic, smaller communities with its collection of parks and outdoor spaces that make it easy to connect with nature in the city.

  2. A Piece of Kent Is Still on the Moon Today
    Make that three pieces, to be precise! Kent played a key role in the Apollo missions to the moon, building three of the rovers that astronauts used to explore the lunar surface. All three of those Lunar Rovers remain on the surface of the moon today, providing a constant reminder of what makes Kent special.

  3. The King County Annexation Initiative Helps Kent Grow
    Kent is part of the King County Annexation Initiative, which aims to add unincorporated areas to existing city limits. This program benefits both Kent and the areas annexed by the city. Unincorporated areas gain the benefit of being part of an incorporated city, while the city benefits through growth, new attractions, and new residents.

  4. Get a Great Workout at the Kent Community Center
    Whether you're looking for a workout or the perfect place to host a local event, the Kent Community Center has you covered. The Community Center features ten large meeting spaces, two full-size gyms for basketball, exercise facilities, lockers, showers, and dedicated areas for exercise classes.

  5. Kent's Park System Is Second to None
    In addition to the Community Center, Kent is home to a huge collection of parks to suit every interest. There are more than 75 parks and outdoor facilities in Kent, including playgrounds, public parks, skate parks, trails, green spaces, waterfront areas, and recreation facilities. Many of the local parks host sports leagues and a wide variety of other community events.

  6. International Cuisine and Delicious Local Dining
    When you're looking for great dining, downtown Kent is the place to be. The city is home to a diverse collection of international dining spots, with flavors from around the world. Try an authentic Thai meal at Banyan Tree, sample food from around the globe at Ubuntu Street Cafe, or dive into delicious desserts at Punjab Sweets.

  7. Living in Kent Means Easy Access to Three Great Cities
    You won't have to travel far to find all of the attractions and services you need. Kent is smack dab in the middle between Seattle and Tacoma. So living in Kent makes it easy to explore everything that our corner of Washington has to offer.

  8. Easy Access to Highways and Public Transportation
    In addition to offering a central location, Kent provides easy access to highways and public transportation to get you where you need to go. King County Metro Transit will take you directly to downtown Seattle, and it's easy to commute on your own on Interstate 5 and other major highways. The Sounder Commuter Rail also has stops in Kent, so you have plenty of choices for transportation.

  9. The Downtown Partnership Brings New Attractions to Kent
    Kent's downtown is already a popular gathering place, and the Downtown Partnership helps makes sure that there's always something new to try in the city. The partnership was formed to revitalize downtown Kent and has been doing great work for decades.

  10. Local History Is All around You in Kent
    Kent has a long, unique history dating back more than 200 years, and the Kent Historical Society does a fantastic job of chronicling local history. You can visit the history museum, or stop by the society's booth at the popular Kent Farmers Market.

Are you ready to start shopping for a home that allows you to enjoy all of the things that make life in Kent so unique? Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Kent, WA area.


July 4 Celebrations in Portland and Seattle

Portland July 4 events

Our Brokers are getting ready to enjoy another spectacular 4th of July around Portland and Seattle. When it comes to Independence Day, our area goes all out: We have some of the most memorable events anywhere in the United States.

No matter whether you've just moved in or you're still looking around, you'll enjoy the warm welcome that these two cities and their surrounding communities can offer. There's something for everyone around the 4th of July. From kids to adults, everyone will be left wide-eyed!

Looking for the best way to enjoy the holiday? We are taking a look at 10 events throughout our Pacific Northwest communities:

Seattle july 4

  1. Seafair Summer Fourth – 2101 North Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103
    Situated at Gas Works Park not far from Seattle homes for sale is the Seafair Summer Fourth celebration. This 4th of July favorite is one of the biggest fireworks displays in the area. You'll thrill to a custom musical score while enjoying brews from the beer garden and some of the city's most beloved food trucks. Live entertainment will be on hand, too!

  2. Celebrate Kirkland 4th of July – 440 Central Way, Kirkland, WA 98033
    Hosted by the Kirkland Downtown Association, which ensures a vibrant community and thriving business scene around Kirkland homes for sale, the Kirkland 4th of July is a sight to behold. Kicking off at 4 p.m. on Independence Day, it features a parade and fireworks show. It's touted as the biggest one-day event in Kirkland and is a high point of everyone's year.

  3. Everett's Colors of Freedom Celebration – 10410 19th Southeast #100, Everett, WA 98208
    Everett homes for sale will light up thanks to Everett's Colors of Freedom Celebration. The day-long affair begins with an eye-popping parade through the downtown area at 11 a.m., followed by a festival at famous Legion Park. The evening culminates with fireworks that sparkle over Port Gardner Bay. Organizers encourage you to bring a blanket and picnic!

  4. Point Ruston Independence Day 5K –  North 37th & Vassault Street, Tacoma, WA 98421
    Time for a race! Pass by some of the best Tacoma homes for sale as you participate in the yearly Point Ruston Independence Day 5K. This fast, flat, downhill course will challenge race veterans and give newcomers a taste of our local excitement. Anyone is welcome to participate at any speed, from power walking to running. It starts at 8 a.m. sharp near Vassault Park.

  5. Bellevue Four on the 4th – 10820 Northeast 10th Street Bellevue, WA 98004
    Bellevue Four on the 4th is a fun way to get exercise and meet new friends: Billed as a "dog walk and jog," it allows your canine companions to come with you for a non-competitive 4K event. After the race, there'll be music, a pet costume contest, photo booths, and vendors of all kinds. All participants receive a goodie bag. It's just a few blocks from Bellevue homes for sale.

  6. Waterfront Blues Festival – 98 Southwest Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97204
    Get a taste of the blues at beloved Tom McCall Waterfront Park, where the Waterfront Blues Festival will be returning for another year. Performances will run for four full days from July 4th to the 7th, ranging across four big stages. There'll be food, merchandise, riverboat rides, and a whole lot more. It's just one more reason to pick Portland homes for sale.

  7. Oregon Z00 - 4001 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland, OR 97221
    The Oregon Zoo will honor Independence Day by offering free admission for military veterans, active military personnel and first responders (active police, firefighters and EMTs), as well as up to four family members who accompany them. Families of deployed military personnel also will be given free admission.  Buying a home in Portland means you will be part of a community that believes in giving back.

  8. 70th Annual Lake Oswego Lions Club July 4th Pancake Breakfast - George Rogers Park, 611 S State St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
    Kick off your July 4 celebration at 7:00 a.m. at the 70th Annual Lake Oswego Lions Club July 4th Pancake Breakfast.  Your breakfast menu includes all-you-can-eat of the "best pancakes west of the Mississippi," sausage, juice and live music. All proceeds from the event benefit Lions projects in the local community.

  9. Star Spangled Parade and Celebration - Millenium Plaza Park, 200 1st St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
    Start your 4th of July celebration in Lake Oswego. Begin your day at the Star Spangled Parade by watching festive floats, musical entertainment, vehicles decorated in red, white, and blue and even costumed canines march down A Avenue.  The parade finishes at Millenium Plaza Park where you'll be entertained with live music from Gospel Hooligan, see a Presentation of Colors from local Girl Scouts, and if you're hungry, why not sign up for the pie eating contest.  All the fun will be happening just minutes from Lake Oswego homes for sale.

  10. Portland Craft Beer Festival - Fields Neighborhood Park, 1099 NW Overton St. Portland, OR 97209
    The Fifth Annual Portland Craft Beer Festival starts July 4 at Fields Neighborhood Park.  Travel and Leisure, Matador, and Beer Connoisseur have named Portland, as The Best Beer City in the World.  Portland is home to over 70 craft breweries.  Only Portland-area crafters are featured at the festival featuring beers, plus ciders and wine.

There's nothing else quite like the 4th of July, but there's always something to celebrate when you live around Seattle or Portland. Our local area will wow you with its outstanding arts, culture, and a flourishing economy.

Coldwell Banker Bain makes it easy to find your Pacific Northwest dream home. Contact us to get started.

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