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How to Navigate a Competitive Real Estate Market

Competitive MarketHomes are selling very quickly! Securing a home in a competitive market can feel challenging, if not impossible. Below, we've rounded a few tips to give you the best chance possible at getting your dream home in the competitive market. Following our guide and working with our brokers will help you stay ahead of the pack and position yourself as a potential buyer.

  • Get Pre-Approved
    Before you even begin house hunting, get a pre-approval letter from a lender. Shopping with a pre-approval in hand shows sellers a lender has verified your income, creditworthiness, and other numbers, and you have the capacity to buy their house. A pre-approval letter will communicate that you're a serious buyer. If there are several offers on the table, interested parties without financing could be tossed out. Pre-approval qualifies you for financing and gives you a competitive edge. And keep in mind that pre-qualification is not the same as pre-approval.

  • List Your Needs and Wants
    Now is the time to break out a notepad and start making a list of your needs and wants. Needs are non-negotiable features that your next home must have. Wants are features you'd like your next home to have but would be willing to sacrifice if you find a good home. For example, you may need a large backyard for your children or pets. You may prefer hardwood floors or an updated kitchen, but those may not be deal-breakers. Knowing your non-negotiable items will help determine whether a home meets your minimum requirements. If it does, you'll be able to act quickly and make an offer in today's competitive market.

  • Find a Great Real Estate Agent
    A great real estate broker is your secret weapon when buying a home in a competitive market. Not only do they have a solid understanding of the current market and the neighborhood you're interested in, but they also have terrific connections and great negotiations skills, which will work to your advantage. Before you hire a broker, be sure to get referrals, check online reviews, contact several recent clients, and find out their experience. When you have a list of at least five contenders, ask important questions. The inside knowledge of an excellent broker can put you on the fast track to success.

  • Look for Homes Under Your Budget
    In a competitive market, you can expect to compete against multiple or dozens of bidders on one home. As such, it may not be a good idea to look for homes at the top of your budget because chances are another person will outbid you. A good strategy is to look for homes that are below your budget so you can have room to offer above the asking price without going outside your target price point or dipping into your savings. You may also consider an escalation clause, which states that you'll put your bid at a certain price point higher than other competing bids – but make sure you know when to stop.

  • Be Ready to Move Fast
    Once you've found a home that ticks the boxes in your needs list, put in an offer right away before someone snatches it up. Your offer should include all relevant information, forms, and disclosures the seller will need to make a decision. An incomplete offer could end up in the trash in a multiple offer situation. Pay attention to details and make sure your offer is complete. Your agent will be happy to help you draft your offer and have your negotiating strategies at the ready. Also, know how high you're willing to go if there are other offers and be ready to make tough decisions quickly and decisively.

  • Make a Large Down Payment
    Making a sizeable down payment is another way to strengthen your offer. Of course, you should save up enough for a down payment when buying a home, but it's more important than ever to do so when buying in a competitive market. You want to show the seller that you are serious, can afford the home, and is ready to put your money where your mouth is.

  • Keep Trying
    A competitive market could mean that you "lose" a few homes to other buyers. Home inventory is remarkably low and homes tend to sell remarkably quickly when they come on the market. If your offer isn't accepted, do not be discouraged. Keep searching and putting in offers until you're able to find a home that you love.

If you're ready to buy a home in the Pacific Northwest, Coldwell Banker Bain can help. We put our knowledge, skills, and experience on your side to help you find the perfect place to call home. Contact us today to get started.


9 Backsplash Ideas for Your New Kitchen

Backsplash Ideas

If you're looking to add an extra element of style or decoration to your new kitchen, maximizing the appearance of your backsplash is a great way to do it. A beautiful backsplash is an affordable strategy for improving the overall look and feel of the room. Best of all, backsplashes are easy to install yourself. With various materials, styles, patterns, and designs, choosing a new backsplash can be a fun way to increase your home value. The trick is to make sure it complements your kitchen's colors, countertops, and cabinetry. 

While choosing a visually appealing backsplash is important, remember a backsplash's purpose is to protect the wall behind your sinks and counters, which is consistently exposed to food and liquids and changing temperatures. When adding a DIY backsplash, always be sure to select materials that are durable and easy to clean.

If you're in the process of designing a new kitchen, our brokers can help. Below are nine beautiful, protective backsplash ideas that can really help to tie your kitchen design together.

  1. Horizontal Subway Tiles
    Nothing says classic and casual quite like horizontal subway tiles. Bright colored tiles over darker grout can really create a welcoming look. Another added bonus is that the darker grout will also help make stains less apparent.
  2. Diagonal Porcelain Tiles
    Diagonally placed white square tiles can add an extra dimension to a classic look. Porcelain tiles are also affordable and easy to clean. We often see that 4 x 4 or 8 x 8 tiles create the best look. 
  3. Round Penny Tiles
    If you're going for a vintage yet trendy appearance, penny tiles are really making a comeback. If you have white cabinets, try light-colored penny tiles over darker colored grout to really bring out the texture.
  4. Chevron Tiles
    When done properly, Chevron patterns can create a beautiful, unique look. Just be sure not to overdo it -- the key is to make the pattern just subtle enough to be noticeable. Complementary zigzags in matching hues can create an optimal effect. 
  5. Marble Block
    If you're looking for a way to class-up your kitchen, a marble block backsplash can go a long way. While expensive, nothing creates a stunning look quite like marble. A bright marble backsplash in a neutral color kitchen will really give your new kitchen an upscale feel. Best of all, marble is easy to clean. Check out some of the marble block backsplashes on these beautiful Seattle, WA homes for sale.
  6. Beach Cottage
    Want a summer vibe in your house all year long? A beach cottage backsplash is a great way to keep your kitchen bright and vibrant during the rainy Bellevue months. Turquoise sea glass accents over a taupe backdrop can create a peaceful, calming effect on your kitchen. Just make sure you have clean white cabinetry to offset the bright colors. 
  7. Mirrored Tiles
    For a grand, flashy twist to your kitchen, consider creating a tiled mirror backsplash. Because mirrors reflect light, it can also add more depth to your kitchen, making it appear larger and brighter. Mirror tiles are also super easy to clean.
  8. Hexagon Mosaic
    If you're looking for classic beauty, consider a hexagon mosaic. This pattern has been used in kitchens for decades. These eye-catching shapes can be used to create the perfect blend between tiles can create the perfect blend between retro and chic.
  9. Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel backsplashes are a great option if you're looking for a stylish, modern look. They're affordable, easy to install, and best of all, they are incredibly easy to clean.  If you're a heavy-duty cooker, stainless steel backsplashes are a no-brainer. Just make sure you clean it properly, as you don't want to risk scratches or stains.

A beautiful, durable backsplash is a great way to improve your home with minimal effort. For more inspiration, or help finding a new home with a kitchen you'll love, contact us today.


5 Things First-Time Buyers Should Know

First time Buyers

Buying a home is still a part of the American dream. And for most of us, it starts as just that—a dream. Most people spend years dreaming about their first home before they actually buy it, and if that's where you find yourself today, then there are some things you should know before moving forward. 

Buying your first home can, of course, be a stressful process, and the more you know going in, the better off you'll be. Our brokers are always here to help. Here's what most first-time homebuyers wish they had known before starting the process: 

  1. You're Not Buying for the Life You Have Today
    It's one thing to buy a house that fits your current lifestyle. It's quite another to buy a house that fits your lifestyle five, ten, or twenty years for now. But a house is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make, and you must think about it in the long term. Ask yourself some questions about what will your life look like down the road and whether the house you're looking at will be right for it. Are you planning on getting married or having kids? How long do you expect to be at your current job? If you're not confident that your house will still be the right house in a few years, you may want to keep looking. 
  2. It's Okay to Shop Around for a Mortgage
    A lot of first-time homebuyers are so worried about whether or not they'll be able to secure a mortgage that they take the first offer they get. Less than half of today's buyers shop around for a home loan. That's a big mistake, and it's one that could end up costing you a lot of money. Rates offered by lending institutions vary widely, which is one of the reasons why it's important to always talk to multiple lenders. As a general rule, it's best to speak with at least three lenders and a mortgage broker before you make any commitments.
  3. Buy What You Can Afford
    Buy what you can afford might seem like obvious advice, but keep one thing in mind: the amount you can afford isn't necessarily the same as what your mortgage lender thinks you can afford. Many homeowners get pre-approved for more than they end up spending, and that's not a bad thing. While pre-approval for a mortgage is a great step toward determining your budget, it shouldn't be the only one. You need to do your own math to decide how much you can afford. Factor in all your income and expenses, and keep in mind that you should never put yourself in a position where you're spending more than 30% of your income on housing. 
  4. Don't Get Caught up in the Superficial
    When you're in the market for homes for sale, it's important to remember that there's no such thing as a 'perfect' house. That's why it's really important not to fixate too much on imperfections, especially small ones that can be easily fixed. If the house is dirty, the walls are an ugly color, or the fixtures are outdated, these are all superficial problems. Start out by making a list of priorities. Write out all your must-haves and would-like-to-haves so you can evaluate any house you look at based on whether it meets your needs. 
  5. The Right Real Estate Agent Can Make All the Difference
    Some buyers shy away from working with a real estate agent because they're wary about the cost. But it's worth remembering that a good buyer's agent will be working in your best interest. The same can't be said for the listing agent, who is essentially trying to help their client sell their home for as much as possible. Working with a great agent can actually save you money, but that's not the only benefit. They will also help you with all of the more complicated or overwhelming parts of buying a house, from working with your lender and negotiating the price to overseeing inspections and signing the closing paperwork. 

Buying your first home can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Contact us today to learn more and get started on the road to homeownership in the Portland area. 


What to Look for in a Dog-Friendly Neighborhood

Dog Friendly Neighborhood

Portland, Oregon has been called one of the most pet-friendly cities in America, and it's not hard to see why. With an abundance of pet stores, dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and dog walking trails, Portland is a pet owner's dream city. 

Our brokers are proud to live in a city that welcomes all our four-legged friends. If you're looking for your next home in the area, here's what you should look out for to know you're in a pet-friendly neighborhood. 

  1. Trash Cans
    We've all done it, but throwing your dog's poop bag in a neighbor's garbage can while you're out for a walk is a definite faux pas. That's why it's always great to live in a neighborhood with public trash cans on every corner. It's a sure sign that you and your pooch will be happy, and you won't have to be sneaky when you dispose of your dog's waste. 
  2. Dog Parks
    Dogs need places where they can run free, and a sure sign of a welcoming neighborhood is an abundance of dog parks nearby. In particular, look for dog parks that are clean and well-kept, with nicely cut grass and an absence of litter. If possible, visit during a time when the dog park is likely to be busy, and see if it looks like people are cleaning up after their animals and respecting the park. Some of our favorite dog parks in the Portland area include Mt. Tabor Dog Park and the off-leash area at Sellwood Riverfront Park
  3. Sidewalks
    They're easy to take for granted until you need one and don't have it. Sidewalks are essential for daily dog walks, so make sure your neighborhood has them! Bonus points if they're nice and clean, and free of cracks and potholes. 
  4. Services and Amenities
    When you see a lot of pet supply stores, vet offices, dog grooming services, doggie day-cares, and other pet-centric amenities, there's a good chance you're in a great neighborhood for pets. It's best if you can visit neighborhoods in person and explore, but Google Maps is a great tool for evaluating neighborhoods remotely. 
  5. Other Dogs
    Pet-friendly neighborhoods tend to attract people who have pets. So look around. Visit the neighborhood in the morning and evening, and see how many dogs you can see out taking their humans for a walk. In addition to the number of dogs you spot, take note of how healthy they look, and how many different breeds you see. A wide variety of dog breeds usually indicates a dog-savvy human population. 
  6. Dog-Friendly Restaurants
    A sure sign that Fido will feel right at home is an abundance of pet-friendly restaurants in the area. Portland certainly has plenty of them, with spots like Java Hound Coffee Bar, a coffee shop inside a pet shop, where you can enjoy treats for humans and pets alike. Be sure to talk to our team about more pet-friendly restaurants, bars, and cafes near Portland homes for sale. Even in shops where dogs aren't able to come inside, you'll usually see water bowls outside and pet-friendly patios. 
  7. Walking and Jogging Trails
    It's always good to get off the beaten path with Fido, and sometimes you get tired of walking down roads and sidewalks every day. Look for a neighborhood with easy access to plenty of urban hiking trails, bike paths, and greenways. Portland, for example, is home to 152 miles of regional trails that connect all different parts of the city. That's a lot of green space waiting to be sniffed and explored!

Contact us today to learn more about life in Portland, Oregon. As residents of one of the most pet-friendly cities in America, our brokers are committed to helping find the dream home for both you and your furry friends. 


5 Ways to Make a New Portland Home a Reality in 2020

Portland Home 2020

Is purchasing a new Portland home at the top of your list of goals for 2020? We don't blame you! Portland is an amazing city to call home, and now is a great time to shop for a home in the area. Setting goals is a great place to start when buying a home, but closing the deal will require action. No matter how much or how little experience you have shopping for homes, having a plan will help. Our brokers are here to help, with five tips for making your dream of a new Portland home a reality in 2020.

  1. Make a List of Wants, Needs, and Dealbreakers
    Portland homes for sale
    feature a ton of variety and having a strong idea of what you want ahead of time will make it much easier to narrow down your options. Create separate lists for what you need to have from your new home, which extra perks you want from the home if possible, and the potential dealbreakers. Then order your list by priority.

    While it will be hard to satisfy every item on your list, knowing your priorities makes it much easier to find the right home. You may find your list of priorities evolving as you visit homes, and that's perfectly normal. Revise your list as you get new information, and use what you learn to hone in on the right choice for your needs.

  2. Start Saving and Set Goals
    No matter which part of the city catches your eye and what type of home you're after, buying a new home requires a significant financial investment. Get ahead of the curve by starting to save right away, and setting aside extra cash from financial windfalls whenever possible. Set savings goals to reach throughout the year and keep progress moving in a positive direction.

    Remember, in addition to a down payment, you'll need cash to cover moving costs, maintenance, and all of the little things that come with buying a new home. Start saving an emergency fund along with saving for your down payment, so you'll be ready for anything.

  3. Clean Up Your Credit
    Securing a mortgage with favorable terms is so much easier when you have a strong credit score, and it's never too early to start cleaning up your credit when shopping for a home. Start by requesting a free copy of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus. Review your reports for any incorrect information, along with any credit issues that require your attention.

    Identify any old debts, take steps to address them, and make all payments on time moving forward. It's also a good idea to avoid opening new lines of credit.

  4. Become a Neighborhood Expert
    Portland is a diverse, vibrant city, and every neighborhood has something unique to offer. To be truly happy with your next home, it helps to pick a neighborhood that you love. Start by researching neighborhoods online, and if possible, visit the most appealing options to get a first-hand feel of what each neighborhood has to offer.

    Consider the services, attractions, and resources that you want close to home, along with the type of atmosphere that you desire from your neighborhood. Certain perks – like an excellent school district – can increase the value of homes in a neighborhood. This may mean a higher cost upfront, but homes in strong school districts also tend to hold their value. 

  5. Find the Right Real Estate Team
    No matter how much experience you have shopping for homes, no doubt finding the right real estate team will make life much easier. Ask around for referrals from trusted sources, and don't be afraid to speak with multiple agents before making your decision. Your real estate agent should be able to provide you with crucial information on local real estate trends, costs, and neighborhoods, along with answers to all of your key questions. Having a local expert on your side streamlines the process and helps ensure you find the right home for the right price.

Whether you're looking to purchase your first home in 2020 or upgrade to a new abode, our experienced real estate team is here to help you achieve your dream. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout Portland.


HOA Pros and Cons: Know Before You Buy

HOA Pros and Cons

You've browsed the listings for Seattle homes for sale, and you've finally found the house that you want to call home! However, it's in a community with a mandatory Home Owners Association, and now you've got to decide whether or not the pros and cons of an HOA meet your lifestyle. Our brokers understand that an HOA is not for everyone. Even though you may have found your dream home, certain rules and regulations required by the HOA may prevent you from living the way you desire. Let's look at the common pros and cons of HOAs.

Pros of HOAs

  • Homeowner Associations Provide & Maintain Great Amenities
    Do you love swimming on occasion but not enough to keep up with the responsibilities of a swimming pool? Then an HOA might be for you. Along with pools, many HOA neighborhoods feature amenities like clubhouses, tennis courts, basketball courts, event rooms, pet cleanup stations, dog parks, and host events for the community. 

  • Your Home Will Likely Retain Its Value
    Buying a home is an investment that you want to protect. Because of their many rules and guidelines, homes within an HOA maintain a great appearance that makes them desirable to new buyers.

  • They Take Care Of Many Problems
    Imagine never having to mow your lawn because your HOA provides lawn care service. Imagine never having to resolve a dispute with a neighbor because the HOA mediates problems on your behalf. Many HOAs assume responsibilities for homeowners, especially those that may be tedious or unpleasant.

  • HOAs Streamline Your Monthly Bill Payments
    It's not uncommon for HOA fees to include your monthly expenses related to water, electricity, sewage, gas, and recycling or trash removal. Other costs associated with maintenance may also be rolled into the HOA fees, presenting you with fewer bills.

Cons of HOAs

  • HOA Fees Can Be Expensive
    One of the top reasons why homeowners do not want to invest in an HOA neighborhood is because of the high fees associated. No one wants to pay for a pool or gym that they never use. Set fees can also put homeowners in an uncomfortable financial position as they have no option to stop paying these monthly dues. If you do not pay your HOA fee, they can foreclose on your home.

  • HOAs Limit What You Can Do To Your Exterior
    Imagine buying the home of your dreams only to discover that you can't install a fence, paint your front door or plant a garden. Living in an HOA involves a contractual agreement that often prevents you from making changes to your home's exterior.

  • You're Also Limited To What You Can Do
    You may be unable to use amenities or have guests over during certain times of the day or night. The rules set by the HOA must be followed, which means you may have no control over how late you can use the gym or if your children can use the pool without an adult. Although you are paying for these amenities, you still need to abide by usage rules.

  • You May Be Unable To Rent Your Home
    For many homeowners, the option of using it as a rental property in the future is an appealing thought. Unfortunately, some HOAs prevent anyone other than the owner from living in the space. This means that if you ever choose to move, you may have to sell your investment.

  • Not All HOAs Are Top-Notch
    There's always a possibility that the HOA is poorly managed or makes decisions you don't like. The hope is that you and your family are benefiting from your HOA fees. There are some instances in which homeowners feel their HOA is not going above and beyond. Your HOA can also impose assessments on residents when they need extra funding for a specific project. Just like your monthly fee, you're obligated to pay for these assessments if they arise.

Home Owners Associations offer a lot of benefits such as stunning amenities, preserved property values, and convenient services. However, some homeowners believe that the HOA fees, lack of freedom in regards to home renovations, and inability to use this investment as a rental property overshadow the advantages.

Do you want a home in an HOA or would you prefer a house within an open neighborhood? Contact us today, and we'll show you the best Seattle homes for sale with and without HOAs.


Home Buying in Portland? Check Out These 10 In-Demand Neighborhoods

Portland In-Demand Neighborhoods
No matter what corner of the city you call home, there's no doubt that Portland is a fantastic place to live. The city is laid back, and filled with attractions. Residents can explore the outdoors at every turn, with a robust network of trails, bike paths, parks, and public spaces. There are so many great Portland neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own attractions, local businesses, and lifestyle. Our brokers have the details on ten of the most in-demand neighborhoods in Portland where you can find your next home.

10 In-Demand Portland Neighborhoods

Sellwood Bridge

  1. Sellwood Moreland
    Located on the southeastern edge of the city, the Sellwood Moreland neighborhood has long been a popular place to shop for a home in Portland. This neighborhood began life as a mill town on the outskirts of the city, before becoming part of Portland as it grew larger. Today, Sellwood Moreland maintains its small-town charm, while offering easy access to all the attractions of the big city and some of the state's top-ranked schools.

    Portland Pearl District

  2. Pearl District
    A shining example of Portland's commitment to urban renewal, the Pearl District has grown from humble beginnings into one of the hottest spots to shop for homes in the city. This neighborhood has transformed over the years and is home to some of the city's most popular restaurants, boutique shops, art galleries, and local businesses. Spend your days shopping, dining, and exploring beautiful outdoor spaces.

  3. Nob Hill
    One of the city's oldest neighborhoods, Nob Hill offers many of the charms of the Pearl District, along with a wide selection of architecture when you're shopping for a home. This neighborhood features tons of long-time local businesses, catering to the diverse demographics of Nob Hill. Explore local dining spots, shops, and more, while living in one of Portland's most in-demand neighborhoods.

  4. Goose Hollow
    Interested in the lifestyle of Downtown Portland, with a more affordable cost of living? The historic Goose Hollow neighborhood is one of the most centrally located spots in the city, with plenty to do close to home. The area features a wide variety of dwellings, from apartments to condos and single-family homes that can fit any budget.

    Portland Convention Center

  5. Lloyd District
    Looking for waterfront living without breaking the bank? The Lloyd District is located just across the river from downtown Portland, with beautiful waterfront views and loads of attractions to explore. This is where you'll find Portland's Convention Center, stadium, and the biggest mall in the city. The area has been extensively redeveloped, with tons of new businesses and dining spots to visit.

  6. Alberta
    is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the city, with a fun, eclectic set of local businesses that reflect the neighborhood's vibrant mix of residents. The dining scene here features flavors from around the world, and there's always another fun, unique street fair coming up on the local event schedule.

    Portland Waterfront Park

  7. Downtown Portland
    If you want to have it all, look no further than Downtown Portland for your next home. This is naturally among the city's most popular neighborhoods, with a convenient, walkable layout, extensive public transportation, tons of local businesses, and a park system that makes it easy to stay active. Waterfront Park, a popular stop in the neighborhood, features fairs and events all year round, along with plenty of beautiful spots to enjoy some time outdoors.

    Mount Tabor View

  8. Mount Tabor
    With a convenient location and unmatched views, Mount Tabor has long been a desirable spot to settle down. This neighborhood offers some of Portland's most majestic mountain views, along with a popular, 195-acre public park. It's one of the city's older neighborhoods, so this is a great place to shop if you're searching for a charming home built in the early 1900s.

  9. Irvington
    Located on the northeastern side of Portland, Irvington is another fantastic spot to shop if you're searching for a historic home. This corner of the city features some of the largest lots you'll find in Portland, with homes to match. Walk the tree-lined boulevards, visit historic homes, participate in the active community association, and enjoy easy access to Downtown Portland anytime you please.

  10. Buckman
    The fun, funky Buckman neighborhood is known for its unique mix of residents, and diverse collection of homes. Shop for restored Old Portland homes that encapsulate the city's history, with a huge selection of architectural styles. Colonel Summers Park is a popular gathering place in the neighborhood year-round and features a free picnic every year where residents can get to know their neighbors in a fun, family-friendly setting.

    Wilamette Bridge Portland

In Portland, there's a neighborhood to match every shopper and lifestyle, from quiet residential areas to bustling urban centers packed with attractions. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Portland, OR area.


How To Buy a Home in Seattle: Team Diva Guides the Way

how to buy a home team diva

For you, buying a house is not just ticking off another box on the list – it's personal. Because owning your own home means you get to decide which colors to paint the wall, how many dogs you get to have (backyard permitting), and which tree you'll build your kid's tree fort in. Having a place of your own isn't just the quintessential American Dream, it's the dream you've kindled For. Ever. But you live in Seattle and have heard the horror stories about too few houses for sale and sky-high prices. Now, you're afraid your dream may never come true.

Well, don't give up. Buying a home in Seattle is a lot like buying a home anywhere else, only different. Yes, the market here is a tight and prices are above the national average but that doesn't mean you're destined to a lifetime of renting. Coldwell Banker Bain's Team Diva know the ins and outs of the local market and what it takes to be successful in landing the home of your dreams. It starts with education, yours, so they've put together a complete guide, A to Z called, appropriately, How to Buy a Home in Seattle. In it you'll discover:

  • How to determine your home-buyer personality
  • How to find the right real estate agent for you
  • Steps to get your financing in order
  • How to make a winning offer
  • What to do when you're under contract (and why it's not the time to buy a car)
  • And more …

Whether you're ready to buy a house or just curious about the process, this comprehensive guide is for you. Never have the steps to buying a home in Seattle been laid out so clearly. See for yourself.


10 Things You Need to Know About Living in Bellevue

Bellevue WA Living
Seattle is surrounded by amazing neighborhoods, and you'll soon discover that the gem of The Emerald City is Bellevue. Bellevue is to Seattle what Brooklyn is to The Big Apple — sure, Bellevue is technically part of the Seattle metropolitan area, but this city is far more than just another suburb. Across Lake Washington sits a special place that appropriately translates to "beautiful view" in French.  

Our Brokers know you'll fall in love with the quality of life Bellevue has to offer which is why we've made a list of the top ten things that you need to know when moving to beautiful Bellevue!


Bellevue - Seattle

  1. Bellevue is Perfectly Placed Near Seattle
    Whether you choose to take the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge or Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge, only 10 miles stand between downtown Bellevue and downtown Seattle. You're close enough to stay easily engaged with the city yet far enough to avoid the hustle and bustle of Seattle's busy downtown life. Bellevue shares Seattle's rainy weather, but residents are rewarded with a gift Seattleites don't have--an astonishing view. Look west over the lake, and you'll gaze upon the Seattle skyline set against a mountainous backdrop.

  2. People are Flocking to Bellevue's Neighborhoods
    Men and women from all walks of life want to call Bellevue home. Our housing market is booming thanks to much more than our gorgeous views. Often voted one of the Best Places to Live in the U.S., Bellevue has a high quality of living, fantastic transit options, one of the best school districts in the country, and a highly educated workforce.  There's a limitless list of reasons why Bellevue's economic and social growth is encouraging families from all over the world to settle down in our sixteen distinct neighborhoods.

    Bellevue Outdoors

  3. You'll Want to Spend Way Too Much Time Outdoors
    The Pacific Northwest offers stunning scenic views and fresh green spaces. Bellevue, nicknamed The City in a Park, boasts nearly 3,000 acres of outdoor space including miles of trails, playgrounds, beaches, farms, and waterfront relaxation. It's also been named a Tree City every year for almost 30 years. Trust us — you'll take every opportunity you can to get out and get active.

    Bellevue Arts

  4. Seattle is Close, but Indoor Excitement is Closer
    Do you want interesting museums and awesome entertainment right outside your front door? Bellevue has so much to see and do that we won't be surprised if you hardly make it over to Seattle. From the Kids Quest Children's Museum and the Bellevue Arts Museum to the Meydenbauer Center and Bellevue Botanical Garden, your activity options are vast. Bellevue also hosts many annual festivals including the Bellevue Strawberry Festival and Bellevue Festival of the Arts.

    Bellevue Shopping

  5. Bellevue has Everything You Need for Everyday Life Too
    While Bellevue's events and activities are great, it's also an area that caters to your everyday needs. World-class shopping centers have designer goods and handmade crafts. Mouthwatering food options include everything from fine dining restaurants to tasty food trucks. Bellevue has anything and everything you need all within minutes of your driveway.
  6. We Take Pride in Our City
    Bellevue is a diverse city that is home to an array of races, ethnicities, families, cultures, and professionals. We believe that it's this rich variety of hearts and minds that gives Bellevue such a proud identity. Although we love Bellevue, it seems that even those who don't live here do too! Here are some kind awards and recognition we've had the honor of receiving: 

    #1 Quality of Life in the Country – Business Insider 
    #2 Top 100 Best Places to Live – 
    #3 Safest City in America – Smart Asset 
    #5 Happiest City in the US –

  7. Business is Good in Bellevue
    We've also been ranked one of the top ten Best Places to Start a Business in Washington by NerdWallet. Many of Bellevue's homeowners enjoy employment at companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Expedia, and Nintendo. Our healthcare and education sectors are also happily employing our hard-working residents.
  8. This City Embraces Art
    Since 1979, Bellevue has featured permanent and portable artworks around the city. These creations, such as sculptures and statues, preserve Bellevue's cultural life for future generations to view. Our city embraces art the same way it embraces nature, believing that it should be protected, celebrated and showcased for everyone to enjoy.

    Bellevue - Mountains

  9. Bellevue is a Beltway to Adventure
    Portland is three hours south, Vancouver is three hours north. You can head west on a day-trip to stare up at Mount Olympus or make your way east for a long weekend at Yellowstone National Park. Living in Bellevue means you're less than a day's drive from some of the most iconic places and landmarks in North America!

    Bellevue Homes

  10. Bellevue Homes for Sale are as Diverse as Our Homeowners
    No matter how you define your dream home, Bellevue's multicultural metropolis has houses for all desires. Whether you're looking for a quaint 2/1 that's cozy and clean or a sprawling 8,000-sqft house to fit the whole family, Bellevue is sure to have the perfect place that you can call home.

Are you ready to discover everything Bellevue has to offer? Contact us today and let our Brokers at Coldwell Banker Bain show you around beautiful Bellevue homes for sale.

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